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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Tesla, Lightning Incarnate

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PostSubject: Tesla, Lightning Incarnate   Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:13 am

"I am lightning incarnate, and before me you are nothing."



Full Name: Tesla
Nickname(s): Tes
Age: Less than a year old
Race: Outsider - Godling
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Light
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Genderless, but uses female pronouns
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 126 lbs
Other Traits: Though unable to transform at will, Tesla's true appearance is incomprehensible to humans. Characters with True Sight or godly origins might be able to pick up on the fact that her appearance is merely an adopted form.


Thunder Godling Physiology
Longevity - Created from remains of fallen stars mixed with wormhole technology not fully understood, Tesla finds herself practically ageless without requiring food or water.
- With her components, Tesla finds herself incredibly durable. She can withstand up to five tons of force without feeling any damage. She also does not bleed red, but instead her blood looks like melted gold.
Multiverse Presence - Though less than a year old, Tesla's creation has mixed with the powers of the cosmos to grant her knowledge of the universe. She can identify any alien race, speaks all human languages, and has a genius level IQ. With up to 20 minutes of concentration, she can even transport herself to other multiverses.

Lightning Domain
A being designed to be the embodiment of the powerful storm, Tesla is able to manipulate lightning and electricity to her will. Within a 30 foot radius of her physical form, Tesla can create lightning bolts of varying power, launching them at speeds ranging from 30 mph to as fast as a bullet. The faster the lightning bolt goes, the weaker it is. Speeds as fast as a bullet hit about as hard as a taser, where slower and easily dodgable bolts can kill instantly. Tesla is immune to electric damage.
Plasma Grasp - If Tesla focuses, she can direct her electrical energy to specific parts of her body. This super heats that part to temperatures of up to 5,000 degrees whilst leaving her body unharmed.
Magnetic Flight - Using her unique lightning control, Tesla is able to make herself fly. She can do so at 30 miles per hour, but if she is damaged and loses her concentration she is likely to fall.

Storm Affinity
With her domain being that of a storm, Tesla has the ability to literally change the weather. With a few seconds concentration (or on accident, if her temper flares), Tesla can change the weather to that of an intense storm. She cannot control the direction of the winds, or where the rain goes, but she can intensify both.

-Sword fighting expert
-Hand to hand combat professional
-Imposing Charisma

Physical Weaknesses
Conduits - if a clever enemy uses large pieces of metal, they can make aiming lightning bolts much harder, shortening her range to touch only.

Grounded - if someone is able to put rubber, or a similar material that isn't conductive, over Tesla's hands she loses her control over the power.

Mental Weaknesses
Trusting - Tesla genuinely believes all creatures are good to their core. Nobody does evil for evil's sake. Though she still believes in punishment for those who have strayed down a misguided path, she does not assume the worst in people.

Arrogant - being a creature beyond comprehension, Tesla thinks she is above most other lifeforms.

Carries a sword at her hip.


Often oblivious to human customs, Tesla's behavior often betrays the fact that she does not belong with mortals. This does not deter her, though. She truly enjoys the pleasures of the human world and though can easily deduce what contraptions can do and how they work, she never ceases to be amazed by the creative devices that organic creatures create to enjoy.
When one has become friends with Tesla, they will often find her to be an honest and true character. She says what's on her mind generally, and rarely thinks little of anyone.

Deep conversations about anything.
Passionate people.

People who bring others down.

Candy addiction.
Fidgets a lot.
Struggles to sit still.


Place of Origin: In between the multiverses
The beginnings of Tesla's creation can trace back to Ancient Greece; where the Olympians were worshiped and feared for their might and intentions respectively.
Benevolent Gods left clues to the weak mortals that would sire them a champion. A being of power equal to that of Gods, and one that could protect them -- specifically from the warlust of the God of War Ares.

It was devout followers of Zeus that first followed the powerful enchantments and divine insight to attempt to create Tesla. They searched high and low, eventually using the aide of Atlanteans to reach the end of the tragic puzzle. This group of brave souls explored new ground deep in the darkest pits of the ocean in an effort to create Tesla, only to find themselves betrayed by a self proclaimed son of Ares who sabotaged the expedition and collapsed the cave with the secret to creating a new deity inside of it.

The others tried again, but the damage done seemed irreparable. The secret to the champion of mortals was seemingly lost forever.

Over the millennia, even the power of the mighty Olympians seemed to wane. The once powerful enchantments dimmed, and the power just beyond hardly wavered. Through one of the cracks left, and with thousands of years of determination, a small portion of Tesla's massed power managed to slip out.

This is how she was forced into being.

At first, she couldn't find herself in one universe. She struggled to find a form, or a way to control all of her abilities. She wandered for seemingly endless amounts of time, formless and unable to interact with the things she witnessed. Though in reality it was only a few months, it felt as long as the thousands of years she waited behind the Olympians seal of power.

That's when she witnessed another anomaly that she could latch onto. Strange Lords of Chaos appeared around, messing with the multiverse however they pleased.
It was one of these Lords that inspired the form Tesla managed to shape herself into. When she stole the form of one of these Chaos Lords, she appeared on the verse that seemed to be the center of attention -- right in the thick of it at Jump City.


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PostSubject: Re: Tesla, Lightning Incarnate   Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:36 am

No sticker but still approved!

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Tesla, Lightning Incarnate
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