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 The Spirit Bloodline Quick Reference Guide (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Spirit Bloodline Quick Reference Guide (WIP)   Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:22 am

Power Family Types: These are just general Power Types Each family has a chance to get more specific and narrowed down making the possibility for the rage of power types to become more limited. Just note if your family has the exactly some type of power generally or limited down you will need to either be in that other family or have a reason why this family is a different family with the same exact set up in powers since the families are divided by their powers and children’s last names given based on the powers they inherit from their parents which is normally able to be told by their hair and eye color.

Since each family has their own hair and eye color combo that is  always the same in every child if you have one eye color then a different hair color than usual or qa weird blend of the powers you are under the category of a Spirit Bloodling Blend. Each family normally has a color scheme based on normally their eye or hair color and they can make their eyes and hair glow this color or a shade of this main color at any point in time and they normally both clow this color when emotions are high or you are overusing or heavily using one of their powers.

Death: Brings the dead back to life, killing or taking life, controlling the dead.
Life: Is Based around creating, or controlling living creatures like animals, insects, and other such things, it also can do support healing and other things.
Spiritual: Can typically see and track souls of others, add strength to souls, give extra soul abilities to others, and other such things this is a rare power that is randomly gained by only 25 people in every generation and is seen as a godly power to the spirit bloodline, people with these powers are usually auto ranked up several ranks just for having the potential to become a god like person to their people.

The Dreamscape:

How To Gain Powers:

Top 10 Families:
- Rank 1
- Energy based that features, crowd control, physical manifestations, soul summon creatures/Items/Objects, Light based while focused on only energy powers.
- Black Hair and Blue Eyes
- Based In Japan
- Blue Based Color Scheme

- Rank 2
-  Shadow based that features, crowd control, physical manifestations, soul summon creatures/Items/Objects
- White Hair and Red Eyes
- Based In Germany
- Red Based Color Scheme

- Rank 3
- General bird centered powers that go to every range to just about anything related to birds
- Brown Hair and Brown Eyes
- Based All Around The World
- Brown Based Color Scheme

- Rank 4
- Ice based powers and heat stealing powers that sometimes can go to the state of fire attacks not working on them.
- Blonde Hair and Green Eyes
- Based In England
- Green Based Color Scheme

- Rank 5
- Unnatural/Technopaths in every sense of the term
- Orange Hair and Brown Eyes
- Based In Ireland
- Orange Based Color Scheme

- Rank 6
- Body/physical, bone based and centered powers
- White Hair and Yellow Eyes
- Based In Russia
- Yellow Based Color Scheme

- Rank 7
- Life/Bug/insect/arachnid based
- Black Hair and Red Eyes
- Based In Russia
- Black Based Color Scheme

- Rank 8
- Death/Toxic, acid, and poison based powers
- Black Hair and Green Eyes
- Based In Russia and Germany
- Green Based Color Scheme

- Rank 9
- Healing empowering General support
- Purple Hair and Blue Eyes
- Based in Sweden
- Purple Based Color Scheme

- Rank 10
- Power negations and stealing
- Bright Green and White Eyes With A Black Outline Around Them
- Based in Australia
- White/Grey Based Color Scheme

Culture / Rules:

How Family Structures Work:
Based on powers, over all strength, population size, past rep, etc

Artifacts and Enchanted Items:
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The Spirit Bloodline Quick Reference Guide (WIP)
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