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 Oliva Dzhumagaliev

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Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Oliva Dzhumagaliev   Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:02 am

"Don't worry... I don't bite... I Rip and tear... then I bite several times which is also known as chewing."

Olivia Dzhumagaliev


Full Name: Olivia Dzhumagaliev
Nickname(s): Liv
Codename: Bones
Alias(es): The Skeleton
Age: 18
Race: Anti Spirit (Spiritual Being Of Sorts)
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey (Glowing Amber Yellow Irises And Her Whites Of Her Eyes Turn Black With Powers)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Other Traits: Has Several assorted scars that show up from both sides showing she had been impaled by a round objects all over her torso. Her canines and the tooth right beside all of her canines right before her molars are all super sharp and long. Her blood is black and her flesh including her tongue are all grey and shades of grey.


-Physiology -  This race is basically the incorrectly resurrected few of the race Spiritbloodline and is the equivalent to the spiritbloodline as zombies are to humans in terms of how they are seen and how certain parts of them work.

Power Looks: Based on the general power color of the individual people of the Anti Spirits, they are able to light up their hair and irises in a glowing fashion. Liv's color is Amber Yellow And Black. This can either be turned on by choice or out of the individual having high intense feelings.

Mild Pain: This race is unable to feel very minor forms of pain such as paper cuts small cuts from knives, flicks and slaps from average humans. anything past this they would feel the pain as very slightly less than they normally would but not much more.

Razor Sharp Teeth: Their teeth are razor sharp and can cut through wood decent well but are heavily mean to only be used to cut through average skin and flesh like butter.

Flesh: This race can eat things other than flesh normally but will gain nothing from it. This race also must be well fed on flesh to be able to heal normally (it gives no bonus to how quickly they heal) and get over being sick and other such things. They must eat the equivalent to flesh as they would normally eat in normal foods, which means some may need to eat a massive amount of flesh due to eating that much food normally while others only need to eat a little at a time.

- Bone Extraction: Oliva can extract her bones and  alter their shape and size as she does so. The bones though are always limited to staying at the same volume/total mass then originally were. For example, if they become thinner they can move the bone mass they lost somewhere else onto the blade though this means the longer they are the thinner and easier they are to break. Their average strength is that of a steel weapon but this goes down in areas based on any alterations made.

The bone removed to make the object is actually removed totally from the body at this point but can be put back in if unbroken. To remove the bone she must do so by making a big enough cut on the area she wants to remove the bone if it isn't big enough it will tear to make it big enough for the bone but would cause a large amount of pain to do so.

She then can will the bone to start to come out so there is enough of it out for her to pull out and can then pull it out. Before she pulls it out though is when she can alter its shape but this can not be done before nor after the bone is at this point.

-Bone Reforming: Oliva can reform and heal bone bones with little effort, typically reforming an entire bone that is the biggest int he body would take about 45 seconds, with the smaller the size the time goes down along with moving from reforming entire bones to fractures the time also goes down but the time will never go lower than 10 seconds.

Due to though her change in race she must not be hungry, if she is hungry before she attempts this she will not be able to heal properly and it will take twice as much time and the hungrier she is the longer it takes. Though the moment she eats her healing will go back to her normal speed. This is not a passive power and must be willed to be activated and work.  She though can not regenerate her skin after usign it to release her bones.

- Knows Russian
- Knows English
- Advanced Sewing Skills
- *Advanced Balancing Skills
- *Advanced Fighting Skills In Several Basic Melee Weapons
- *Advanced Limp Fighting Style Skills (Due to her tending t need to fight without certain bones at times she has trained in the ways of fighting by swinging around her limp limbs and body parts while till efficiently fighting.)

Physical Weaknesses
- Anti Quirks: If she doesn't eat enough flesh she will not be able to heal correctly. On top of this due to not being able to feel certain parts of pain she could accidentally touch something hot or cut herself and not notice it right away and make the injury worse.

- Bone Usage: Until she can heal her bones when she uses her powers she is stuck with out a bone in an area that could impair her over all deficiency in movement.

Mental Weaknesses
- Hungry: When she is hungry she starts to hallucinate and no longer can tell people apart other than seeing silhouettes of them and her brain will start to tone out what they are saying and replacing it with her own voice telling her to eat. Though if she focuses hard enough she can push back some of these affects and fight back the urge to eat. This can sometimes cause her to attack her allies.

- The Need: When she sees violence or blood or injures of any sort she tends to feel the need to pick them apart or to get violent without warning. This tends to get her in trouble a lot due to her just randomly attacking people though she has enough self restraint to  hold herself back with small things, when she is around others, and to not attack her allies.

- A Skeleton Flip Zippo Lighter

-Flip Knife

-A Needle And Thread For Makign Medical Stitches


Olivia is a rather relaxed individual on the surface that is, she is very calculative and usually is spending her time when she seems to be zoning out plotting her next 20 moves. She see many messed up things one shouldn't find fun let alone something someone should do as a relaxing sport. She is not one to give up easily, and sees her losses as ways to learn to become better at the things she does. She Though knows what she does is wrong and messed up...but simply does not care.

- Gore
- Humans... in a weird sense
- Violence
- Plotting out long elaborate things that mess with others for reasons that usually are hard to guess.
- Cigarettes

- The flavor of green apples
- That cigarettes are a big no no now and days
- People who don't like Milk and other things that build strong bones

- Muuuurder
- Kiiiiling
- Tooooorture
- and bowling


Family Members: No Close Relives Left Remaining
Place of Origin:The Spirit Bloodline Capital in Russia
Olivia was born in 1463 in the spirit bloodlines main capital in Russia where things for them were around the humans time of the 80s. She was born into a family that at the time was the the strongest in the bloodline due to many of them being able to extract bones from others outside of themselves, had crazy advanced healing, and even had the ability to summon forth massive skeletal monsters that were devastating in strength.

She very quickly rose into the ranks of a royal guard and was known to be one of the best of her era. She though spent her spare time breaking the top law of her people at the time and not only interacted with the human world in her usual attire but kidnapped, tortured, killed humans slowly depopulating many small villages and towns just for fun and from curiosity to see what the inside of a body looked like in person.

Though soon her family learned of this and took it upon themselves to  kill her in a brutal fashion. Now centimes later a member of her family inspired by the revival of a necowl girl chose to revive her in hopes that she would bring her family back to the top rank though failed to do it right and turned her into an anti. Deciding that she didn't like this nor him she killed him brutally and  ventured out into the human world to start plotting her next moves.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 5516
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PostSubject: Re: Oliva Dzhumagaliev   Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:24 am

Done, to make it easier on anyone who make have checked jenny, all of the physiology is the same as jenny's due to t being the same race.
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PostSubject: Re: Oliva Dzhumagaliev   Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:57 am

Looks good to me!

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PostSubject: Re: Oliva Dzhumagaliev   Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:28 am

I dun have a new stamp yet. But it's dangerous to go alone. Take this!

*stamps approved on your forehead*

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PostSubject: Re: Oliva Dzhumagaliev   

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Oliva Dzhumagaliev
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