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 Albert 'Neverwere' Falkes

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PostSubject: Albert 'Neverwere' Falkes   Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:22 pm

"kssh I do not mur-der staff. I cre-ate sur-plus re-dun-dan-cies. crrr"

Albert 'Neverwere' Falkes


Full Name: Albert Charles Falkes
Nickname(s): Dr Falkes, Al
Codename: Neverwere
Alias(es): None
Age: 33
Race: Gadget Using Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil


Hair Color: Varies; current brown
Eye Color: Varies; current brown
Gender: Male
Height: Varies; current 6'1”
Weight: Varies; current 160lbs
Other Traits: Falkes is basically a mask with a downloaded consciousness that attaches itself to a hapless host for convenience. The mask is of corrugated steel and chrome with rust to be seen around its edges. The eye-sockets and front grill both glow with a green energy.


Uploaded Consciousness - Albert has rendered his mind into a collection of ones and zeroes. His original body is gone. This allows him to edit his memories, emotions, and personality like a script. He can store a greater quantity of knowledge and download data directly into his mind. He can sense electronic, digital, and radio transmissions in the vicinity. In any satellite accessible zone he would hence have a GPS knowledge of his geographical location. His mind is impervious to psychic intrusion. Most importantly, his mind can be duplicated onto computers.

* Assuming he has the equipment to access them, Albert can instinctively manipulate digital, electronic, and radio transmissions. He can boost, relay, hijack, or block signals from any source he can perceive. This can be done from up to 250m away.

NeverWare Servitor Mask – The Servitor Mask is a device invented by Falkes which has several functions. Firstly it serves as a hard-drive in which to store a copy of his mind. It has surgical connection rods which can penetrate a skull and override a host's brain, forcing it into dormancy. This is an arduous process that takes about an hour to implement. From then on Neverwere can use the host body as if it were his own. The mask also does the following:
- Provides an air filter for the host.
- Gives access to night vision.
- Allows for scanning of the immediate environment to determine properties.
- Acts as a receptor and transmitter for various signals. Can be used as a phone, interceptor, or jammer in this way.

Sustenance Blood Infuser – A collection of wires and tubes which gives Albert's host the nutrition they need without requiring food/liquid consumption.

Computer Display – A glove that projects a holographic touch pad keyboard and computer screen, used as a data input point for remotely accessed systems.

Explosives – Albert often takes with him home-made bombs which can range from plastic explosives to incendiary devices. These are usually for the purpose of property damage.

Repulsor Lifts – These consist of four repulsor pads located on Albert's boots and shoulders which, when activated, give him noiseless flight at 50mph with a fuel capacity of roughly two hours. When pointed at a target they can also be used to knock people back, able to move a fully grown man five metres on full power. These can take him as high as building height.

Virus Vault – An external hard-drive that houses the many bespoke viruses and trojans Albert has coded over the years.

NeverWare Anonymity Drive – A device that produces a signal which subtly effects the signal receptors of people's brains. It causes people to actively ignore the signal's origin, effectively  filtering their perception to exclude stimuli produced by the individual and rendering them 'invisible'.

NeverWare Infiltrator Drone – A remote controlled drone capable of giving audio and visual information. It flies noiselessly up to 250m from its controller. It can carry a payload of two bombs and has a small laser which can cut through reinforced glass. It also has attached a hard-light generator which is able to produce a hard-light hologram of Neverwere which forms around the drone. This hologram can interact with the environment for up to 20 minutes. Albert can also allow this generator to do various soft-light projections which cannot affect the environment. Finally the drone allows audio broadcasting if Albert would like to speak through it.

Generator Glove – Albert has a second glove that acts as a battery pack, storing excess electricity. He can use this to recharge his equipment in a pinch, or to deliver a taser-level shock on contact.

* Sabotage being his business, Albert has learned how to manufacture, handle, and defuse explosive charges. He can be considered a bomb expert.
* Albert is a fully trained mechanical engineer and a gifted inventor. Ever since he has uploaded his consciousness, his education on this subject has only accelerated.
* Capable of coding his own programs, sub-routines, and executes. That means he can design his own software and manufacture bespoke viruses and trojans for his own nefarious uses. This, however, does not make him a hacker.
* Taught himself biological principles to help maintain life of hosts.
* Signal expert.
- Car driver.
- Stock market observer.

Physical Weaknesses
Uploaded Consciousness – While Albert can edit his mind, he can't do it on a whim. He has to use a keyboard/computer and download the changes. While his mind is 'like' a computer, it is not a computer. He sometimes has to purge excess information from his mind. He also cannot navigate a terminal with his mind, and uses the same input commands as everyone else, which means he is not a great hacker. Although psychics cannot effect his mind, technopaths might.

NeverWare Servitor Mask – While the mask has been surgically attached to its host and cannot be pulled off, it can be removed with careful use of tools and time. Once removed the ex-host may require hospital attention, but is likely to make a full recovery. The mask may altogether fail to suppress the mind of people with augmented or super brains. As stated, the process of attaching the mask takes at least an hour to complete and is ideally done when the host is sedated. The signal manipulator can be contested if one has similar transmission technology and the know-how to use it.

There is a box device located between Albert's shoulder blades that contains the fuel for his repulsor lifts. Puncturing it would reduce his fly time drastically.

NeverWare Anonymity Drive – While it can make Albert unnoticed, it cannot do so when Albert is loud, aggressive, silhouetted or great attention is otherwise drawn to him. He cannot invade personal space without the effect fading. Anybody who has resistance against illusions can bypass the effects of this device entirely.

NeverWare Infiltrator Drone – The drone is made for stealth, not offense or damage resistance. The hard-light hologram can move things and pick them up, but one hefty smack from a melee weapon will see it crumble.

Albert picks up the physical weaknesses of whatever host he's currently attached to.

He's carrying explosives. Don't set him on fire.

An EMP will temporarily disable all of his equipment. All of his hard-drives have their contents shielded from such an attack and would not be wiped. But he would be unable to do anything for several minutes.

Any of his equipment could be destroyed, including the mask. If this mask is destroyed, the new download will only have memories up until Albert last updated his back-up, which could be several days out of date.

Mental Weaknesses
Albert has unrestricted ability to manipulate his own mind. This isn't always for the better. His frequent personality 'patches' have made him increasingly anti-social and less able to predict the mood and behaviours of others. He has deleted memories which now he regrets. If he doesn't watch his sources carefully, some of the information he downloads to increase his knowledge base could be faulty (e.g. still thinks the first law of thermodynamics is “not to talk about thermodynamics”).


Neverwere's personality is a trimmed and streamlined version of what it once was. He had always been fastidious and orderly, but now he is obsessed with lists and verification. A lot of his time is taken up checking over his equipment, sub-routines to ensure efficiency. He has suppressed frivolous and superfluous urges and does not look for distractions or 'down-time'. Work obsessed and driven; social engagements rank low on his list of priorities to a point where people would describe him as robotic in his approach.

He is a creature of routine, stating facts and figures in want of argument. He detests displays of emotion and has tried to suppress his own. Any social instincts he had have been eroded by his constant self-edits. He is reclusive and finds it hard to empathise with others. He doesn't grow attached and considers killing just another form of collateral damage to his usual affairs. Guilt and embarrassment are behaviours he is quick to eradicate.

Despite describing himself as a great inventor, Albert's greatest successes were stolen. He thinks nothing of appropriating another's technology and passing it off a his own. He grew up in a Wolf of Wall Street style dog-eat-dog economy. Yet his dabbles in corporatism died with his assassination. Nowadays he is entirely against the morally bankrupt practises of big business. He decries the threats of capitalism and globalisation and actively works to undermine market monopolies. Yet as always, Albert believes the best way to confront someone is from the shadows.

- New technologies.
- Stealthy approaches.
- Small businesses.
- Seclusion.
- Lists.

- Corporations/Corporatism.
- Monopolies/Far-Right Capitalism.
- Social niceties.
- Inefficiency.
- Attachments.

- Likes to slightly alter and repatent devices.
- Boobie traps his own offices.
- Keeps up-to-date with the corporate world through magazines and online articles.
- Speaks through an audio-box in his mask, giving an electronic voice.
- Keeps a back-up of his mind that he updates with new memories regularly. If he ever dies or is captured, signals will be released for the back-up to download itself into a new Servitor Mask and become the new Neverwere.


Family Members:
- Bradley and Helen Falkes (father & mother)

Place of Origin:
- Chicago, America (but in the future)

Albert was born in an age of technologically advanced super-manufacturing conglomerates. As a child he 'interned' on the assembly line and, like many of his age, came to learn the ins and outs of electronics exceedingly well. He had somewhat of a knack for it, but where he really shined was his enterprising nature. There was more money in taking things apart than putting them together.

His first experience with sabotage came when Albert joined a union. The union had prepared strike action against their employers. As part of it, they wanted people on the assembly line to deliberately put equipment together wrong. This resulted in faulty products and an inability to point individual blame. It proved exceedingly effective in motivating the otherwise impassioned CEOs.

Albert decided to market himself as a saboteur for hire. He stole equipment from his job and put together a suit that would aid him on his infiltrations. As he gained more experience he began to approach the corporations themselves and offered to target rival companies in return for patronage. This led to better equipment and an infamy that came with success. Pretty soon he was no longer an in-house hire and more of a free-agent. Available to anyone with money and a grudge against high industry.

Unfortunately Albert did not notice a societal change. The corporations of the day, wielding ever greater influence, became monopolies and conglomerates. They would own the majority of their market, and actively work with their once rivals to reduce economic competition. By doing this they'd maximised profits and finally saw no reason to compete against one another.

They were suddenly in charge, and they turned their ruthless pragmatism towards the saboteur Neverwere. They had no need of his services, now that they were allied. In fact, the only way he could find employ is if he was being used against them. They decided there was no place for such a man in their new Corporatocracy.

They commanded an assassin to hunt him down and slay him, which she eventually did. However, Albert had recently perfected a technology for digitising his own mind. This new form of life, on witnessing what became of his body, set about working towards a new one. After months of subtle coercion through his manipulation of signals, he'd gathered enough technology to create a device that would allow his mind dominance over an attached brain. He was in the process of testing this new invention when the assassin returned.

The corporate elite had noticed his survival and sent their instrument to finish the job. The assassin, however, proved to have dreams of her own. Zahra's problem was that her place in the time-stream was anchored by a piece of technology she didn't understand. Those that'd invented the technology, the very same fat-cats, now exercised a unique control over her. Having seen Albert's technological prowess, Zahra wondered if he could decipher the device and give her back the 'keys' to her life.

Their interests aligned. Zahra found Albert a suitable host for his Servitor Mask and Neverwere began studying the time anchor. They found a common enemy in the Corporatocracy and continued to strike them blows from the shadows. Of course their foe proved too powerful. Eventually the pair were located and cornered. In a last ditch attempt to save their skins Albert attempted to manipulate the time anchor. The device malfunctioned and catapulted the pair of them into the past.

«««Sample RP»»»

“You can go whistling dixie! We're not paying scum like you one solitary cent! Who do you think you're messing with, lard-ass?” The CEO paced across his lavish board-room, a gaggle of seniors listening in on the phone conversation with contented smiles on their faces, ”We don't deal with some virgin in his mother's basement who buys a virus off the dark-net and thinks he can get one over on big money. You've got days freak, days until the CIA track you down. Blow your logic-bomb if you want. I crap on you! I'll pay your family to do it too!”

On the other end of the line, Neverwere weighed the response. Threatening a company reliant on masses of electronic data usually worked. A virus deleting that data was easier than stealing it. And the chaos it would cause to operations was worth more than the money he was blackmailing them for. That was, unfortunately, until you analysed the aftermath.

This was a social security data firm. Their losses would be bailed out by the tax-payer. There was padding to prevent the top executives from feeling the pinch, and then there were the even shadier practises. People in fear of their details being compromised would flock to credit monitoring and locking services; the biggest of which were subordinate to this exact firm. If people wanted to have their credit monitored they could be forced to give up their right to sue and start paying the very incompetents who had lost their data in the first place.

Whatever way you looked at it, the corporation won.

A monotone electronic voice replied to the ranting business-man, "kssh I have gi-ven you five days to de-cide a re-sponse. I un-der-stand in that time you have sold off four mi-li-on in shares. A-firm-a-tive? crrr"

“How did- None of your business.”

"kssh If this is true, you have o-ver sold your shares. This is an il-le-gal prac-tice. crrr"

“Oh cry me a river, you junkbox!” The CEO had little to fear. If it ever came to an inspection (and they could put every roadblock in the way) then all they had to do was buy back the stock they needed to keep their books in order. And when news of the logic bomb hit – everyone would be eager to sell at a fraction of the price they'd paid. They would make money again.

"kssh I bought your stock. crrr"

The statement hung in the air for a moment, “Ha! No you didn't. You don't have the capital, kid.”

"kssh I a-proached va-ri-ous ri-vals of yours. We pooled to-ge-ther our re-source-es and bought your stock in a joint ven-ture. We con-trol a sub-stan-tial in-ter-est in your bis-ness. E-nuff to cri-ple your o-per-a-tions. Or just to hold you a-count-able for your il-le-gal o-ver sell-ing. crrr"

At last the board-room was alive with chatter. All the men crying one thing or another. The CEO wiped the sweat from his brow with a hankie and called for silence. He returned to the phone, “This was never about the ransom, was it?”

"kssh A-firm-a-tive."

“Listen grease stain. We're going to get the excess shares from someone. Even if we have to pay them three times the value. Then we'll come after you and your friends, and we'll crush you.”

"kssh Do you think I have not con-si-dered that con-tin-gen-cy? My lo-gic bomb was ac-ti-vated se-ven min-utes a-go. The only day-ta it de-stroyed was that on your share hol-ders. My part-ners will find and pur-chase the re-main-ing shares from them before you can fi-gure out who they were. crrr Check-mate."

The room erupted into phone-calls and mad dashes into privacy. Each management member trying to figure out how to preserve their own funds and name in the ensuing scandal to come. Without the shares to show, the corporation would be ripped apart by any auditors and the CEOs held accountable.

"kssh Fight back if you want. I will be there. crrr" And from a seat in the corner, unnoticed by any-one, Neverwere hung up.
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PostSubject: Re: Albert 'Neverwere' Falkes   Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:38 am

This looks good. Every red flag was addressed in the weaknesses section. Great app as usual, DD. It's good to have you back.

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Albert 'Neverwere' Falkes
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