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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Dearest Creepy Book Of My Life... (Sapphire's Diary)

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PostSubject: Dearest Creepy Book Of My Life... (Sapphire's Diary)   Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:34 am

Dearest Creepy Book Of My Life,

Today i went to a high school, I wanted to see if i could remember anything by going there, And i learned that I hate bullies, but who doesn’t hehe ^u^. I totally beat them up and saved the bullied kid the looks on the faces of those bullies were tooootally hillarious. I think I may have scared the bullied kid though but hey he didn’t get beat up… as far as I know, so at least i managed to help him in theory! I left after that and came across a bank robbery! “\”OoO”/” It was ****ing wicked dude! Though really troubling… v .v Many people died cause a guy was being super harsh with them.

Though I got an old memory and based on what The girl named jenny said to me when I was brought out… The memories that are both of ours stretches out to 21 years so looking at how old i seemed it was likely only a year ago… She killed people… and shot a guy in the knee for pointing out that fact… also I finally figured out why i get so fuckign sitracted by cigarette smoke! Jenny was a smoker! Which means i have the aftereffects of no longer being a smoker. I wonder if my lungs are all super gross because of her past or because i was brought out if that was all fixed…

I’ll have to ask a doctor… no wait i’ll ask the people who caused all this while punching their faces in for hurting my friends !8D! Perfect! Hehe. So anyways I talked a mob off of a guy and trying to beat him to death because of what he did to those other people. Based on what you say at the start I indirectly had to deal with that in the past so that would explain my odd sense of ‘**** you i win this time *****’ that i had at the time. But what’s really cool is I got the one guy to actually go and be like ‘ey i may have been out of line!

It;s so cool what you can do by just speaking from the heart in a suuuuper assertive manner! Maybe I could try that out on Kaden the next time i need him to get something for me on the top shelf! And if he mocks me maybe i'll even tickle him as he's trying to get it… yeeeeeese muhahahahahaa this shall be my evil plan! <. < ….. > .> Dont tell him for this is a secrect plan…. Anyways! I plan on going back to the school soon to stop some more bullies, not all the things we have to stop have to be big crimes right? …. o . o they don’t have to be big crimes right?

Caaause if they do i may have broken some rules and i don't wanna get in trouble! > .< ****! Okay well let's keep doing that and if it's a no no we say we didn’t! Alright well I think I may Talk to Sol and Toji soon. I sorta wanna think about going to school. Nowhere in this book does it say anything about school other than Jenny rambling about how… here let me re write some of it here. “And i fuckign swear to god if i have to try to figure out what the ****ing meaning behind h20 is ever again i will ****ing shoot a ***** cause that fuckign science bull **** is just that!

Total bulllllllllla shiiiiiiita! I could handle being a track runner and cheerleading and trying to learn how to ‘check out twotter’ or some **** but none that was all easy **** to learn…. God i'm so glad i left that place like after a week.” I think she may have been mentally challenged… or never actually had a proper education… cause i looked up what h20 is… and its water… > …>’ let's say she just didn't get a proper education caaaause I really don't want to be mentally challenged if i do share that somebody issue as her…

Whell I’m off to go jump on my bed it makes funny squeaky sounds when youre movin gon it that make me giggle alot hehe!

Night creepy book! ^^

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Dearest Creepy Book Of My Life... (Sapphire's Diary)
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