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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Okamian Clan Data (WIP)

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PostSubject: Okamian Clan Data (WIP)   Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:01 am


They were made, many hundreds of years ago, by a very,very little known kami(in fact his only worshipers,and the people aware of him, were/are his creations and maybe one or two small human groups) in order to become protectors and defenders of humanity.And so they served this purpose for many,many years, at least a good few hundred. However,one day, one cursed day, a great Corruption took place, and most of the once noble defenders were changed,their souls poisoned and their minds turned to evil,insanity, and decadence.

There were a few who'd managed to avoid this terrible event, but they were overpowered,and made second class citizens at best of this new society.The corrupted Okamians caused havoc for a short time, only for their deity,the one they call the Forger, to seal them away from the human realm. Unfortunately, the seal wasn't complete,as they were still able to enter various 'punishment' and other assorted spiritual realms, and a certain, small amount are even able to slip out into the human realm to cause havoc every once and awhile.Since the sealing,they've been busy carving out a name for themselves amongst demonkind as a once fair but stern police force turned into malevolent enforcers.


They are,in humanoid form, actually quite similar,if not exact, to humans in general looks and physical set up, though their body frames does tend to be either lean and wiry, or muscular and heroic.They do,however,have differences from regular humans,the most evident being their hair.They can have strangely fluffy, spiky hair,in shades not known to most humans (or at least humans without dyes).To be more exact,when uncorrupted, they have hair/fur in varying shades of blue,and occasionally white, with eyes of varying colors that say 'energy!!!'For a example, a bright cyan, or electric yellow. However, when corrupted,they have pale, almost dingy looking, grey hair/fur, and eyes a venomous green.

And now we move onto their powers. Full blooded Okamians are capable of shifting to a wolf like,two tailed form. However, they also have more combative talents. For one, they're very,very strong. A Okamian warrior in their prime is capable of exerting around 5 tons of force if they so choose. For another, they're also extremely durable, with it usually needing to be either blessed weapons, or (if you would like to bruteforce it)a anti-tank rifle or something similar if a regular human would need to hurt them.

As for their speed, they are capable of around 659mph at max speed. Add all this with their ability to form and control mystical lightning in a various amount of ways,and they are a very potent threat for beings unlucky enough to get onto their bad sides. Luckily, there is hope.

They have built in weaknesses, made so that if they ever went wrong a regular human might have a chance, albeit a slim one,of escaping. The first is that they're incapable of swimming. Submerging themselves in water triggers a coma like, suspended state in which they consume less air,being able to last for hours,but also are completely helpless and harmless. The second is intense cold. It rapidly drains their power and their strength,until they're no stronger or powerful then your average human, at least for a few hours. The last is holy things. Entering a church/similar makes them feel so sick they can barely move,and the dizziness lasts hours afterwards. Blessed weapons go right through their durability, and holy water burns like flames.

Though it was somewhat frowned upon in previous times,and downright illegal now,they're also capable of having children with humans. These halflings tend to have one,( or if they're particularly blessed two), much weakened variant(s) of their mystical parent's powers, along with the more evident physical traits.One might have a bit of lightning, and enough strength to crack boulders,and so on and so forth. It is quite literally unheard of for a halfling to have access to nearly all of the standard Okamian's genetic arsenal,(if rather weakened when compared to the original,) let alone for one to be capable of surpassing a full blood in a aspect.

Society and Culture

Being a race of beings designed to smash monsters,demons, and various other things, they are a culture that very much respects strength and ability. Before the Corruption, this not only included physical strength,but mental,spiritual, and moral strength as well.Nowadays,unfortunately, they've either discarded and/or twisted those latter three, focusing on a 'The Strong example, once upon a time, though they frowned upon fullbloods courting Rule the Weak' instead of a 'The Strong protect the Weak' mentality,though at least still being rather protective of their chosen Pack.

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Okamian Clan Data (WIP)
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