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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Welcome Winter Class (Ty/Open)

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Titan News!
Titan News!

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PostSubject: Welcome Winter Class (Ty/Open)   Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:30 am

As the new students arrived a man walked out of the large rift in front of them on the edge of the city near the water to head to the school a man walked out wearing a jumpsuit and some armor on him looking quite uniformed. He had a gun on his back that just seemed to float right on his back like it was attached to thin air. His hair was black and slicked back messily his eyes silver. He had a charismatic smile and chuckled. ”WHy hello there boys and girls! I am professor Lowloose, family head’s son.”

“For those who don’t know what that means, i’m the son of the leader of my family. If you still don't know what that means congratulations you’re gonna have a tough time with any bloodline terminology here until you take a class learning about it or some poor sap actually takes you on and tells you what the hell they mean. I am also, your heroic class, HGPS teacher, also known as Humans gaining Powers Studies. The heroic class being, if you chose that class, and you request a heroic teacher rather than a vicious one you picked me, congratulations you will hate that choice by the end of your first class with me, most students find me annoying.”

He then pulled out a small pebble and flicked it into the air and held up his hand to it making it shatter and form into several collections of paper that floated over ot certain student. ”Here are the classes that you will start tomorrow, you are in the winter section of students, meaning your section just started this winter. Our schools go by seasons to make sure students don't have to wait entire years to start off from square one like everyone else. You can at any point change your classes reschedule or take on more classes.”

“Please note, you can not fail out of this school, but you will not pass and graduate until you have passed every class you have taken on. This school will also give you all diplomas for high school and collage, based on the classes you pick and what you are aiming for you like many others can get both diplomas at the same time. You graduate when you manage to finish all that you need to. SO for special snowflakes, yes you could even get out of here within the year. But i heavily doubt it calm the **** down.”
he said with a chuckle as he lit a cigar.

”On the papers are also school rules and where your dorm room is. You have your own room here, and you dont not have to use it if you don't want to. This school is though note the size of this city if not slightly bigger. So if you get lost please just ask for help to find your way don't waste your hole just trying to find the toilet. When we pass by this portal you can either choose to follow me to go on a tour of the school or go your own way. Just note the tour time varies form an hour to 9 hours. How can it vary that much you ask? I don't know what am i your teacher who should have proper stats and statistics for you?”

“Pffft nah i'm your tour guide barbie right now I don't have to have ****. ANyways final thing, No matter your level in highschool or college in the human standards. Here you all despite your age start off at grade freshmen of highschool here! Ain't that fun.”
He said with a smirk before waving his hand for them to follow as he walked through the portal that lead to a large platform above the entire school that looked like an entire kingdom. On the side of the platform were platforms that just floated there. [color=grey” Welcome to Spiritual Reisguance Academy.. Do us all a favor… and don't fall until we are on the ground.”[/color]

((OOC: @Tython
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Delta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Winter Class (Ty/Open)   Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:44 am

Ritsuka hung in the back of the mass of students that form before a rift, preferring to not be squashed by excited students if he tried to get to the front. Not to mention it gives him space to pull out one of his notebooks to pass the wait time and do a little self studying for he was a bit nervous being here. At a magical place that provides opportunities to learn that his family manor couldn't. His mind was cluttered with thoughts of what classes there are and what he may learn in them. The sound of a adult voice drew him out of his book, looking upwards he can barely see the top of what seems to be the instructor over the mass of heads. As the adult who announces himself as Professor began his speech he flipped his notebook to a fresh page  and began to write down notes of things he found either interesting or important. The fluttering of papers drew his gaze upward to see the slips of parchment floating to certain students as well himself. Snagging one out of the air he placed it down on his open book to act as a stand. As he read he continued listening to the professor.

As the speech comes to a close he shut his notebook with the paper still in it and put it away into his bag he brought with him. It was not much as he lacked any sort of personal items, preferring to take comfort in books but sadly they had to be left behind. Ritsuka remains hopeful that the libraries here will be just as grand. As the crowd migrated he followed suit and once through the portal he gave a wide eyed stare to the surroundings scenery, The Spiritual Reisguance Academy has truly lived up to it’s name. From the gilded ivory towers with crystalline blue roofs to the ambient thrum of prana in the air. The misty hillsides that surround the academy proper added more to the sense of magical wonder that filled up in his chest. He snapped out of his trance and caught up to the group to not miss the tour.

((OOC: @Titan_News!))
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Welcome Winter Class (Ty/Open)
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