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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Ghost    Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:11 pm

"The clock is ticking but your out of time"

John Greystone


Full Name:John Greystone
Alias(es):Mr. Grey and Johnny 
apparent age: 54
Race: Gadget Using human
Alignment: lawful good


Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Grey
Weight:195 lbs
Other Traits:N/A


-mastery in pistol marksmanship
-expert in cqc Military hand to hand

-a variety of military police and special forces weapons, comm headsets, a flash drive and copies of it that stores military intel, ingredients and resources to make high grade and specialized explosives,garratt wire, and zip ties
custom mask made to both help with his eyesight but also look intimidating, hybrid swat/navy seal armor

- Bomb defusal and assembly, Advanced firearms training, Special forces training, Stealth training,Espionage training,
Marksmanship training in pistols

Physical Weaknesses
-Poor eyesight- his eyesight is less than average constantly degrading  due to years of cell degeneration a byproduct of being a cloned test tubed soldier.

-Rapid ageing- Due to being a clone of a successful test tube soldier he has had rapid ageing causing him.  

Mental Weaknesses
- Due to his intense training and psychological conditioning moments of extreme ptsd hit him hard causing moments of either being paralyzed with fear or raising him into a berserker angry state.

-Questioning what life is when you die-do to him being a clone he fears death more than the next person unsure of what the afterlife has to offer a copy or will he njust float in a void of darkness.


Mr. Grey was supposed to be a perfect recreation of the test tube soldier that went by the codename Ghost.unfortunately after project ghost was to be scrapped for more needed projects. wounded and left for dead among his other now dead brethren Mr. grey suffered ptsd from the escape from the mass grave ment for project ghost. over the years he spent as a espionage special forces unit he knew how to blend in and manipulate people to his advantage, using his sly and cunning exterior to his charming aspects of himself.he believes in gods and goddesses and can be vary philosophical at times.

Hes also extremely intelligent, knowing many forms of combat historical battles and such. He is not a bad guy despite what he was created for yes he prefers to kill his targets but if the targets are in a sense minors or those needing to be detained he has non lethal measures he will take

-books, philosophical discussions and children

-criminals, himself and dogs
-teaching history to kids as a non permanent teacher


Family Members: N/A
Place of Origin: Moscow, Russia
   Mr.grey was cloned in a lab in Moscow, Russia from the remains of their best test tube soldier  Ghost. He was cloned to be a fully cloned adult with all the previous training of the original Ghost programed into his memories. The reasoning for his creation was to be part of a army of Russia's perfect soldiers. Going on a multitude of combat, espionage and assassination missions only to be cast aside to make room for better and more efficient projects. Left for dead in a unmarked mass grave with the science team his brethren of other clones and any workers that assisted in the project. Mr. Grey lay there thinking wondering and hoping if there was a life after death a spark inside him forced him to survive and keep living. In the span of 24 hours he dug his way threw the bodies ice and snow taking sweet gasps of fresh air not soiled by the stillness of death. Spending the next ten years trading military intel for gear and a way out of russia.

    It took time but eventually he had a new life in jump city during the day hes a school teacher at a high school for supers ability teens at night hes back to his old life of ghost keeping the streets clean and aiding jump city's police force as both a informant and as assistance in high risk jobs with swat and police force.

«««Sample RP»»»

Ghost worked with the swat team their target was a small group of extremists on the 8th floor of the daily news building. The extremists in question had been busy with the police negotiator making their demands while the swat team cleared lower floors Ghost cleared the upper floors. hoping to pinch the targets before they do any catastrophic harm to the hostages. While doing this task he had dropped two of the units and had a third detained in the north stairwell according to the detainee the hostages weren't hostages at all but their own units disguised and acting to aid in the process of their demand making. "Ghost to squad leader the hostages are fakes." Ghost commed in to the swat team. There was a brief silence each moment seeming like a agonizingly long time to Ghost. "Understood were about to breach are you in position?"  ghost was at the stairwell door to the target floor  "In position." The swat team  leader then said over comms "ok 3...2...1 breaching breach breach breach!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost    Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:52 pm

Looks good to me! You’re welcome to start rping now.

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