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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Hunter    Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:33 am

"Hunt for the Hungry."

Mal'oth Yular


Full Name: Mal'oth Yular
Nickname(s): Little Horn, Thunderbow, Malmal, Mal
Codename: The Hunter
Alias(es): N/A
Age: Around his race's equivalent of 18
Race:  Alien-Clauroin
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Amber
Gender: Male
Height: 7 foot
Weight: 210
Other Traits: At a first, very quick glance, he'd look like a rather tall, fit young male human. However, any firmer,longer looks would put that to bed quite quickly. If it wasn't the 3'5 inch, pale white, knife like horn rising out of his forehead, it'd be the four arms that'd do it. The lower arm of each is covered in sectioned, pale white, bone like armor plates, the same material as his horn, and arranged much like a fingerless gauntlet, stopping a short few inches from his elbow and, though covering his knuckles, leaving most of the fingers bare.Said armor also appears on his upper shoulders, though in small, scale like patches,and much thinner(paper thing compared to the half inch thick plates on his lower arms.) His fingernails, apart from tending to be a tad sharper then humans, aren't too much different from expected. His brown hair is shaggier,and tad rougher feeling, then humans, with a short streak of it running down his spine. His canines are longer and sharper then humans,with sharp teeth replacing a couple of the molars, and his pupils are shaped like a cats.  Mal's ears are somewhat pointed.


-Physiology - Not only does he does four arms, he has plenty of power behind them too, being able to muster around 2 tons of strength. In addition, he has exceptional sense which, combined with his hunting skill, allows him to be a very excellent tracker. The dermal armor on his arms is pretty durable as well, allowing him to deflect anything from knives to bullets should he be able to block with them.

-Skilled Stealth: Despite his, comparatively, large size, he's actually pretty stealthy when he wishes, though no master at it.

-Decent Camouflage: He's reasonably skilled at using both camopaint and the surroundings around him to hide his presence from a threat and/or prey,though he can definitely stand to learn more.

-Advanced Survival-ism: Having trained for and hunted for a good few years, he's learnt how to survive out in wild land, should he happen to not be able to make it back to the village for one reason or the other. This includes everything from recognizing bad water and food, to being able to build a effective,if primitive shelter.

-Advanced Tracker: He may not be a master yet, but nevertheless Mal is a exceptionally talented hunter. This not only allows him to track down prey,but also allows him to sense if something's 'off' in his surrounding environment(should he be knowledgeable enough about it.)

-Advanced Archer: He has a natural talent for the bow and crossbow, and is a extremely good shot with them. This led to his peers giving him the nickname of Thunderbow.

-Decent Fighter: His tribe's personal martial art isn't quite as refined as other, older martial arts,and he can definitely learn more about it, but he's still a fair hand at it. Said martial art has lessons on primitive weapons like the knife and hatchet, but mainly relies on punching and throwing.

-Windpot Player: THough he has a fondness for music with a heavy beat to it, he also doesn't mind lighter music either,and is a deft hand at the windpot(Basically a type of ocarina style flute).

Physical Weaknesses
-Senses Overload: One unfortunate facet of his senses is that he's susceptible to things species with weaker senses aren't. This is everything from reacting more unfavorably to a rather strong stench, to getting stunned harsher and for longer by a flashbang.

-Armor Cracking/Breaking: Though his arms' armor is very durable, once you manage to crack/break it down till the skin, it's extremely agonizing,more then it would be for a human with a broken bone, and he won't be able to focus till it's healed back.

Mental Weaknesses
-Temper: It's not easy to trigger, but once it is his fury isn't exactly easily controlled,not unless confronted by someone he's close to. He comes very close to going berserk once he's angry.

-Ignorance: He's part of a primitive tribe. This means that he doesn't have a understanding that his future teammates do, which can leave him flatfooted when he's dealing with things that he's not aware of. Like,for example, understanding that that criminal's 'crossbow' is capable of launching lots of 'bolts' very quickly.

-Fear of Rayuas: He's brave, that is definitely certain. But he can still feel fear.  His least favorite fear is one both instinctive, distilled from thousands of years of confrontation with a particularly nasty beast, and a unfortunate choice of bedtime stories about said beast. Should someone be able to look said beast up and either set up a convincing fake, or Gods forbid actually find one, the reaction would be very...unfavorable.

-Tu'akja Bow: A large hunting bow, it's his primary weapon. It launches arrows that are about a meter long, and is fully capable of piercing a couple inches into stone, should he find a arrow durable enough. It has greater range then most bows of it's type, though a modern compound bow set up right could possibly match it.

-Traobeast slaying Crossbow: A crossbow with a unique, six limbed configuration, each limb is strung with a type of specially treated sinew that is very...springy. This, in addition to the six limbs, allows it to be more powerful then his bow, if slower firing. It fires short, thick bolts,and can pierce deep into the flesh of a Traobeast.(Basically, take a komodo dragon, a grizzly bear,and combine them together, then scale the resulting beast up to the size of two jeeps and cover it in thick, natural ballistic armor.) It also has greater range then most,if not all, human crossbows.

Stone hatchet: It's a basic, primitive stone hatchet, through,granted, one made from particularly durable stone and wood.

Ancestor's Claw Knife: A semi sacred blade, it's, uncannily so, shaped like a human kerambit,and made out of a metal akin to iron.


He's pretty brave, as fitting a hunter who goes after very nasty creatures, and honorable as well. He definitely doesn't like those who are greedy, especially those so greedy as to steal and hurt others, and absolutely despises those who would hurt 'cubs'. Despite his anger towards greed, it doesn't necessarily mean he would condemn a thief outright. Should he learn that it was more out of desperation or need,rather then 'I want!!', he'd be very understanding. No, his temper on that is reserved more towards those like a CEO who's skimming profits while his workers go hungry.

Mal is religious, and practices a polytheistic faith, though he primarily worships the goddess of hunters and explorers. The young hunter has a great deal of wanderlust and curiosity,and wishes to explore the world/universe.He eagerly looks forward to a upcoming ritual where he goes to travel the world around him, so as to bring back knowledge to benefit the tribe. In general interaction, he's polite, if a tad rough,and can be playful towards friends. As the above statement probably indicated, he's also very protective towards young ones, like many in his tribe. He can be a tad awkward and clumsy minded sometimes,and his excitement about new things can be a bit too much for him to control on occasion.

-Beat heavy music, meat, Dra'kii drink(A sweet fruit juice), food in general, brave people, honorable people, new things.

-Cowards, greedy people, child harmers, rayuas.

-plays his windpot, listens to music, visits the Storyteller, hunts, makes sure his equipment is in good condition.


Family Members: Juaiana Yular(Mother), Tolak Yular(Father)
Place of Origin: Furataa Forest, Clauroa Planet
Juaiana and Tolak grew up together,both hunters and defenders of their tribe.As you probably expect, they were friends,and eventually more,as well as gaining a decent bit of renown for themselves. Becoming man and wife, they continued their work, and eventually settled down to have Mal. They rose the young man to continue their work, which is something he's been doing for a few 'years' now.

He grew up, listening to both his mother's,and the storyteller's, stories, and a urge to see slowly grew inside of him. This has led to him poking around the perimeter,though never going further then that, of the strange,and some say haunted, temple deep in the forest, as well as eagerly awaiting his upcoming Finding Journey. Soon, he'll go on a adventure no one in his tribe, including him, could have possible imagined...

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Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter    Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:12 am

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