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 The Last Bloodline (Item Book Story)

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PostSubject: The Last Bloodline (Item Book Story)   Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:32 am

OOC: This story over all will have a very large amount of violence, expect some gore over time, likely harsh language and over all mature themes. From this point on there will not be any further warnings and heads up so please read at your own discretion. Other than this please enjoy and note that this story will be edited and updated as I have free time to write.

When this story book is officially made into an obtainable item the book this correlates to will be updated in character with new chapters and stories at the same rate as this one. So in other words the book your character will be able to receive will have the current story in the book, and a lot of blank pages, as time goes on more of those pages will be filled at the same time that i add more to this thread.

A monster screetches as it fell to the ground a young woman riding the giant down to the ground she wearing some tribal clothes with slight armor on it, her orangish brown hair in near dreaded like bundles and braids. She gripping her mechanical looking composite esc bow’s center with one of its blades on its bottom end stuck into the monster's chest. She was covered in dirt and blood as murky grey rain landed on her as she cried she nearly falling off as it landed but braced herself as it did so managing to keep herself on it as it slowly shrank down into a massive man who wore similar clothes to her that were now soaked in blood.

She looked down to him as her bottom eyelids rose up trying to cover her bottom half of her eyes while her tears over flowed on the top half her nose scrunching up as she looked down at the man's death face. Her eyebrows scrunched together as she fully closed her eyes taking a deep breath in before she turned her head towards the sky and screamed. Her scream full of dread and sorrow. She leaned forward against her bow and jerked it forward to an angel in one fluent motion before jerking it back straight up as she yanked it out she clenching her teeth and eyes shut as she held her bow close to her while leaning forward.

Her heart breaking in several different pieces as her muscles tensed along her abs from how much she was straining them. She gasped and hacked as her lungs burned begging for her to finally breath after her holding her breath for so long. She slowly opened her eyes and looked slowly around her panting as she looked at all the other tribal people around her laying limply and lifeless in the muddy ground grey puddles littering themselves around the area. They grew in size from the blood that was lost from the bodies around her and the rain.

It felt as if time was moving at a crawl as her eyelids felt heavy and tired from the prior events and all her crying, her under eyes feeling like they were going to burst from how much they were puffing up from all her crying, her nose bright red and had large amounts of snot running out of it now that occupied her tear stained cheeks. There was no one else. She slowly laid her bow on the ground beside the man she was kneeling over and let herself fall onto his chest from exhaustion her eyes slowly falling closed as she passed out.

”They had told me that if you become an archer you would likely never be ever on the front lines, so it was safe and a good thing that i was good at it. I though wanted to always be on the front lines, i wanted to know that i winned because of my skill not because no one could reach me. Though I could never deny my skills as a marksmen. So i decided that i’d be both, turn my bow into a weapon of melee and range that way no one could say that i had the wrong weapon and try to shove a bow at me then point to a location. With this bow people just assumed that i knew where i was going, which i did.”

“I would always run into battle firing arrows until i got up close to finish the job. I was one of the best, I even got my tribe to allow warriors to use unorthodox methods of fighting and our tribe grew in strength rapidly for this, warriors found new ways to fight and how to use their non combative skills to make them into combat related ones, They learned how to do the things that back in my day everyone would have said it wasn’t reasonable for them because the safety of the tribe was more important. I taught my tribe how to take risks because sometimes that was a good thing….. I wish I never taught them this…”

The young woman slowly opened her eyes her vision blurry though she saw little black globs on her arm…. Little black… globs… god despite having just fallen asleep she felt so light hea- Her eyes went wide as her body tensed. Her eyes snapping to focus on the little leech like creatures all over her arm their little stick legs digging into her arm… the pinching… it was… everywhere! Her face moved to a panicked one as she quickly got up and nearly stumbled and fell but stayed upright as she clawed at the creatures. Feeling their teeth grind against her flesh as she yanked each one off, throwing them to the ground and crushed them beneath her boots.

She took the last one off and added it to the ground filled with the creatures. She looked to her arms and limbs as she saw the blood on them flow out due to the leachlings thinning out her blood, she even felt the blood flow down her cheek. She felt so cold now… So tired.. Her muscles slowly loosening, felt heavy… each part of her wanting to fall to the ground… even her eyelids… started to… f..a...l..- She felt herself starting to fall but then felt a pinching clamp hit the side of her neck making her facial muscles clench and tighten as she  frowned her brows and clenched her eyes shut.

Her jaw tightening due to her wanting to clench her teeth shut but screamed out instead as she caught herself before she hit the ground and tore off the leachling that attached to her neck and threw it to the ground crushing it. All the blood and rain… it was drawing them out. She looked back to where she was laying to see a horde of them starting to detach from the dead bodies around her and started towards her they making leaps and bounds of 3 ft each time… Her mother told her that these creatures were once like a creature that some kept as pets, they were called frogs…

What kind of fool would keep such a deadly creature around? She wondered as she rushed over to the man's hse had laid on and grabbed her bow. She slashed his arm bracer and sated to run with it. She could feel now only how hard her heart was racing, no pain, no sorrow, just the need to survive. She she wanted to bury her loved ones, she needed to bury them all. It was her right as their slayer to go back if she could to bury her people. But shed have to wait a week for the leachlings to retreat to the burrows before she could bury them… that… and she’d have to survive her mass blood loss that was still raging still before she could even think about running in the other direction.

She kept running and ran over to an edge of a cliff before jumping. She using her bow to hang off a cable that they normally used to slide from this cliff to the one below. But it had been damaged in the battle, normally she wouldn’t trust such a rough jump onto it to not allow it to break… but she had no other escape route it this direction it just had to- Snap. She looked back just in time to see the leachlings bite through the cable she was on.

They shouldn’t be intelligent enough to do that… they shouldn’t be that determined to kill her… they should only want to eat her! What was happening? Why was this all happening this way? What changed? She wondered as she felt her organs almost shift into her throat and chest as she started to fall from thecable being cut. She reached out and grabbed the cable, she had to survive or else this would all have been for nothing! She had to survive for them!

”God I wish I had never taken that risk… I wish i never had found the guts to take on risks….”

She grabbed the rope just in the nick of time though as she did so the rope jerked just right and popped her arm out of its socket making her gasp in pain before she slammed into the side of the cliff. The sock of the pain surged throughout her body as a rock she landed into knocked the wind right out of her. Her eyes growing wide as this happened. No blood, no air. All she needed now was her heart to stop beating and then she would be set as a genuine living corpse. She Slowly looked down with her tired eyes to see the dark grey rushing river.

So a painful death… this was it wasn't it…? She closed her eyes and screamed out in pain as she smacked into the waters surface fracturing many of her bones as the river's speed picked up while she sank into the water and was drug across the  river bed smacking into every rock. SHe though used all the rest of her focus and strength to hold onto her bow. If she was to die she wanted it to be with her bow. She didn’t want to die but, she didn’t want to lose the last thing she had of her family either. She  saw a large rock heading straight towards her face… She didn't want to see it coming… She closed her eyes and then, thud. It was hot… burning even… it burned… everywhere!

She snapped her eyes open as she gagged up black tar from her mouth as an older woman held her  hair out of her face for her and rubbed her back She wheezed but keeped hacking it up she felt her lungs taking in air then suddenly then though. She trembled as she felt the tarry substance grip at her insides as she forced it out it was like a creature refusing to  leave its home. Clawing and kicking as it came out with its backed bags that were her blood. She managed to get the rest of it out before falling to her back again to see the elderly worried woman  and her arms that's injuries had been seared shut before passing back out again.

“Yes  she suffered from water poisoning as you though she did seem to have been in the river for quite some time before you found her at the bottom of it. Hough thanks to you that blasted water didn’t drag another into an early grave.” She could hear the elderly woman say before a young teen girl spoke. ’I’m so relieved to hear this Though what of  bite wounds, they must have been from the leachings.” “This is correct, and her body did well cycling out their toxins but i gave her an antitoxin to help her  body cycle it out faster. Her blood is now almost totally back to normal, though its still struggling to replenish its lost blood.

She's still on death's bed but  not  nearly as close as before.” The elderly woman said sadly as the girl spoke up determined ”Her clothes and weapon.. She was one of the primitives of the main land but she was a warrior who just came from battle and lived that long. There's no doubt in my mind that she’ll keep fighting no matter what so she can return to her people!” She slowly opened her eyes to see a blurry girl with what looked to be black hair. The girl gasped and rushed to her getting close enough for her to see her crystal blue eyes. She though seemed to be trying to speak to her but her consciousness was fading to fast now. She slowly closed her eyes again as she passed out once more.

”Growing up my mother always told me to never go into the water or to drink it. She told me that it was poisonous, despite all the stories telling people about how people used to compete to see who would be the faster swimmer they were all lies. Or at least no longer possible. Nothing can float on or in the water, they just sink, and makes it nearly impossible to hold your breath due to the weight it pushes upon your chest. And when you're bout opens to let everything in…  all that comes in is the poison that finley is blended into the water, we call this kind of poison, tar.Knowing what i know now and how awful it is to expel from the body… I’m glad i listened to my mother and never played in the water let alone drink it.”

“You got this! It'd be super stupid to think anything else so just stop thinking and just act!”
“... now stop staring at me in disbelief and go, if you hurry i may kiss you again.”
“Run you idiot I don’t want you dying like everyone else!”
“No way you big jerk I can’t leave everyone like this. We take risks and succeed there is no failure if you act and think of nothing else but what you need to do remember!”
“Just.. do..nt… d..i..e..pl..ea...se”

The young woman’s eyes snapped open from her dream then as she quickly moved to get out of her bed she was in and fell to the ground. She gapsed in pain her body still horribly sore from her battle. She needed to get back she had no idea even how long she was under! She forced herself up to her feet and rushed through the tent she was into the outside. The people around her looked. Different, their clothes looks foreign. They having clothes that looked like tattered suits, and dresses some wearing large black hats with large feathers in them, some had striped leggings.

She panted her head spinning she feelign like her body would soon follow her spinning until she fell over with it to the ground where her head felt like it belonged. She though caught a glimpse of the horrison… they looked like wooden walk ways heading out to what looked like a never ending lake of grey waters. And somehow riding on them, wooden vessels that looked like oversized canoes from her tribe, their gems on the bottom of them though were super sized and jutted out of them. They looked like pillars of light pink glowing gem rocks.

She had no idea vessels like these could ever exist let alone see one in person. She started to fall backwards though but was caught by what felt like a woman as the elderly woman from before rushed over to her. ”Hey now, i’m glad to see you on your feet but you can’t go and let yourself keeve over and die from reopening your wounds when they are just finally fully healing.” The voice matched… it was the girl from before too. Looking up to her a bit she noticed the girls features were much different from her own she having a but more narrowed eyes and a slimmer face and body build not to mention her hair and eye colors.

She had never really seen anyone who looked like her before in all her time. The elderly woman nodded and helped her up to her feet and walked her back into the tent. The burning desire to fight to learn more of her new environment raged on inside her. It would be smart to learn more about her location in case of an emergency and on top of that to make sure that if she needed to she knew where the exit was. But she was far too weak to stand for long let alone fight so she just used their help to get back inside and sat down letting herself pant hard from her trying to carefully sit down. Her face and body felt like it was onfire and then freezing…

It was like all those times in the past when she felt sick, but it was worse since this time there was no familiar face to see, no familiar scents of home, no familiar person to hold her close and rubber back to make her feel safe as she would drift to sleep or to feed her as they let her lay on them. All of that felt so long since shes ever seen them, yet felt like she had them all only a minute ago. Everything felt like a dream that felt too real. Like she could break it at any moment to wake up and hold her mate once again… but even he was gone now… she knew he was… because no one so lively and energetic could ever feel so cold and limp… could feel like all of their strength drain in them, under you in mere seconds, when you had just felt their strong embrace only an hour prior, for all your life.

A few tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt the wet snot in her nose build up. She though fought it back and did her best to blink away the tears and sniffed trying to keep the wet liquid from leaving her nose as a wooden tray was put in front of her on what looked like a very small but very tall table. She looked to the tray to see something weird. It was a dark brownish looking flakey substance with a white but tinted grey fluffy and spongy inside to it next to was some bird eggs cooked to a fine degree but had a weird  orange square slice melted onto it.

There was some meat links beside that a few slices of what she could assume was orangey purple fruit slices and some form of brown and white discs...with whitish yellow squares melting on top of it. She looked next to the try then as the girl put down some purple liquid in… a see through… cylinder…. It looked like a wooden mug with no handle but was in an odd container. ”Wow your kind really is far behind based on those confused looks you're giving at everything." The young woman blushed slightly hearing this as the girl giggled before  eepign at a whap to the side of the head by the elderly woman with what seemed to be some form of book with a very fancy outside to it labled in some form of markings that were very foreign to her.

“Be nice child.” she scolded the girl before looking to the young woman with a soft smile and pointed to the light grey brownish flaky sponge thing. “This is called bread dear, it's made with ingredients your kind find commonly called wheat, eggs and other such things and using a device that better controls fire t make it. There is water in it but also a substance to remove any of the tar in it that could make it unsafe for you to consume. This here” she pointed to the brown discs “are made similarly but a bit differently and are called pancakes, we found a way to not use water in this recently, on top of it is called butter, and on top of the eggs here is called cheese both are made from dairy products like what you call milk.”

She explained as the woman listened closely to every word looking to each thing as it was explained. “This here is called an plummy orange. Theses are not native to your lands but from another land from across the large body of water you saw the ships floating on” she said as she smiled warmly to her “and this here is called fine grape juices” she said as the woman blinked surprised. She didn't know fine grapes could be juiced in that way. She though looked to the elderly woman who smiled to her warmly. She felt like her village elder, her grandmother… so warm and what felt like could only be filled with love and compassion.

Someone that you just felt like you could hug and hold and even if she didn’t know you she would hug you back like you were one of her first born children. She looked down to the food and slowly tore off some of the bread and took a bite of it and blinked then pausing and looked to the elderly woman in surprise who chuckled and gently held her shoulder. “Good isn’t it?” The young woman nodded then eating some more “I remember my first time eating it too. It only gets better from there hun. SO eat up you need it to build up strength.

THe more you eat and rest up the faster we can get you back on your feet understood?” The young woman looked determined then hearing this, this was the fastest way to try and get back. Even if they were all gone she might as well try to go back to burry them… she didn’t know what she would do after that but it was at least a start. So she did as the woman said, she ate all she could as fast as she could without choking of course.

”My mate always told me that to see only failure and to just give into it and not see another path, even if you didn’t know where it led was a true failure. He made me to promise to never be a failure of that sort, and i made him promise the same. In the end he trusted me and saw another route. He wasn't a failure… he died but… he wasn't a failure despite that. He died as a warrior in battle. And i gave him that, it was the death he said he always wanted after all. So I guess that now i have to see that as the best way a risk could have gone… I didn’t die like he wanted… they may all be dead but i see more than one path and like i promised him on our day of bonding, I am still not a failure. I will live on for the two of us… I am 18 season cycles after all, I am no child, so i shall never see the world like one. I will see it as the proud warrior i am and work to be strong for myself my mate, and my tribe.”


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PostSubject: Re: The Last Bloodline (Item Book Story)   Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:00 am

Chapter 1: The Soul Of The Tribe, The Soul Of The Mate

The young woman gasped as she landed on the ground but held herself up from hitting the ground with her arms she barely no touching the ground though. She clenched her eyes and teeth as she dug her fingers into the dirt below her and grunted and panted as she pushed herself up. She felt her arms shake as she pushed  off the ground. She opened her eyes slightly though kept them narrowed as she slowly moved her body into a kneeling position. SHe though looked beside her to see how, she almost forgot about it. It appeared that the people who were taking care of her weren't thieves though after her last interaction with them she could have guessed that.

She weakly reached out and grabbed it and rested it gently on her lap limply resting her hands on it as she looked down to it sadly. She ran her fingers over it to see the blood on it has turned into a  dried substance that was likely staining the pasts of the bow it was on. She then gently pulled the bowstring back a bit to test it but it stopped after a small tug making her sigh. The water had dried up and left only its poison behind and it was locking up the disks in it. She would have to try to take it apart and clean it out later it seemed.

But first she would need some private time. She planted the bow firmly in the ground and proceeded to use it as a cane to help her up to her feet where she then began to slowly make her way outside. The moon was full, the night before the attack it had also been full, and she knew it had been at least 2 days which means likely around 28 nights had passed by.. And she was still not better. She surely would have died if it wasn't for these people.She would have to properly thank them in the morning, even if they have any hint of a foul intention with what they were doing with her she was still alive at the end of it all and that was enough for a thank you.

She made her way to behind the tent and slowly lowered herself with a winch to her knees again and started to dig with her hands.After a moment though she heard the grass shifting near her slowly. She turned her head to look behind her at a half awake girl that had been there for her up until now. ”Why are you digging a hole…?” She asked groggily rubbing her eyes. She was wearing thin cloth that blew way too easily in the wind for the young womans likeing. It looked like a over sized torso piece that want down to her knees and no longer past that, she didn't even have anything else on under that.

”I needed to relieve myself.” she said with a very hoarse voice due to her not speaking for so long. Her voice was a bit low but not too abnormally so for a girl, it actually making her sound a bit more mature in a way. ”Why are you underdressed outside…? Where you just with your mate?” She asked with a rose eyebrow in return. The girl looked confused but shook her head ”It's just normal clothes here it's fine… i have no mate, and why don’t you just use our toilet..? Why go out here?” The young woman blinked then and tilted her head to one side.

”Toi..let?” The girl sighed and walked over to her gently helping her up to her feet ”Here i’ll show you how to use it.” She said still groggy as she lead her to a small wooden box that was standing up and had a standard door on it. SHe opened up the door making the young woman tilt her head again. ”A premade hole...huh… why is there paper on a roll? Is it for making notes when you relieve yourself? If so that is actually quite handy, i commonly have good ideas while i relieve myself if i'm there for a long while.”

The girl sighed and shook her head before showing her how it all worked then closed the door for her. ”It’s soft!” The young woman exclaimed happily making the girl tiredly chuckle and nodded ”It sure is, now hurry up and come on out.” ”Understood!” The young woman said like a soldier before a few moments later coming out with a smile on her face, sh elooking like a child in a toyshop. The girl giggled and pat her on the back very gently before helping her back inside the tent. ”Now time to go back to sleep okay?” She said sitting her down on her bed the young woman only slightly wincing. ”but the sun is starting to show its colors on the horizon!”

“I should be eating and cleaning my armor and bow, based on the moons light i've been here for a while so my things need the upkeep done, and if i want to get better i’ll need the food too!”
she exclaimed as she sat in her bed her legs crossed over each other  with her bow on her lap both her hands resting on either side of it near its blades. The girl sighed but grabbed some cleaning supplies and a wet stone she had on hand and held it out to her. ”Here this is all i have on hand at the moment, i'll get you what ever else you need later in the day, for now i'm going back to bed here we normally don't get to work until the sun is high in the sky.”

“If you get really hungry tell me but until then i’ll make you food when i'm up okay.?”
SHe said clearly trying not to fully wake up so she can go back to sleep. The young woman took the supplies but nodded softly. ”Okay… thank you healer.” Not knowing her name her likely title would have to do for now. The girl waved her off a bit it seeming to be the wrong title. SHe though didn't seem too upset as she went into another area of the tent to sleep. For now she’d just have to keep herself busy while he gets better, and try to learn more about the culture here. It seemed much more advanced than her own. This would be an interesting change for sure.

Many nights passed where she would work to practice walking, then running, and then climbing. In the days she learned more of their culture, technology, and who her saviors were, an elderly woman who was called Grams she having forgot her name apparently long ago. She was genuinely the kind hearted woman the young woman groped and felt she was, and she even hugged the way she hoped she would. The girl was named ”Come on trust me Jade, I got this! This is nothing compared to what i have done all my life!” And she had told them her name.

”I don’t care Amber I can’t let grams think that you broke your leg or something so soon cause you went roof climbing!” She shouted as Amber smiled brightly leaping from roof to the next the roofs she stood upon were like rocky mountain sides that had tiny rocks on them that never moved. And the sides of the structures were also like that of compacted mountains. It didn't feel exactly the same though but it was the closest feeling she’s had to home in a long time. Feeling the wind blowing across her face, grazing over her body as she jumped through the air, all of it, she missed so much.

”I have been cooped up on the beds in the tents for so long can i not just have some fun for a little while? Besides you brought me to such a wonderful area that was prime and ready for climbing! How could you not think i would not actually do this?” She said with a bright smile and chuckle. ”I dunno cause maybe people over here aren’t dumb enough to climb over 100 ft in the air and jump from roof to roof without having the ability to fly or protect themselves from falling!” She said with a huff and sigh. Amber skid to a stop then though as a man chuckled and walked up to the two.  

”I stopped by to see if that primal woman woke up and you were gone though it does seem like she's not only up but feeling better.” The mans booming voice said as amber perched at the top of one of the roofs eyeing the man. He was very fit and muscular but not too muscular, he likely was very fast in battle but still hit decently strong, he had long shaggy black hair and ruby red eyes. He also seemed friendly enough. She could count on both hands in seconds many people who would have been all over this man. He wore fancy cloth clothing that showed off his arms, it seemed like a variation of what Jade had called typical sailor clothing here.

He waved to amber then in a friendly manner and she waved back to him simply  and curiously so. While Jade sighed and nodded ”Yeah and she's everything on how the primitives were described besides the hostile part and the too dumb to speak our native tongue part. I can’t get her down from the roofs. I was bringing her over here to come and meet you actually so we could try and see if you were up for a trip to the mainland so she could visit her tribe. But before we could get anywhere she started to climb.” She said with aa sigh and shook her head before the man chuckled.

Looking from jade to amber. ”Were you told that the trip to the mainland would be dangerous?’ Amber nodded once simply. ”And you still wanna go?” She got up into a standing position and looked to him with a burning passion of pure determination and nodded making him grin. ”Then we leave in the morning as the sun rises. Now come down so we can tell the crew to get ready to go.” he said with a grin, like nothing could shake this man with fear, nothing could shake  him nor surprise him. This man felt like he could take on the world and wanted the whole world to know it.

Her mother… would have been all over this man at a very uncomfortable level for all parties involved. She though smirked and nodded to him running off the edge and leaping off with grace and landed with a tuck and roll that ended with her on her feet with a small bounce.She nodded and held her fist to her chest right above her heart and bowed to him. ”I thank you greatly sir.” He chuckled and bowed a very fancy bow to her then, ”No problem, i love adventures, any reason to go on one is a good one to me. Now what may i call my new prized passenger?” He said as they both stood back up. ”Amber Spirit, sir”

He froze then hearing her last name and looked to Jade who gave him a serious look and nod. ”That's why i needed you someone who i could trust, to transport this girl back to her tribe.” The man nodded then in an understanding method losing any and all looks of surprise he once held. ” I see… mam are you aware of what your name meaning holds…? I know many Mainlanders don’t have access to that information.” Amber blinked but shook her head. ”All i know is Jade held the same look of surprised after i told her, and grams just smiled and hugged me.”

The man nodded and chuckled placing his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it gently. ”The name of our race that we all have are the spirit bloodlines. We got that name after our first initial people who unlocked the powers we all have inside us, who got their names after the first, that first persons family name was spirit, the same thing that our power source comes from, the families coming after that person decided to honor them for bringing them all together by naming their group spirit. Over time the grew grew with new members, and had children, forming their own bloodlines.”

“But we are all spirits from our history, so our race was called the spirit bloodline. Though only direct descendants from that one first person has the family name of spirit. We thought they were all dead, but if that is your true family name that means that if you wanted you could claim right as being a spirit, since any spirit at any point can claim right to leadership of all of our people due to it being a family right-”
Amber shook her head and gently placed her hand over his. ”This Is an interesting story in which i think you may be telling the truth about but my goal i have right now is seeing my people. Not hunting down my ancient family's right.”

“To me my family name is just that, not a path to go straight for to gain a prize with it. Besides, if i ever did want all that i would earn it myself, not use my name to get it. Leaders may be born but only the best come when they work to become a leader. Now.. lets go get ready and stop wasting time.”
She said with a smile and nod before starting to walk off toward the docks. THe two stood dumbfounded watching her leave. ”Either she really doesn't get what i just told her… or she actually don’t care…” the mans said with a blink before following after her.

”I've been saying we should leave for the past hour but we we tell her about who her family is only then is it wasting time... “ she sighed as the man walked back over and grabbed her arm and dragged her along after amber. ”And here i was for a month worried about this girl....” she mumbled as the man chuckled and called out to amber. ”Turn left up on the next path way!” Amber who was about to head right quickly turned on her heel and held up a thumbs up to him. ”I thank you for your guidance sir!.” She declared to him making him laugh a bit. ”Call me tomas, not sir! You're gonna make me feel old!” ”Apologies!”

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The Last Bloodline (Item Book Story)
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