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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Toji Okami (Updated)

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RPG character
Name: Toji Okami
Code Name: Lightning Wolf
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PostSubject: Toji Okami (Updated)   Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:47 am

""I refuse to let others feel the pain I have felt!""

Toji Okami


Full Name:Toji Okami
Nickname(s):Sparky, Pup
Codename: Lightning Wolf
Alias(es): N/A
Age:14(physically,spiritually, and mentally), 17-18(chronologically)
Race:Outsider - Half Demon/Guardian Spirit
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color:Bright Blue(normal),Red(when Sealed)
Eye Color:Bright Blue(normal), Dark Green,(When Sealed)
Height: 4'8
Other Traits: His eyes shift to black sclera and gold pupils when angered/enraged, and his canines grow longer. Though his hair is rather spiky, when he is sealed it becomes red, and much more like human hair. He tends to prefer sleeveless shirts, though with a scarf or high collar to hide the marks from Corgi's Control Collar. The above picture is of him in his heroing gear, minus the wolf shaped half mask he wears on his upper face. When in full on 'civvie disguise' mode, he tends to prefer somewhat oversized hoodies,and a soft beanie cap.


-Physiology - Okamians, or at least this particular offshoot of the ancient Wolf Spirits were designed to be defenders of the innocent, and to do that they need to strike as hard and fast as the lightning they wield.As such, not only are they long lived, they have a great deal of speed, strength, and durability. And though he's not as powerful as a fullblood, Toji has a great deal of strength,being able to exert up to a ton of force in his blows, and having enough durability that normal, unassisted human melee (bare hands,  standard melee weapons) and low grade firearms don't effect him. He's also extremely longlived under normal conditions.

-Okamian Speed: Though also part of his physiology, his speed is far, far greater then you'd expect of a halfling, and he has the potential of being even faster then fullblooded Okamians. His max speed at the moment is from 0 to 385 in three minutes.

Sub] Enhanced Reflexes: Though Toji is far from being a  genius, he has fighting instincts capable of operating at insanely fast speeds, though he is still very capable of making mistakes. It's one thing to see the axe, and another to know the (right) thing to do to avoid it. At the moment, he's fully capable of dodging a single bullet, and a good portion of a single automatic weapon, though he can't dodge them all. And if it were two people, he'd be in trouble.

-Electrokinesis: Due to his halfdemon blood, he can form and control electricty with a relative amount of ease, though he works best when it comes from him. This has a wide range of attacks, from simple bolts to other, more complex attacks. His most powerful attack, at the moment, is something he calls the Lightning Ripper. Gathering lightning in his hands, he swings his arm(s) in a clawing motion, sending out a cresent shaped construct of lightning from each finger, that can cut about a inch into steel.

Sub] Demon/evil spirit banishment:Okamian Lightning has the inherent ability to banish unlean spirits and/or demons back to where they belong/come from, should Toji land what would normally be a kill blow.

-Agility: He is extremely agile, and uses this,and his speed, to surmount or go around most obstacles in his way.
-Instinctive Combat: Once released from the C.C, his style of fighting is instinctive and slightly primal, allowing himself to sometimes fight in a unpredictable manner.
-Metal Working: In his timeline he's picked up the habit to do some metal sculpting and blacksmithing, using his powers to make it a bit easier on him. Currently, he's only about good enough to make trinkets and rather  simple sculptures.

Physical Weaknesses
- Water: A great enough amount of water can make a great deal of his lightning attacks all but useless,spreading them out so the target isn't hit. And, if he's completely submerged without special equipment, he enters into a catonic state, conserving his air, but also becoming helpless and unable to fight back.

-Cold: The cold slowly,(or, depending on the intensity, quickly) saps his more combative abilities. If it lasts long enough,he is essentially nothing more then a human his own 'age'.

-Nth metal/anti-magic: He is inherently magical in nature.Thus, anti magical materials easily counter him. A large enough amount, or a bracelet/collar, Seals his Okamian self, allowing his human nature to take over...and leaving him only slighter stronger and faster then boys his 'age'.

-Holy Objects: Though he's a good guy, blessed objects bypass his durability, and entering a church makes him woozy and off balance. Holy water acts like a lowlevel acid, burning him where it touches.

-Speed and Agility: A large part of The way he fights relies on his speed and agility. If he's slowed down, and forced to stand on the ground, he loses half of his attacks.

Mental Weaknesses
- Naive: Despite being a slave for the past few years, he's still naive, and thus a tad easy to trick.

-Reckless: In his need to protect people, he can get reckless, something a skilled opponent could take advantage of.

-Okamian Arms: A mystical, unbreakable weapon, though it's base form is a tanto knife, the Arms has multiple forms, each with their own unique attributes. The first is the nunchuku. Longer then average, the handles can be held in each hand and used as batons, and the chain can lengthen to incredible length,though, of course, only to what Toji can safely manage. Then there's the giant shuriken. Large and heavy, the boy can neverless lift it easily, indicating that it's weight is subtracted for it's true wielder. Far too dangerous to use around innocents, in the city he is most likely to use it as a make shift shield for himself or others. As the Arms is bonded to his soul, he can will it back to his hand, so long as he and it are not surrounded by a anti magic material. If both are in the same room/close enough, it will fly to his hand, and if the distance is great enough or they are in two seperate rooms it will simple appear in his hand.


If you had met him under the influence of the C.C, you'd be struck by how...emotionless the boy would be, unless told to feel something by his master. But, now that the collar is off, he is rather more happy,playful, mischievous, and innocent.

Toji loves to play, and occasionally even play pranks. He also has a fondness for friendly contact and hugs, due to the neglect he'd received from Corgi. In fact, if he's feeling sleepy enough, he'd probably cuddle up to the closest person, at least if they were in arms reach.

He's also brave, and loyal. Toji doesn't like innocents getting hurt, and feels responsible to help, due not only to his heritage and powers, but also because he knows what it's like to feel powerless.But, despite his experiences, he wishes to believe the best of others.In general interaction, he's a polite boy, usually, if not always, willing to try to help people whether in civvie or hero mode.
-Seafood, Rootbeer, good people, hugs and friendly contact, playing, pranking people, making friends, running around, seeing new things, his Pack.

-bullies, slavers, overly sour foods, being controlled, jerks,being near too much water, being in someplace too cold.

-Plans pranks, runs around, plays video games, reads manga/comics, watches cartoons, messes about with metal bits and pieces.


Family Members:Linda Johnson Okami (Mother, dead), Takeshi Okami (Father, absent/missing),Jane Necowl (Pack-Mother,Alive) Mike Necowl (Pack-Father,Alive) Addison Necowl (Pack-Sister,Alive) Jennifer Necowl (Pack-Sister, Alive)
Place of Origin: A 'safe room' pocket dimension located above the Alps, in a startlingly alternate timeline.
A long time ago, a demon met a human woman, a soldier, and instead of killing her, he fell in love, with her returning the favor. The demon left his corrupted clan, and married the woman, having a happy few years with her, and also a child. But, the clan, angered by his "treachery", found them, and killed the woman, and attempting to kill the demon and child. The father ran, far far away, using the little magic he had left to create a miniature reality. There, he raised the child.

But, at 14 years of age, the curious boy found the entrance, and fell into our world. A evil, crazed scientist, called Corgi Gasket, found the child, and enslaved him as a living weapon with the means of a mechanical collar that interacted with the child's mind. As three years went on, Corgi grew bored, and attacked Jump in a attempt to draw in then destroy the Titans, (thus becoming one the 'greatest' villains ever to live). As for Toji, he hoped for a chance to become free......

And so he became. With the help of a young woman by the name of Blood, he was freed. They disagreed on...certain methods and philosophies,and so seperated. Fortunately, he was found by Jennifer and her mother,and they took him in. Time went on,and the boy eventually claimed the family as Pack. Basically, the same things as what happened in this timeline happened in that one as well...However, one crucial, most important difference was this: the Necowl Tragedy didn't happen,and he never died.

His Pack, his family stayed safe, and so he remained unbroken, continuing being a hero. With the assistance of his timeline counterpart, the Forger sent this timeline's Toji's soul so he could be given a new body and recover both spiritually and mentally in the presence of those people so important to him. Meanwhile, that timeline's Toji was brought to this one, to carry on being a hero...and hopefully make things better.

«««Sample RP»»»
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}

I will allow no-one else to feel the pain I have felt!!-Toji Okami,aka Lightning Wolf

"Just try catching me!!!"- Imp

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Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Toji Okami (Updated)   Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:19 am

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Toji Okami (Updated)
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