Teen Titans Legacy

A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Bellona   Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:19 am


Full Name: Bellona
Codename: Legate
Alias(es): Goddess of War, Goddess of Destruction and Devastation
Age: Ageless
Classification: Solgaleo's involuntary coping mechanism (?)
Relation to character: Bellona is a literal projection of of the brain coping mechanisms known to psychology. For Solgaleo's brain is subconsciously trying to protect him from stressful stimuli or a total mental breakdown by creating Bellona to counteract the undesired thoughts. Gradually after his enrollment into the Teen Titans she became more prominent in his thoughts and dreams as he goes through more trauma. Until one night at the observatory it is theorized that Solgaleo's subconscious created Bellona in the physical world in a attempt to stop the degradation of his sanity. However this is rebutted by the fact that Solgaleo does not have the power to create life, so it is unknown whether Bellona is a figment of Solgaleo imagination to cope with stress or that there is a fragment of the real Bellona that still exists within Solgaleo. For after the even she randomly pops up around Solgaleo but mostly when he is alone. There is a limit in which she can only appear that correlates with the range of his creation, 100 feet.


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6.5 Ft
Weight: 151 Lbs
Description(optional): She bears faint scarring on her body that changes in size and location every time she reappears.



Prowess in Battle: As the goddess of war, she is a fierce warrior, and a master of both armed and hand-to-hand combat.

Warfare: She is well trained in all forms of warfare ranging from mental, physical, spiritual and conceptual ones.

Weapon Conjuration: Bellona is capable of creating virtually any weapon she desires


Shared Source: Bellona's capabilities in generating a weapon seem to draw upon Solgaleo's own power and as such shares both strengths and weaknesses.

Neutrality Pact:  Much to Bellona dismay and anger she is bound to a pact that she forged with Terra and Ananke, in one of the tenets was that she cannot direct intervene in Solgaleo conflicts much to her great frustration as Terra believed he must be able to forge his own path. The only time she is able to interfere is if Solgaleo is suffering a mental breakdown and there is a present threat to his life that he is unable to flee from.




Horse Riding


Heavy Legionary Armor



Bellona is rough with Solgaleo in a manner how older sisters treat their younger brothers.

Bellona is known for her colorful language that she use in latin after Terra berated her for using such crass language around a young child.  

She has a small quirk of juggling weapons when she is bored


Bellona is the embodiment of war eternal and her personality shows. Crass, sarcastic, battle-hardened, battle-hungry, loud, psychotically humored, rude, easily-bored, extremely ill-tempered and generally does not give a **** about anything. The only exception in which she reacts to is Solgaleo who she hints that he had grew on her during their years on the run. When she first met the whelp he found him an annoyance and held resentment towards him for being the reason why she is not at the front lines fighting IT. As years roll by as they trek across the universe with only the two of them for company, at the end of the road Bellona had complexity different perspective about the boy. Seeing him as her own blood brother and did not regret spending the last years of the universe with him.


Place of Origin: Rome


Bellona is the key in helping Solgaleo recover his memories and learn what he is. She would make passing comments of him hanging around other deities in hopes that he will remember the good memories instead of the bad. In the wake of his near mental breakdown Bellona once again found herself being his emotional support and coach in his training.
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