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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Kaden Bakugou

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PostSubject: Kaden Bakugou   Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:46 pm

"Out of the way, Extras!"

Kaden Bakugou



Full Name: Kaden Bakugou
Nickname(s): Kacchan
Codename: King Explosion Murder
Age: 16
Race: Meta Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185 lbs


Explosions - Kaden's meta gene turns his sweat into Nitroglycerin and gives him the ability to detonate it at will while feeling minimal impact from it. The way the explosion works is up to him. It can be sound, light, or impact. The upper limit of his impact explosions is 10 tons of force, and they go from a cone shape out of his palms up to 10 feet far and 5 feet wide.

Explosive Agility - Through practice and creative application of his ability, Kaden is able to move with inhuman speed. He uses smaller explosions through his hands to propel himself through the air. He can glide up to 80 miles per hour, and extensive practice at this speed has him able to react to things even at this speed. In addition, he can use this ability to redirect himself mid air and scale buildings, but he can't go higher than 60 feet in the air without facing too much risk.

Natural Fighting Instinct - Despite his age, Kaden has always been able to identify the weaknesses of his opponents. It's almost supernatural how his body naturally moves to use their weaknesses against them. In addition, he is well versed in many different fighting styles. Boxing, Judo, and Wrestling are his best.

-Competitive Boxer
-Competitive Wrestler
-Honor Student

Physical Weaknesses
Recoil - Though the impact on Kaden's body is minimized by his meta gene, it is not completely negated. The more he uses large blasts without his bracers, the more sore his arms become. After 3 of his strongest blasts, his arms will start moving slower due to fatigue.

Sweat - His power requires him to sweat. Against an enemy that uses cold, or in an environment that is particularly cold his power is weakened significantly. Depending on the temperature, his power can even be negated.

Mental Weaknesses
Hubris - Kaden is arrogant enough to believe that heroes never lose. He thinks that no matter what he can always win, and is likely to put himself against multiple foes at once.

Bloodthirsty - Though he never plans on actually killing anyone, Kaden finds it hard to be accepted by other heroes based on his personality. He loves to fight, and often makes threats that are not very heroic at all.

Hero Costume - This costume (as pictured above) has special bracers that absorb most of the recoil from his abilities. While in costume, it takes 5 times longer for him to start feeling sore from his abilities unless a clever enemy damages his bracers.


Kaden is loud and boisterous, though he is not as rash and uncaring as he comes off. He will protect the innocent or his allies if they're in danger, though he's likely to call them pathetic or weak as a result. Once his respect is earned, one will find a friend in the teen. Kaden is quick to tell people to do the things they want, and doesn't understand why people are shy or anxious since he's never had those issues in his life.

When he was younger, people flocked to Kaden because of his fearlessness and natural talent in seemingly everything he did. This fostered his superiority complex in a bad way. He grew up with people telling him he'd be great and that he had all these talents, and now he doesn't deal with failure well.


Needy people
Being underestimated
Half assing things

Kaden has always loved working out, which shows in his impressive physique.
Mountain climbing is one of his favorite pass time activities.


Family Members: Michelle Bakugou (Mother), Max Bakugou (Father)
Place of Origin: Metropolis
When people meet Kaden's family, they immediately see the resemblance between him and his mother. Not only does she have the same short and spiky hair that he has, but they have the same loud and obnoxious attitude as well. His dad, by comtrast is very calm and stays out of the mother son arguments whenever possible.

Growing up in Metropolis, there was no shortage of statues and memorials to heroes; especially Superman. Kaden grew up practically worshiping Superman. Every fight he was in, every threat he stopped, Kaden watched it all as a kid. When his meta gene developed, he was so unbelievably excited about it. He set out to become a hero that was just as strong as Superman, and has worked his entire life to get there.

One particular day, Kaden found himself in the middle of a Villain attack. Something that would be traumatic for anyone else served as his greatest motivator. Lobo had come to Metropolis to get the attention of Superman, and was destroying things. Kaden's mom was injured after shielding the boy from debris, and the crying 6 year old that was Kaden stood between Lobo and his unconscious mother. As impending doom approached the child, a hero swooped in to save the day as valiant as ever. Superman saved Kaden and had an epic fight with Lobo. This only served to make the boy way more obsessed with the hero.

Late nights watching the recording of that incident over and over fueled the boy to work every day to be the best hero he could be. When his family decided to move to California, though he was disappointed to be away from his hero, he never let it slow his ambition.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaden Bakugou   Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:12 pm

Have Fun and Go Ham, but not too ham....

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Kaden Bakugou
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