Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 The Game Rules

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Titan News!

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PostSubject: The Game Rules   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:44 am


If you join the game you will be cloned your clone going into the game world with all your old memories skills powers and everything they basically being you but you don't know whats going on with them. When the game ends all players will gain the memories of what happened in the game.

(Aka you can not mention what happened in the thread until you leave or finish the thread and you cant mention or bring up things form new threads made after you join the thread while in the thread.) Cell phones and all other communications will not work while in the game all other parts to tech like these will work though! Come Play With Us! [8D]

Desmon says there are 20 rounds, when the final round ends who ever remains gets the prize. rounds will be announced as ended when they end and broadcasted to the mind of all player's minds. Rounds end when the following happens!

  • When 2 rotations in the post cycle ends aka after the first two messages from @Titan News! are sent the 3rd one starts the new round!
  • When someone or thing dies.
  • When someone or thing finds a way to quit the game.
  • When someone makes and oops and loses their mask and is not wearing it when the new round begins!
  • Every 5 rounds the scenery will change!
  • When Someone breaks a rule.

Desmond says there are 3 teams! When players join the game they will be placed into 1 of 2 teams, Monsters, and Animals. It is the goal of both teams to destroy the other and or make their team be the only team to roam the game left.

  • Only a member of the opposite team can remove or break your mask.
  • Only the opposing team or you can kill you or hurt you.
  • You will join the team of Humans when you lose your mask, you at this point are in the danger zone, due to humans being the common enemy of animals and monsters you can now be killed and hurt by anyone even other humans! Why?
    Because humans kill what ever they want. If you don't get your mask back in 2 rounds Grinder will attack you adding a new boss for others to fight, unless you die before the end of the round.
  • Demons must type in any text color that ranges from the red spectrum to white (Red to pink to white, Yellow, Orange, etc.) Animals must type in the text color that ranges from  the blue spectrum to black. (Blue, cyan, purple, green,
    black, etc.) Humans can't speak since they believe no monsters or animals can understand them.
  • Monsters will see all animals as silhouettes of their actual selves besides their masks that are colored to match the normal animal that the player identifies with most. Animals will see the same for Monsters. Both teams see the humans as who they normally look like with out any masks or anything.
  • At round 10 @"Titan News" will give players the choice to change their team automatically!
  • If one team gets too much bigger than the other the smaller team will be permitted to take only half damage! Blows that auto kill will only make them sleep for the rest of the game until you hit them again, they during this time still count as a member of their own team!

Desmond says all who break rules, will be eaten by grinder, and that all who die will find themselves in their normal world and location they should be in with all of the memories they gained in the game. The winners will get a prize based on how many last at the end, the more the people the less crazy cool the prize.

  • Desmond tends to lie.
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The Game Rules
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