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 En'deros (Done, finally back.)

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PostSubject: En'deros (Done, finally back.)   Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:38 am

"Your knives are gonna break if you keep hittin' me."




Full Name: En'deros
Nickname(s): En, Red, John Fixit
Codename: Red Scar
Age: 18
Race: Outsider - Alien
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Blonde?
Eye Color: Orange
Gender: Male
Height: Variable (6'0" to 7'1")
Weight: Variable (180 lbs to 400 lbs)
Other Traits:  As a member of the Deviant Kri'eel clan, En's skin is carries similar properties visible properties to that of metal (as in shiny/reflective). Giving it an unusual shine and glow as though he were radiating and energy. His eyes are also a luminescent orange.


Kri'eel Transformation - Born into the mess of an inhospitable, war-ravaged planet with an acidic atmosphere that would kill off what would be the weak of their newborn within the first few hours. The Kri'eel are a warrior race with skin made of rare, organic stone as though they had been carved from the very side of a mountain. A race that has torn apart their planet during times of war. The young Kri'eel warriors undergo a drastic transformation turning ordinary male and female Kri'eel into energy-manipulating warriors! Granting them access to specific inborn abilities.

In rarer cases though, using up maybe up to 5% of the entire population, in En'deros case in particular, his transformation resulted in a Kri'eel who was originally gray or blue skin to become crimson red, as though their granite bodies had become that of a red metal or crystal. These few red warriors lack the necessary "Finesse" to attack or create energy attacks, but after undergoing a quick metamorphosis, their physical abilities increase dramatically at the expense of the ability to fly or make use of energy in the same way, the stress put upon their mind by the change altering their emotions to make them more unstable, or more peaceful. ((Writing up racial notes))

The metamorphosis in En's case causes a rapid buildup of an alien protein complex within his muscles, as well as an increase to a hormone in the thyroid gland that stimulates an increase of bone and muscle growth. The increase in height and weight changes between one form and the other, and with it comes a considerable increase to durability. This new physical state coming with it's own weaknesses as well, such as an increased daily calorie requirement (double that of a human male's average.), an inability to survive in cold environments without the proper equipment (something that would result in his body entering a state that is fairly close to hibernation), and a comically low resistance to alcoholic beverages and human narcotics (without the horrible side effects... Like skin and teeth loss.)

  • Superhuman Leaping: (50 vertically, 75 feet horizontally) To put something into perspective, En cannot fly, but using his highly developed leg muscles he can leap great distances. During his first few days on earth, En was able to leap up and onto the roof of a five story building (fifty feet) and over a distance of seventy five feet. The speed of which he moves while jumping is approximately 45 miles per hour. Using the same method to leap up vertically he can, using his strength, jump again, going up with enough force to keep rising up the taller buildings.

  • Energy Sensory: En, while not fortunate enough to have evolved into an energy manipulator, still obtained a trait that is unusual even among those that can manipulate energy within his species. The ability to sense life energy, something that did in fact prove very useful during the Krell and Kri’eel war. En can sense the physical strength and strength of abilities that others possess on a one to six scale. He can sense someone’s ‘strength’ within a 15 foot radius.
    Example of the ‘feeling’:

Superhuman Strength En has been gifted with a considerable level of superhuman strength. En's physical strength is sufficient enough to enable him to lift and throw objects as heavy as a big rig semi-truck with ease, and shows enough restraint to pull his punches and kicks unless fighting someone or something of similar or greater durability to prevent any casualties. He has demonstrated the ability to cut down thick trees using only his hands, and smash through wood, stone and metal with ease. Even create large craters by slamming his fist into the ground. While not necessarily on the level of a fully blown kryptonian, En is capable of lifting upwards of 10 tons.[/b]

Superhuman Durability: En'deros is a physical powerhouse, and he's just as durable as he is strong. In addition to his physical strength, En'deros body, as though carved from a gigantic, organic ruby-colored slab of metal, is resistant if not entirely immune to conventional injuries. Under some circumstances En has been shown to be resistant or immune to different forms and levels of lacerations, blunt force, trauma, elemental bombardment of energy, falls from great heights, explosions, and even temperatures that would no doubt vaporize an ordinary man. He's Withstood being blasted with horrendous amounts of energy and force, blows from "Class 10" threats (10 tons), even being sent through a series of steel walls without suffering little discomfort.

While this is all good and nice, as En'deros seems to be 'virtually indestructible', there are some things that can harm him that he doesn't even begin to think of, things his planet doesn't have. there are of course some kinks in his physiology. His durability only extends to physical mediums, and things his body has come into contact with before on his home planet. Physical mediums meaning "if it's visible, and it's 'natural (sort of)'" whether that be nuclear radiation, a kick to the head, or even of an unusual alloy, he'll come off as though he didn't even notice it hitting him. Hell, even blasts of telekinetic power seem to make him laugh, but when it comes to elements foreign to his planet, such as magic, he's in for some hurt. Enchanted weapons show to be effective against him, an enchanted sword for example possesses the necessary power to pierce his skin even if swung by an ordinary man. As for foreign materials... Well, alcohol for one. Shake a beer can up and spray him with it you might as well have tossed holy water onto a demon or a vampire, the stuff physically burns him.

All together, En'deros can withstand anything up to 10 tons of force or the equivalent of different radiations and energy blasts, but after being hit two or three times by someone, you'll start wearing him down.

- Exceptional Hand to Hand Combatant
- Exceptional Pilot
- Skilled Tactician

Physical Weaknesses

  • Alcohol: Despite their strong bodies and high durability, A Kri'eel cannot, under any circumstances, hold their liquor. A Kri'eel's body is unable to process the acetaldehyde (Ethanal, a material toxic to the cells. It is the primary cause of most of the symptoms commonly called a "hangover", including vomiting, passing out, loss of memory function, etcetera.) portion of the liver's alcohol detoxification process. Their livers are unable to get rid of the ethanal as soon as it's formed, and as a result an excess build of liquor in their systems immediately makes them more sluggish, and in some cases, simply blackout. This makes a Kri'eel such as En very easy to knock out. It should be noted that doing this doesn't apply the effects of alcohol poisoning. While this is no way will kill him, it will cause him to become disoriented before falling into a comatose state for a day or two. On top of this though, his body cannot withstand alcohol in general, like a vampire or a demon when introduced to holy water. The stuff gives him a nasty burn.

  • Magic: Something completely foreign to a world of brutes and scientists. Magic is effective against him for one reason and one reason only, he's never come into contact with it before, his people haven't been bombarded with 'spells and incantations', but radiation and toxic materials. Magical weapons and spells effect him normally and bypass his body's natural durability.

  • Increased Calorie Requirement: En requires a daily count of a minimum of 5000 calories a day in order to function. While his body will not suffer any negative side effects to this, his mind will generally degrade over time without sustenance.

  • Extreme Cold: En’s body deals with high temperatures extremely well, however when it comes to the cold he literally begins to slow down. His body, akin to a virus, slows down and renders the use of his energy inert.

  • Extreme Cold: En’s body deals with high temperatures extremely well, however when it comes to the cold he literally begins to slow down. His body, akin to a virus, slows down and renders the use of his energy inert.

Mental Weaknesses

  • One-track mind: En’deros has a mind that is set on doing the first thing that comes to mind, and nothing can dissuade him from doing so. If he says he is going to “Hit that tree.” he is going to hit that tree, even if someone starts yelling “Don’t hit that tree!”

  • Hot Headed: En tends to be very hot-headed both outside of battle.

-Armor: En’s only piece of equipment is his battle armor, which is composed of Be’kharr. A unique black rubber composite material that mimics the density of Iron while retaining the elasticity and viscosity of rubber. While originally developed by the Krell for a wide range of uses ranging from bullets to ballistic shields, the Kri’eel used the resistant iron-like rubber to take the form of an armor that, by earth standards, would resemble an hyper-elastic spandex that stretches and grows to fit the body type of the wearer, snapping back into place like a rubber band on someone’s wrist. The armor the Kri’eel craft from this are like a stretchy spandex suit that bends and stretches to fit any body type and build, all the while exerting an immense durability as it hardens when struck.

-Image Enhancer: A simple device that disguises En'deros body to make him appear more human during his downtime. Changing his skin to that of the 'average caucasian male', and his eyes to an ordinary shade of blue. Though... This doesn't exactly stop him from dressing and looking like an Alien, or at the very least a cloaked cosplayer.

-Universal Translator: The ship En came to earth in provided him with a localized translator of the primary dialect of the continent he was on. This translator functions as a facility that translates and converts any language, spoken or written, human or alien in origin. Enabling him to read, speak, and write in virtually every language this device comes across. If he sees english or hears english, the device converts it to his language instantaneously, and visa versa should he try and speak his own.

-Kri'eel axe: To avoid overusing his strength, En uses a single crude, but ridiculously dense and sharp Kri'eel war axe that he fashioned out of the remains of the ship he arrived on. Never once leaving whatever home he's in without it. The axe is durable enough to be used by En at full force without bending or breaking.


En is a pure-blooded Kri’eel warrior of the Deviant clan, and even at a young age he was emulating the war-like qualities of the Kri'eel people. He is frequently depicted as aggressive with an explosive temper, but at the same time very self-restrained, a quality that is uncommon among his race. While the majority of his race enjoyed conflict over peace, preferring war over diplomatic discussions, En deals with his love of fighting and conflict in a much healthier way than the barbaric slaughter of criminals and heroes alike, rather directing it towards those who do wrong.

He has often displayed some noble traits that would be uncommon among someone as aggressive as him, things likely associated with his first interactions with humans and what he’s heard of ‘heroes’. He shows care over the well being of those weaker than him, or the injured never once hesitating to lift someone off their butt or out of a wall after being punched into one. Knowing all too well that a human is very much like 'cardboard' to him, he frequently holds back in fights to prevent serious or life threatening injuries, breaking bones. He lacks the characteristic ruthlessness of his race, and has only killed during times of war or when it is absolutely necessary (on earth it’s never necessary.), and even then his father usually delivered the final blow, such as when he was still a little boy (The Krell would eventually to try and kill the Kri'eel anyways... Or inadvertently cause their demise by refusing to help them.)

En isn't as notably arrogant in his abilities as his father was, although he does have a tendency to be far too relaxed while fighting, never once getting too excited during a fight with a human unless they actually manage to physically harm him. When such a thing happens (as the writer expects it will), he becomes very happy and immediately tries to test them to see if they're able to defend themselves long enough. It would be fair to say that if En were a human child on christmas, the only thing he would ask for is a challenge.

Despite his self-restraint and his 'healthy' alternative to brutally slaughtering things, En can often forget that the environment around him isn't as durable as he could hope. He'll often forget that everything around him might as well be cardboard unless it's a five foot thick steel wall. En will always forget about to hold back against the environment around him.

- Fighting
- Any animal that can qualify as a Pet
- Humans
- Warm Clothing
- American Cartoons
- Superheroes
- Heaters, Radiators, and water heaters
- Warm Drinks (Hot Cocoa, coffee, etcetera)

- Cowards
- Milk
- Clowns.
- Metaphors
- Video Games
- The letter K.
- Writing
- Monkeys
- Water

- Boxing
- He unintentionally breaks things while stressed and or aggravated


Family Members: Il’daros (Father- Deviant Kri'eel, fate unknown), Lo’daros (Mother - Deceased)
Place of Origin: En’doril, Kre'il
It all begins with the two races of Planet Kre'il, the Kri'eel and the Krell. The Krell were a race small in stature that is native to the planet. What the Krell lacked physical strength and toughness they more than made up for what they lacked with intelligence, mechanical ingenuity and advanced technology, by contrast the Kri'eel were of average height by comparison to a human being on earth, but much stronger and far too brutal for civilization. With their advanced technology and high levels of intelligence, the Krell used their larger, more powerful cousins as laborers, treating the species as slaves to make their own lives easier in the massive city of En’doril while the Kri’eel struggled to survive in the desert and rocky outcrops to the east.

A Krell’s life was a peaceful one, up until one of the laborers, En’deros father, Li’daros, a deviant mutant of the Kri’eel species with luminescent red skin saw how much the Krell thrived while his species struggled and fought over the next piece of meat that came into their hungry desert villages. When Li’daros told his village elders of how much the Krell gained off of the Kri’eel’s suffering, and they took offense too it.

The Kri’eel grew more vicious the more they realized how little they had gained for the work they had done, they trusted the Krell less and less and by the time their more civilized cousins came with another ship to transport more men for the mining force, in a moments notice they were slaughtered. Over time many of the members of the Krell embassy were taken by surprise and brutally slaughtered as to send the message that their tinier cousins were no longer welcome in the desert any longer to take their people to supply the city with new resources.

The small number of Krell casualties grew to organized attacks upon En’Doril, and then at the whim of the red-skinned deviant, Li’Daros, declared an all out war upon the krell. Taking whatever able-bodied fighter, even En'deros, who was 16 at the time, stormed the gates of En’doril to raid and assist his father with physically dismembering the Krell’s armed military. The Kri’eel were giants compared to the Krell, but due to the latter’s technology they managed to hold the upper hand for weeks. The casualties suffered on both sides soon evened out as  each time the Krell retreating behind bigger and larger walls before the remaining survivors of the Krell boarded their warship, The Watcher.

The greatest scientists of the Krell would begin to put their minds together to try and create something to neutralize the Kri’eel threat once and for all.

As the Krell ships loomed over the planet during the final battle, preparing to systematically kill the other residents of their planet with a virus, forgetting to include several factors like a deviant genotype. Just so they they could build over the Kri’eel villages (and their corpses), afterwards. En and his father would be given the honors of taking down the “watcher”, or as the elders called it, a giant metal Cuckopo (Large Bird.).  Gleefully accepting the offer, the red-skinned deviant pair would zoom up into the sky to make the last attack and take down the airship once and for all. Believing that they would be able to thwart their tyrannical dwarfish cousins without any more casualties on their side of the war. When the red-skinned deviants of the species were seen, the Krell military armed their men and and released the Krell Virus into the atmosphere.

With En and his father’s approach, the Krell ordered his army to release the unfinished virus into the air in hopes that the pair, along with the remaining Kri’eel would die. When the side of the ship opened what little remained of the Krell's armed soldiers released the Krell Virus into the atmosphere.

After killing what soldiers were visible on the side of the warship, En and Li would make it to the top of the ship, the cockpit where the Krell emperor rested, only to call the old fool out of hiding for a final confrontation. The moment the insignificant old fool appeared the air itself turned to poison for any and all of the Kri’eel, with the exception of the 25 members of the “Deviant Clan” (Bright red skin, includes Li’daros and En’deros). As the old fool began to laugh as the blue skinned Kri’eel began to drop like flies on a bug-zapper,  only stopping to find the two warriors staring the man down with a puzzled look upon their faces. After seeing that not even the weakling En’deros fail to perish, the old man in his hover-chair began to quiver with fear.

After realizing that all hope was lost for the Krell, the king attempted to order the pilots of the ship to draw him back in and fly off planet, moments after the king frantically cried to be pulled back into the warship, afinal flash of red light was fired. En’s father launched a massive, sun-like energy ball towards the ship causing a chain of explosions that brought the warship crashing down upon the desert that had proven to be a harsh and cruel home for the Kri’eel. Taking a look at the work they had wrought, the complete and total genocide of an enemy race, and a lavished city to call home, En and his Father would laugh not realizing the casualties on their own side of the war. Not yet realizing what the foolish Krell had released into the air. Let alone how what they had released had begun to cull the afflicted members of their species, how it affected what they hunted and gathered.

By the time En and his father had returned to the surface, they would find that many of their kin had perished, leaving only the red-skinned warriors to stand in the ruins of the city. There were no more than a total of twenty five Kri’eel left, each one grieving over the loss of their families. An insult to their injury, the incomplete virus had killed all wildlife with the exclusion of the wild plant life and avian kind that thrived in the irradiated deserts, such as the man-eating Cacti and the Cuckoko (birds).

With what little they had left, barely any animals to hunt to feed themselves, only many artificial foods that the Krell had manufactured that would barely sustain them for a month, Li'daros would make the decision that their best bet would be to send their youngest off world with the necessary equipment to survive on other worlds.

Li’daros took the twelve youngest of the Deviant clan  people to the center of En’doril where the many space pods of the Krell sat. Adorning themselves with Kri’eel battle armor before the children and teens took their seats in their individual space pods before saying their goodbyes and launching off in different directions of the universe.

Not knowing or caring where they went, so long as it was a habitable landscape with an intelligent species they could integrate into, the Kri’eel scattered themselves across the universe.

En’s pod would make it’s way to an unusual planet that had blue skies that was far more beautiful than the red and yellow polluted clouds that blocked the stars above. When he landed in Pennsylvania, En would see something he had not seen in the night sky in many years, stars. Unsure of what to make of this new world, En would make use of the technology in the pod he sat in to spy on the surrounding sentient entities in the environment before judging the threat level.

It took days to for the ship to decipher the language that were picked up over the radio transmissions, using what it caught up on to create a personalized translator for En to wear. One thing would become apparent most of all over the transmissions that were picked up by the ship, nearly every bit of news En heard were about heroes or villains with the occasional traffic update and weather report, but more importantly about superheroes.

Remembering his mission clearly, En’ would come to the conclusion that the easiest way for the Human race to accept him would be to use his abilities to do as the heroes did, although he would do so in his own way. Listening to the broadcast one last time, En would pick up on one other bit of information, the crime rates of different locations on the earth. Jump city, Gotham, Metropolis, Star City, and so on.

En would pick the city that sounded like it would be the most interesting to run off to, and, after violently destroying every component of the Krell ship he had landed in other than the translator, and fly off to Jump City without a second thought.

«««Sample RP»»»
(Haven't done much in the way of Roleplaying in a long while. Hope this works.)

En would take a deep breath in and open up his eyes, The feeling was unbearable, not that he had been snuck up on, it was unbearably underwhelming. He could barely sense their energy, the armed men that had barged into his room barely registered enough of a reading for him to notice them. So weak that he could barely notice them the moment they came into his expensive hotel room. "OK. Wow. You guy's cant even move a fridge a few feet without throwing out your backs, can you? Get out of my room."

Even with his vision blurred he could feel how many people were in his immediate vicinity, and the moment his vision finally cleared as the rest of his senses came to, En would hear a loud click at the side of his head as he lay there on the hotel bed. “Oh. You have guns… Huh.” Maybe this would be a challenge, maybe they were actually well trained and carried a high enough caliber gun or a weapon that it would actually be able to hurt hi-... Oh. Oh no… They had pea-shooters. Tiny guns that fired quickly but didn’t carry the 12000 pound punch that he needed to even be harmed seriously.

Are you Endie-ril?” From the attire and what they were carrying for defense painted the simple image in En’s head that they were not the most organized group of armed killers. They didn’t even get his name right. Let alone actual killers, usually someone would think twice about paying that extra 400 dollars on a a relatively impressive weapon. “The kid’s got red skin and funny eyes, just pull the trigger and be done with it.

Our boss found that little trail of destroyed technology you left behind. That little round thing you blew, that pod thing is useless, the technology in it was very valuable and would’a made the boss very hap-” En would cut the man off then and there the moment he brought up the ‘destroyed ship’ he had arrived in. “ You have disturbed my from my slumber…” En would lean up from his place in bed, the expression on his face slowly turning more and more agitated as the masked goons around him kept flapping their jaws and communicating in their annoying language.

" You’ve been supplied with inadequate weapons that won't leave any substantial damage upon me. You are still wasting my time. Your energies do not resonate as mine does… You and your goons are too weak to stand up to me, even now as I am just waking up. Those toys are too much for you, I command you to give them to me!" If the other guests in the Hotel weren’t awake yet, they were now.

He wasn’t going to try and negotiate with a group of hooligans, not kill them either. Physical dismemberment sounded pretty good though, cauterize whatever stump is left behind with a blast of energy and be done with it after dropping them off in a medical facility. “It’s getting angry! Pull the trigger Franky!" Just as the man began to holler at his comrade, En placed his right hand on the small handgun that was being held up against his head and squeezed. Just as En did that, the gunman pulled the trigger of the handgun. When the hammer snapped forward and the pin strikes the primer, the explosion that should have caused the bullet to propel forward caused the back of the gun to explode, as the barrel had been crushed under his grip. “You have… Three minutes to to give me the guns and leave. Do so now  and you will leave this room alive... Mostly.”

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Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: En'deros (Done, finally back.)   Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:15 pm

All I really need from you is for you to list off a bit, in his durability, what all can efficiently hurt him. Other than that you made a very out standing app and I can't wait to pester you for threads to do together.
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PostSubject: Re: En'deros (Done, finally back.)   Yesterday at 9:06 am

Edited. I did a do.
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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 5470
Join date : 2012-02-23
Age : 20
Location : My bedroom where I spend most my time cause I have no life XP

RPG character
Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
Code Name: Fire Spitter (But that's only in other worlds.... for now 0 u 0)
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PostSubject: Re: En'deros (Done, finally back.)   Yesterday at 12:30 pm

Welcome aboard, once one more staff member approves you you'll be able to rp on the boards.

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PostSubject: Re: En'deros (Done, finally back.)   

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En'deros (Done, finally back.)
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