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 Alien Creation Event - The Arrival (NDA/Open]

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Titan News!
Titan News!

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PostSubject: Alien Creation Event - The Arrival (NDA/Open]   Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:56 am

As the waning season of fall succumb to the cold embrace of winter and the lands of Earth enjoying the festive weeks unaware of the coming visitors from beyond their solar system. Sailing upon nothingness, great star ships enter their solar system under the banner of Unnatürlich. Their arrival was expected with the JLA watchtower having met them prior who than relayed the alien visitors to the local governments of earth. Thus the alien nation sent envoys to the human conglomerate of nations, Head commanders will to come down to establish first contact and tell the humans hey are here to help bring advancement and further the human race by peaceful means but not in the terms of military for obvious reasons, before this uplifting the Unnatürlich were asked to come down to meet with the mayors of local locations and then meet with people of cities to see their reactions.

Knowing that their colossal ships would frighten the less aware denizens the  Unnatürlich sent four ships about the size of cities to enter the orbit of earth atmosphere. When in stable orbit the ships sent down shuttles carrying a group of Unnatürlich to major locations or cities where they would meet the local mayor or governor. One such shuttle would be seen passing over Jump City and making landfall a comfortable distance away from the city with a lot of clearing. Situated at the clearing was a light fence outlining the landing spot for the shuttle with police officers in the inside of it. On the outside the gate was a crowd of paparazzi and general citizens from the city and nearby settlements coming to see arrival. The atmosphere was a mix of apprehension yet curiosity as they had mix results when it came to alien outsiders from alien superheros such as Starfire to alien invasions such as when Apokolips came that led to many civilian deaths. Thankfully the crowd was more open given their resident alien Superhero has given them a good impression that aliens can do good deeds.

The crowd chattering quiet down as a shuttle descended from the clouds and landed smoothly onto the makeshift landing zone. Camera flashes soon filled the crowd and with a hiss of the airlock disengaging the shuttle doors opened outwards and a ramp was extended down to the ground. For the first time ever the citizens of Jump City witness as three Unnatürlich saunter down the ramp and locked gazes with the crowd.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Alien Creation Event - The Arrival (NDA/Open]   Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:19 am

It was quite the event that was happening today,so for there to be quite the crowd was to be expected. And within this crowd were two, small boys. One of these said young men was the Titan Lightning Wolf, in civilian mode,though he had his mask stashed away in his coat,just in case. That said, he wasn't exactly here to do the whole 'I'm a hero on patrol' thing though of course he would take up arms if they become unfreindly, or at least it wasn't the prime motive.

The young halfling was actually more driven by curiosity and excitement,wanting to see what these visitors would be like. He was clad somewhat warmer then those surrounding him, in a puffy, heavy winter coat,a fluffy scarf wrapped tightly around his lower face. Above the warm fabric, blue eyes danced in awe as the shuttle arrives, bangs the same color poking out from the hood pulled tight onto his head.As the ramp extends and the Unnaturlich strode down it, he starts bouncing on his toes in excitement. They were here!!!

Meanwhile, the other boy was more subdued,though no less curious. Imp was clad lighter, in a worn, if still somewhat warm,hoodie,  fingerless gloves keeping his hands warm. Purple eyes,their odd color hidden behind a pair of shades, glanced warily at the people around him, then went back to the shuttle as it opens. Seeing the aliens,the boy blinks. [Huh...they...look alot like us...]

I will allow no-one else to feel the pain I have felt!!-Toji Okami,aka Lightning Wolf

"Just try catching me!!!"- Imp

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Alien Creation Event - The Arrival (NDA/Open]
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