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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Nicole Lewis/Jennifer

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Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Nicole Lewis/Jennifer    Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:43 am

"As much as I’d love to be emo… the other me has that covered so since I was forced to wear my old clothes again I guess I’ll go back to being punk until other me’s emo phase passes… Or until I die again… since that’s bound to happen again."

Jennifer Nicole Necowl


Full Name: Jennifer Nicole Necowl
Nickname(s): Jen, Jenny. 14, EnG, Nicole Lewis (Subtext: cause someother girl has my name already… *sigh*)
Codename: ELF (Energy. Loving. Female. (Subtext: Cause some other kid had my name already when I got here.))
Alias(es): N/A
Age:  20 (Mentaly) 15 (Physically)
Race: Bio Engineered Alien Humanoid
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color: When she runs out of energy her hair turns black, when she gets too much power flowing it turns all mostly blue and closing with black roots, and on the norm her hair is brown with blue glowing tips. Her gem powers when activated turns her hair by default read with black roots.
Eye Color: Brown non the norm, but turns blue when her emotions get too high, and when her powers are active. When the gem is active her eyes turn black on the norm iris wise, and red in the same situations her blue eyes would come out.
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110 lbs
Other Traits: Her canine teeth are long and sharp, she has a red diamond shaped gem stuck to her forehead, she had 1 foot long pointed ears that she can move at will and based on her emotions they move like your face would when you make facial expressions. She on top of that have 3 ear rings on both her ears spaced out between her bottom middle and tops of her ears.


Energy Blasts: Jenny can let off blasts from her eyes mouth hands and feet these can be on the surface 3 inch big balls of energy she shoots out, or beams the size of the body part she is using. These can do up to 5 tons of  concussive force. Though these attacks would need to be charged for  10 seconds before they can get this strong. If she constantly attacks for this whole time she can do no charge hits for 2 minutes straight while fully charged ones last for 30 seconds. In addition to this she is able to send out beams going up to 5 feet away from her body, these blasts being the same strength as all her other blasts.
- Boosted Attacks: Jenny can let off blasts from any real direction from her feet and hands. These blasts can be used to make deep dents in 2 inches of metal and can even be used to counter super strength attacks that are done by attackers who have the strength of 5 tons. Any weight/strength further then that then pushes over/past and she feels that. ((For example when blocking a 6 ton attack she would feel 1 ton out of it.))  She can do quick rapid hits with no charge that just make her punch and hit twice as hard as normal.
- Speed Increase: This ability allows her to run up to 75 mph by her sending out a blast through her feet as they leave the ground to push her forward faster. This can be done for 2 minutes straight when fully energized. Though if she does do this for too long in one go she will leave herself with overly sore legs that make it hard for her to run even normally for the next 2 days due to the fact that her body was not fully meant for such speeds for that long.

Energy Focus: Jenny can focus her energy in her body though right now this ability only stems out into 2 things. (Aka her main power for this will come later.)
- Healing: If she focuses purely on this power she can heal flesh wounds by hovering her hands over them and using up her energy to do so. She can heal minor cuts in 3 seconds, gashes that would need stitches in 15, stab wounds in 30 seconds, and anything bigger normally takes up a minute or longer and these ones normally leave her winded. if she heals 2 or more of these she will normally be too exhausted to really move and may even pass out.
- Flight: She right now due to her transportation cost she now struggles to fly the way she once could. She now needs to heavily focus on centering herself in order to be able to start to fly and while she flies she must heavily focus if she uses any of her powers when she uses even more than usual. She can fly up to 60 mph and for about 15 minutes only but she can still pick up to 200 pounds while she is flying.

- Master Hacker *
- Jenny can perform basic gymnastic skills (Handstands, the splits, flips, etc.) *
- Master balancing skills with motorcycles and driving motorcycles skills *
- Moderate hand to hand fighting skills and knows how to hold swords, staffs, daggers, and scythes in the proper manner but that's about it.
- Adept Leadership Skills
- She knows how to play guitar, violin and sing at professional levels
- Adept Skateboarding Skills

Physical Weaknesses
- Tell Sign: Her energy color will now show off to everyone how much energy she has left.
- Over use: Whenever she overuses a power she has she becomes very weak, light headed, and gets a major nosebleed she can continue to overuse her powers at this point risking her life but this would cause her to gain bleeding from the mouth, eyes, and ears. After she hits this point she either passes out or dies based on how long she was over using her powers determines how likely it is that she dies from it.

Mental Weaknesses
- Bugs: Jenny is terrified of bugs she reacts like any normal scared teen aged girl would.
- The Past: Having gone through so much pain in the past and dying so much some times comes back to her memory wise and distracts her and usually puts her in a bad and some times rash mood that could affect her fighting and interacting with others.
-Over Estimating: due to for so long being so advanced in her powers and skills jenny is used to being able to take on bigger situations than she can now leading her to accidentally running into situations she quickly realizes that she can't handle on her own on accident.

- Red Gem: When activated this changes her looks to give her more spiked out hair that is neon read when black roots and her eyes having a default black iris that turns red when her powers are active or when her emotions are more extreme. It also changes her  blue energy to neon red and changes her energy blasts from just concussive to concussive and a burning affect that burns like normal fire but it does not spread like fire and it will still work normally so her blasts will still last as long as they normally would.
- Costume: Her costume has some extra padding to adsorb light normal punches and short falls to make them hurt less. it has some armor on it that is the normal strength of steel. in addition her mask slightly alters her voice to make it more raspy and mature.
- Skateboard: just your standard skateboard but has a layer of steel in between 2 pieces of wood to help it from breaking easily.


Jenny tends to avoid getting too close to others now and days, and even some times tries to avoid too deep of friendships due to being scared of just losing them all again. She though some times has the tendency of letting loose some of her past due to bottling up so much of it. She can still be awkward at times like she could back when she was a teen but has majorly gotten better at that and can be pretty good at socializing if she actually wants to.

Jenny though enjoys trying to be on her own to do personal things or when relaxing but knows well on how to work with a team and what tends to work and doesn't. She after dying so much no longer really fears her own death but fears more of the death of others. She tends to expect to never be noticed for things she does so she usually assumes that no matter who sees her work or what she does other won't recognize it and she accepts it.  She sees searching for fame useless now and no longer really has any aspirations in life feeling like she may just die again before she can even reach any of them or enjoy the ones she gets to.

- Dragons that are dragons and not teen boys that are just part dragon.
- Knights
- Swords
- Skateboarding
- Music
- Making music
- Tattoos
- Video games
- Dancing
- Candy

- Dragons that are really just teen boys that are really just half dragons.
- Sour things
- When her ears are yanked
- Dating
- Getting shot
- Dying
- Coming back to life after dying

- Jenny is obsessed with Knights and Warriors
- Sword fighting
- Skateboarding
- Riding Motorcycles
- Listening and Dancing to Rock, punk, dark, and classical music
- She likes to play the guitar and sing


Family Members: Steven Necowl (Non Biological: Older brother)(dead) Pam Necowl (Caretaker: Mother))dead) Tim Necowl (Caretaker: Father)(dead) Malan'tai (Technical father/Owns the labs that created her) Others who were made in Malan'tai's labs (Technical Siblings)  Addison Lewis (Clone of herself)
Place of Origin: Wichita Texas
”Pre End Boot”:

Post End Boot: Shortly after her death by ODing on her own powers and being visited by 2 of her old friends she helped come back to life Jenny was forcefully brought back to life she being recruited to work with a select few others to take down a creature that was about to resurface from ancient times and if it did so well it was the stereotypical end of the world. So begrudgingly she helped fight it off and in order to make sure it stayed down and ensured the lives of the others Jenny had to sacrifice her own life once again, and due to them stopping it before it hit the main world once again the day was saved and no one knew of Jenny’s deeds.

About a year later Jenny was brought back again, the person how having done so getting repeatedly punched in the face before she listened to their ask in assistance to save their city from an up and coming villain team. Which she easily did. After this point she decided to get into and underground fighting ring. Which she got really good at fighting in, Over time she started to gain some fame and even a new love interest but once again…

All of it was taken from her the moment she got transported from her world and timeline to the one she is in now. Though It was then that she realized the worst had come… she was back in her old clothes… and was forced to endure puberty once again due to being stuck as a teen again. With the addition of figuring this out she found her old gem in tact and in her forehead again. Though this did not hold a soul this time thankfully but it did corrupt her powers or well gave her the ability to access her old corrupted powers once again.Though was a bit upset to find that they were not as advanced as they once had been and only functioned as a stat effect change and color change.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 5812
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Age : 22
Location : My bedroom where I spend most my time cause I have no life XP

RPG character
Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Lewis/Jennifer    Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:32 am

Ready for review.

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Beta-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Lewis/Jennifer    Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:43 pm

Also don't have a new sticker. But APPROVED

*Stamps APPROVED on your forehead*
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Lewis/Jennifer    

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Nicole Lewis/Jennifer
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