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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Yuriko Zima    Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:17 am

"Something had to give, and for once it wasn't going to be me."

{Yuriko Dunya Zima }


Full Name: Yuriko Dunya Zima
Nickname(s): Yuri, Riko, & Lily.
Codename: Nightshade
Alias(es): Yuri Kuznetsov
Age: 24
Race: Augmented Human.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Dark Blue.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'5.
Weight: 140 pounds, counting extra weight from her prosthetics.
Other Traits:  Her left arm and leg are advanced, customized prosthetics. Her torso, and leg are covered in small scars.


-Infiltration Skills:
Years of being small has given her an advantage of knowing how to quietly disappear without a trace, to blending in with the shadows. Keen eyes and ears help her decide her next move as she waits for the opportune moment to strike.

-Super Strength (Sub Power):
Star Labs has outdone themselves with the lightweight yet tough cybernetics for Yuriko's left arm and leg, the hands have an enchanced grip perfect for scaling buildings, however she needs to use the right amount of pressure as the strength in her arm could crumble whatever she is holding onto. As a sub power this only can deal 5 tons.

-Marital Arts (Sub Power):
Growing up it was important to her parents that she knew some way to defend herself, living in Gotham with no means of protecting oneself was practically putting a target on your back. Yuriko chose the art of Jujutsu, using her enemies strength and movement against them in close combat.

-Mathematics. (Expectional skill)
-Piano. (Expectional skill)
-Sudoko & Crossword puzzles.
-Fluent in English, Russian, & Japanese.

Physical Weaknesses
-Phantom pain, after the loss of her arm and leg. The pain often keeps her awake at night.
- Electricity, too much voltage can cause her cybernetics to malfunction and become useless.
-Rather useless in long range combat as Yuriko specializes in mid-to-short range combat.
-Ice and water. If it gets behind the plates of her cybernetics it can also fry them.

Mental Weaknesses
-Rash, Yuriko often rushes into things without properly thinking first especially when she feels strongly about whatever is happening.
-Night terrors, the events that made her lose her limbs often haunt her nightly when she can find sleep. She can be found screaming, crying, or even sleep walking.
-Anxiety, it is not apparent but she is constantly worried and looking behind her back for something that isn't there.

-Grappling hook.
-Throwing knives.
-Lightweight body armor.
-Stun grenades.


-Yuriko is a kind yet brash young woman who is tired of how the world is. After suffering the loss of her limbs she no longer trusts in the proper authority or heroes, her bravery and determination have lead her to act on her own. Her heart is filled with compassion for the little people and she deeply wants to make the world safer for everyone, even if she has to do unsavory things such as killing or harming someone to do so. She does not hesitate in such actions, she believes when someone usually commits evil acts that they are fully aware of what they are doing and deserve the consequences that come with it.

She is quick witted when calm, however once you get under her skin... she is very vulnerable and quick to anger, if you know how to push her. Especially when a loved one, or an innocent life is threatened since she is extremely loyal. As hotheaded she can get, she always tries her best to make things work while they unfold. Yuriko is also sarcastic at times, enjoying in trading quips with friends, strangers, and even enemies sometimes. She has quite the sense of humor about most things, and takes pleasure in trying to make the best out of certain situations.

Deep down inside she is hurt and upset, wanting back her old life and what she thought her future was going to be. She suffers quietly, using her need to make things better as a way to ignore the pain and push forward without properly addressing it. She isn't the best at handling emotions within herself or others, even more so when they are complex. One day again she hopes she will be able to properly cherish and love someone, and to be loved back. Until then she moves forward, ready to take a stand for what is right no matter what the cost.

-Going to the gym.
-Some god**** peace and quiet.
-Star Labs.
-Pierogies & gyoza.

-The idea that you have to be naturally gifted to be a hero.
-Selfish people.
-Gelatinous food.
-Needless gore.

-Yuriko often sharpens her blades as a way to pass time when she cannot sleep.
-As a hobby she always is sketching ideas for her cybernetics as ways to improve them.
-Yuriko cooks way too much food, and often can be seen munching on leftovers throughout the day. If she can't finish it, she makes a point of giving some to those in need.
-Yuriko likes to stay in good shape so she often practices Yoga, goes to the gym, and keeps up on her marital arts.
-In her free time she likes to combine different types of tea leaves to see what flavors and effects they will have.


Family Members: Mira Zima (Mother) & Hayato Nakamura (Father)
Place of Origin: Gotham City, USA
Yuriko was born to two brilliant scientists for Star Labs, one for Marine Biology (her father), and the other doing weapons research. Growing up with two encouraging and brilliant minds produced another who dreamed of one day joining their parents in the field of science. She had a bright future ahead of her and a peaceful life in Gotham. Straight A's, grants, and colleges awaited her in her senior year of high school.
One day after a date with her then boyfriend, she was walking home alone at night. When she was taken by surprise, and unable to fight back by armed assailants who were looking to steal some valuables. The situation got out of hand quickly as she struggled, drawing attention to a passing by law enforcement officer who called for backup then rushed in which was a huge mistake. In retaliation for the cops interfering one of the men shot her in her left arm and leg multiple times while another held a gun to her head. After even more backup appeared, they ran off realizing the fight was no longer in their favor.

Just barely alive with no feeling in either limb, Yuriko was rushed to the hospital. That day became even worse for the young girl when her mother got into a serious car accident rushing to hospital, falling into a coma. Unable to move, she awaited more bad news and received it.

The doctors declared the damage done to her left side was too extensive and she would never have feeling in those limbs or be able to use them. They offered amputation, and Yuriko accepted. There was no point to having them there if she couldn't use them. Deciding that things would never be the same again, that she truly could never go back to her old life or plans. She hit rock bottom and laid there, wondering what she could do now.

Once she was fully healed she went to Star Labs with a fresh plan on cybernetics; receiving aide from those who watched her grow up, and they didn't mind having another guinea pig. It took her years to adjust to her new body and reality, still everyday is difficult but Yuriko makes the best of everyday. Every new day is a chance to help someone in need.

«««Sample RP»»»

The moonlight gleamed brilliantly as a young woman entered Star Labs in Gotham City. It was after-hours but, it was one of the best times to go without drawing too much attention. The building was mostly dark now save for a few who guarded the tech and researchers who were on a breakthrough. A smile graced her face, this was a familiar place and always would have a place in her heart. As she took the elevator down to visit her 'mechanics', she sighed softly as her eyes fluttered shut. When her eyes were shut Yuriko saw a happier time, she was much smaller and was wearing a pure white dress as she ran around the labs. No one minded, they all knew her and her mother. In fact some would even let her suggest ideas, or take her seriously like she was a professional to be respected. Everything was so different, and the future wasn't so uncertain.  Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft ding of the elevator, the black haired woman's eyes shot open as she began to step out, and proceeded to walk down the halfway.

Once the desired destination was reached, she brought her normal hand up and gently rapped on the door.

"Yuri, is that you? Come in! " An older man yelled from behind the door, machinery sounds filled the room.

Yuriko stepped into the room, closing the door and looking around. Nothing had changed, the older man in question was working on something and the young one was smiling brightly at her.

" We were beginning to think you were going to miss your check-up! " He exclaimed, pulling out a chair for her, " I know you must be busy, so Grandfather and I will be working on your cybernetics at the same time. " He added sheepishly. It was clear to anyone that the young man in question was smitten by her, not that Yuriko noticed or cared.

" Thank you, Matthew. I appreciate you both staying late for me, I got caught up in something. " Her jacket came off as she sat down, hiking up her pant leg before getting comfortable.

Matthew laughed nervously, he grew up with Yuriko... and while he didn't want her getting cybernetics anywhere else; he also hated the idea of her fighting. He brought over a wheeled table filled with tools, " It looks like the carbon fiber is holding up good for outside plating. Very sturdy and lightweight, perhaps one day we'll get even better materials. " He mumbled to himself, examining her arm. Matthew barely noticed his grandfather working on Yuriko's leg as he was too ingrossed in his work, and thinking of ways to confess, to convince her that this was too dangerous.

Hours had passed and the wiring was finally fixed, and the plates were screwed back into place. The Eurasian woman got up, a small yawn escaped her peach colored lips. " Thank you, guys... Put it on my tab. " Yuriko chuckled softly, admiring the clean and newly polished plates on her left limbs.

" No need, just... Don't be so reckless, Yuri. " Matthew began, frowning slightly when she brushed off her concern and walked out. He almost went to go after her but a swift tug on his arm stopped him. " Grandfather? "

" Don't be a fool, you're too obvious. Yuri is the kind of girl who can take care of herself, besides she is just going to do whatever she pleases anyways. All we can do is be here for her. "
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PostSubject: Re: Yuriko Zima    Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:03 am

Looks good! And welcome to the site. If you have questions feel free to ask here or on discord. Don't let Jommy misdirect you. He's a sneaky one. Wink

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Yuriko Zima
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