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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Kalen Dragnov

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God King Ferg
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RPG character
Name: Kalen Dragnov
Code Name: Wild Card
Villain or good guy?: Evil

PostSubject: Kalen Dragnov   Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:48 am

"You just can't leave me be"

Kalen Dragnov


Full Name: Kalen Dragnov
Nickname(s): Kal
Codename: Ammunition
Alias(es): Desmond Tiny
Age: 21
Race: Gadget Using Zydon
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156lbs
Other Traits:


-Technopath: As a true Elite, Kalen was born with his powers rather than being modified to develop them. He was born with the ability to manipulate and detect all technology around him in a 20 feet radius. Using his powers he is capable of deconstruction, reconstructing tech and manipulate tech around him so long as it has either an electronic or ferrous component.

  • Data Manipulation: Kalen is able to manipulate, create, store, and change any computerize sort of data. This allows the user to collect information through a terminal easily, hack computer systems, manipulate programs, or even falsify data. He is capable of manipulating data that a terminal has access to so long as the terminal is within 10 feet of him.

-Zydon Gauntlets: These gauntlets allows Kalen to fire sonic waves at his opponent. These are sound based energy blasts capable of denting steel with concussive force. It can also be used to emit sounds at specific frequencies in order to shatter inanimate objects such as glass.

-Zydon Shields: An attachment device to the gauntlet meant to protect the wearer from attacks of the physical kind. The user is surrounded in an energy bubble. Using these shields the user is able to protect themselves from a single 5 ton force of strike or 3 minutes of a constant 2 ton force before shattering.

-Levitation Belt: One of Kalen's creations it allows him to negate gravity acting on his body allowing him to fly at speeds of 100 mph at most

-Universal Translator: While Kalen knows most of the languages he has the translator for the few languages he doesn't know. It takes the sounds that creatures emit and translates the intention of said message to Kalen in a language he can understand.

-Capable of making different types of technology
-Capable of using all conventional weapons (except swords)
-Can speak most of the languages in the Zydon Galaxy and some of the languages on Earth
-Fast Learner
-Able to pilot a starship

Physical Weaknesses
Due to him not being experimented on by his race Kalen has a genetic defect that makes it so he cannot be near a charcoal without a breathing apparatus.

Kalen has low stamina, though he is naturally at peak human levels for everything, his stamina is low comparatively. He is more of a thinker than a fighter. 10 minutes of constant high intensity movement and he will be out of breath

Kalen has a small addiction to mangos hi-chews. he has to have one once every day. If not he will go into withdrawal.

Kalen isn't invincible though he will make tech to directly combat this he is just as susceptible to damage as any other being. He can be killed and can be mortally wounded by things that can hurt humans.

Mental Weaknesses
Kalen is very prideful about his Zydon heritage. So much so that he will be easily enraged when anyone steps on it. One cannot say he stops thinking but he is more persuaded toward the option that grants him instant gratification than something that will work in the long one.

Kalen likes to play with his enemies more than ending it. This causes some if not all of his matches to be long drawn out battles so he can enjoy watching his opponent squirm.

Kalen like all Zydon strive for perfection. While doing so he is willing to do whatever it takes in order to make himself better than he was the day before. Even going as far as to interrupt his plans mid happening in order to go straighten out his hair or something.

Kalen is also reliant on his weaponry. Without it he is more than your over-average human. He is quite aware that when it comes to superhuman standards he is unremarkable in the physical department. Due to this whenever he is unarmed, unless it is a part of his plan he will retreat and will only go into the melee if he has to.

Kalen can be considered a coward. As self-preservation is his main directive, he will quickly abandon any sort endeavor if he feels his life is in danger. Meaning if one wanted to stop him they just need endanger his livelihood.



Kalen likes to consider himself a military man. He tells others that his dream was to go into the army when he was younger. Due to this he considers his business his army, he is the kind of leader that likes to push his underlings to the near breaking part. His calm demeanor as he sends his underlings into near death situations with seemingly little preparation or remorse tends to reinforce gain negative response from his peers. Though due to Kalen's charisma many seem to love him instead of hate him. Unfortunately he is the type of person to completely abandon his underlings in a pit of wolves with nothing but a single knife if it meaning bringing a goal of his to fruition. Many who love him would disagree, thinking he is much better than that but Kalen would leave his underlings in a ditch to complete a mission, though he likes to put a bit more thought into it than that.

Kalen is the analytical type of man. He tends to analyze most things that he comes into contact with when he first comes into contact with it. Due to this Alistair is very skeptical when he comes to contact with new people. Not only that he is also the kind of person who will place very little trust in those he isn't FULLY familiar with. Meaning if he doesn't have a pretty good idea of what kind of person you are at first glance. He will suspicious of you for the entirety of the encounter.

Kalen also likes to analyze a situation before he enters it. Very rarely will he ever jump in the middle of battle guns blazing on a whim. He will analyze the situation seriously and scan everything before him before making a single move. Due to this he has one of the lowest injury ratio on squads that he leads (though most of the time its in a simulations). Kalen tries to make others relax their guard by being very boastful. He will constantly remind everyone about his accomplishments as if they would forget if he doesn't keep talking about it. Causing many to ignore him, mainly try to get away from him, or write him off as a proud man incapable of humility.

Though don't get him wrong, Kalen like many sociopaths can be very charismatic. He is able to win over a entire crowd the moment he chooses to. It all depends on his mood. Due to this those who met him have a hard time hating him, rather some are actually reluctant to harm him.

Kalen has a secret passion. He loves to build things with his hands, so one can find him at times creating something new. He even goes as far to have a workshop in his home where he develops new objects. He also loves to test them on his friends, Kalen is so attached to this passion of his he will become sour when pried away from his work prematurely.

Kalen has a lot of pride for his race. As a Zydon if anyone attempts to mess with his home or step on their name, they will feel his vengeance. Not only that he is a slight Sadist. He enjoys watching his enemies squirm under his boot when he breaks them in a battle of wits. So much so that he tends to prolong conflict so his enemies know from the deepest depths of their souls, why they don't mess with the Zydon.

Glory to the Zydon Regime
The Conquerors

Filling out forms
Clown Ninjas
Ninja Clowns
Clown Ninjas in space
Space with Clown Ninjas
Ninja clowns in space
Space with Ninja Clowns
Flying Clown Ninjas in space
Flying Ninja Clowns in space
Flying Ninja Clowns
The Ninja Clown Universe
The Clown Ninja Universe
.... You know what? Anything with the words clown and Ninja in the same idea
Idiots wearing pants
I think you get the idea....

Addicted to the Earth Candy Jawbreakers
Loves Ginger ale
Searching for other Zydon's outside of the Zydon home world


Family Members:Unknown
Place of Origin:Zydon Homeworld
Great men are born in times of great need. Kalen however was born in a time of great want. Born on the Zydon home world he was born with a defect, his cells were incapable of emitting energy. Though most would consider that a deformity, the Zydonians loved to abnormalities. They wanted to study his DNA. So he was transferred to one of the Zydon's research facilities for study off planet. His biological parents were incapable of following due to other arrangements.

So for a few years he lived at the research centers, where his abilities later flourished. It was during this time that he grew an interest in biology and robotics. Being the only thing around him as children were rare within the facility. Though that wasn't to say there weren't any. Kalen had a few friends, the brute Randolf, the quiet Elizabeth, and the almost feral Big. These 4 would later be the first members of the conquerors... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tragedy struck when the facility was destroyed. By who? No one knows. As far as Kalen knew, next thing he knew he was on a smoldering rock with his 3 friends. After months of roaming the planet they once called home Kalen was able to restore a ship to bring them back to Zydon. Upon returning Kalen and his friends would enter the Zydon military (as was the required for those 16 for a period of 3 years) and 3 years later form the Conquerors upon leaving.

The Conquerors basically worked with the Zydon Empire to obtain planets. They specialized in destabilization an infiltration. Though the methods usually changed depending on the planet. Usually Big or Randolf would ruin said plan and take over with brute force. Either way, one day as Kalen was returning to the Zydon his ship had entered an asteroid field and instead of being smashed into pieces he fell into a wormhole and crashed landed on earth.

Now that he crashed, he began working on a way to fix his ship so that he could return to Zydon.

«««Sample RP»»»
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}

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God King Ferg
Delta-class Metahuman
Delta-class Metahuman

Posts : 608
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RPG character
Name: Kalen Dragnov
Code Name: Wild Card
Villain or good guy?: Evil

PostSubject: Re: Kalen Dragnov   Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:09 pm

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RPG character
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PostSubject: Re: Kalen Dragnov   Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:40 pm

Techno path: just give me a bit of a description on how long it may take to build a few things just to get a good idea but the res to fit is fine to me.

Zydon Gauntlets:please explain the reload process here.

Zydon Shields: How long after shattering/ use can he use this again?
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PostSubject: Re: Kalen Dragnov   

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Kalen Dragnov
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