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 What's a Gobby like that doing in a place like this? [Solo]

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PostSubject: What's a Gobby like that doing in a place like this? [Solo]   Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:01 am

Stobux awoke with a start as his consciousness returned like a floodgate bursting. Where was he? And why was everything pitch black!? NO! He was blind! He swore in goblin as he scrambled to his feet, only to quickly bump into a wall and fall over backward before he realized that something was just clinging to his face. It was paper... with writing scrawled out all over it. Instead of even attempting to read and maybe learn more about where he was, Stobux wrinkled his pointed nose in disdain and blew his nose with it instead. "Shotty? AAH!" Stobux swore again frantically looking around for his most prized possession. He soon found it buried among the rest of the refuse that he had inexplicably found himself in after waking up. "Don' scare me like that Shotty. I can't replace ya that easily. Not without threatening ta blow up them hoity-toity Stormbringers," Stobux sighed with relief, cleaning it lovingly before strapping it over his shoulder.

Now he had nothing else to worry him. But what a strange place this was. He looked up, behind him, below him, and all around at his surroundings for the first time since he woke up. He was in a city of some sort made of... he licked a wall and smacked his lips. Stone? No... there was something different about it. Seemed more artificial. But this was city, that much he could be sure of. His ears twitched this way and that at what was the normal sounds of night in Crash Alley. A car drove by the alley he was, making him quickly shirk back behind cover at the sudden light. What the hell was that? Drawing his blunderbuss, Stobux peeked out hesitantly and looked around. Yup, definitely a city. But what kind? No no- rather, WHO lived here? He soon got his answer as a few... people came out of the building closest to him.

What were those things called again? It had been awhile since he had seen em close up... and in one piece. They stumbled alittle as they got into some kind of metallic carriage with no horse, the definite sound of an engine firing up before they drove off. Stobux was so enthralled by the car he was more or less standing in the middle of the sidewalk when he licked his lips. He needed a drink, and logic would denote that the stumbling meant alcohol was involved. That seemed like sound logic to him! Not many of these people seemed to be out and about for some reason so he could afford to be less sneaky about it as he went into the bar.

The smell of alcohol and smoke filled his nostrils, bringing an impish grin to Stobux' face. He could do with a smoke too. For the time being, he was too short to easily be seen by the other patrons. Atleast until he passed by their tables. And he was definitely noticed as he tried to pathetically get onto one of the stools at the bar. "Oi! You... YOU! Gimme a drink!" Stobux demanded at the bartender who was many times Stobux' size. And he just looked at Stobux with a mixture of confusion and irritation at the small creature barking orders at him. Stobux took this to mean that he expected payment first and fished around in one of his many pouches, pulling out a small gold coin. The bartender's eyes lit up for a moment, now more confused then irritated as he took the coin and looked at it very closely. "Got anything ta smoke while yer at it?" Stobux asked, visibly growing impatient as he was now standing on his stool.

"Yea sure- gimme a sec," the bartender relented, concluding that it was real. Wasn't just some weird metal coin that he'd painted or anything. Then again he'd never handled gold before either. Stobux was soon given a shot glass of something and a cigarette. Stobux narrowed his eyes at the tiny glass infront of him. "Something wrong little man?" The bartender smirked, some of the other patrons at the bar chuckled. Stobux stiffened at the insult, flashing rows of sharp teeth.

"That's all I get for this cheap watery swig? Here- gimme a tankard atleast," Stobux demanded with barely restraint irritation, sliding him another couple more coins. Stobux had little use for money when he could build or take what he needed, he just had some pocket change after his clan's raids. The bartender took the coins and gave him a pint glass instead. Stobux meanwhile looked at the equally small... whatever it was with disdain as he tried to figure out what part he stuck in his mouth. A glance around the room soon gave him his answer and with a quick flick across one of his arms, he actually lit the cigarette. He took a drag off and sighed with relief at the familiar feeling filling his lungs. Some of the other patrons had drifted closer to him after seeing him give out some gold coins. It wasn't even remotely close to what he made back home. But it'd have to do for now.

One of the other patrons started to quietly move up behind Stobux, the Bartender looking up very briefly. But it was actually the reflection in Stobux' glass that tipped him off. And on reflex, he drew his Blunderbuss and aimed it right at the guy's face. "Oi! What you thin' yer doing... you?" Stobux demanded with paranoia, still unable to put a name to these... people.

"Whoa whoa! Relax friend! I was just gonna see if I could get you a drink. Maybe another smoke?" The now startled and frightened patron lied, some of his friends stiffening behind him. Stobux wasn't quite buying it as he kept an ear open and his eyes on the room around him. The mood surprisingly hadn't changed too much as the other patrons and even the bartender went about their business. This was a hot spot for thugs and criminals, this was in the realm of normal for them.

"That so?" Stobux grinned evilly, taking another drag from his cigarette down to the butt. And then he ate it! "Then hows about you and yer friends there ALL buy me a drink, an' I don't shoot you full of holes?" He pulled the hammer of his blunderbuss back, priming it. And one of Stobux would-be attackers made the mistake of making a not too subtle move for a pistol tucked in the back of his pants. Stobux immediately hefted the blunderbuss with both hands and pulled the trigger- and nothing happened. The group of thugs grinned with relief. But Stobux wasn't put off. If anything, he was more furious. And he sprang off his stool, grabbing the sides of the gunman's head with his feet as he nimbly grabbed his gun arm and forced him to shoot wildly.

Now the other patrons were trying to get out if not just find cover for fear of getting shot trying to get out. "Fraggin' fragga think you can pull a fast one on Stobux huh? Gimme that pee shooter ya welp!" Stobux growled as the gunman flailed and tried shaking him off, all the wild shooting in a panic as his friends drew firearms too. Stobux hefted his Blunderbuss at them and tried shooting again. It worked this time, the force of it sending Stobux and his unwilling mount crashing into a table while both other thugs were blasted with buckshot. "Who's laughin' now? HUH? HOOMIE! Stobux remember you gits now!" Stobux started, using his still smoking Blunderbuss to beat the living hell out of his first victim, when he realized what their race was called.

He dragged his clawed fingers along the barrel of his blunderbuss, making it shrink into more of a rifle as he hopped onto the counter and glared down at the bartender. "Stobux pissed off now! Hand over yer shinies!" Stobux demanded, firing off a shot into the ceiling to emphasize his demand. The bartender did as he was told as one of the wounded thugs from earlier was still able to move. Stobux with twitch-like reflexes cocked his arm and fired off a shot at him at the sound of glass moving, giving the bartender a chance to sucker punch him. And now the bartender was armed with a sawed off, to which Stobux changed his gun into... a cannon, grinning sadistically at the bartender. The bartender paled before Stobux fired without any more hesitation, propelling himself straight through the front doors as the inside of the bar became a fiery inferno.

That stung. A car swerved to avoid him, nearly crashing into a lamp post as he got to his feet. "Tried to hit Stobux didja?" He growled, hefting his cannon at the driver that held his hands up while shaking his head. Stobux motioned for him to let him in, to which the driver did. "Take me to the forest!" He barked, clearly unafraid of the risk of using an explosive weapon at point blank range. The driver simply nodded quickly and took the wheel, speeding off toward the park...
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What's a Gobby like that doing in a place like this? [Solo]
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