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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 To Live With An Anti Soul (Solo) [MLI/EG]

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PostSubject: To Live With An Anti Soul (Solo) [MLI/EG]   Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:53 am

((OOC: Warning, this story will contain graphically depicted gore and violent scenes with moderate profanity. If you do not wish to read these sort of things I would suggest that you do not read this story.))

“Today is my birthday”
“Stop! You can’t take her damn it-”

Addison ran after a teen boy who shot her through the heart as she whipped around holding a very well decomposed corpse in a dirty mangled black dress over his shoulder. “I do what I want….” Tears fell from Addison’s face then as she fell to the ground limp and the man walked off with the body. Soon he arrived at a dance club that was built over the rubble of a run down church young teens crowding around as he smiled brightly. “Today my friends! Is my wedding day! Now… Who's ready to meet my wife?!”

The crowd crowd cheered excitedly chanting “Bring her back!” over and over as he casted a spell reforming the decaying flesh on the corpse to be fully healthy while rapidly aging the corpse a bit. Then suddenly the corpse shot up… the corpse of Jennifer Necowl. Her eyes were wide in shock her irises grey. She quickly hung over the side of the coffin and started hacking making the crowd go silent in confusion before she hacked up many insects and larva along with some black blood the crowd looking disgusted. She panted and shivered clearly grossed out as she saw the creatures but the teen boy grinned and walked over to her none the less and gently moved her face to look up to him.

“Hello my dear… I brought you back from the dead, fixed you, and even granted you with the ability to speak english so you can understand me… ANd now my love… you will be my wife…” He leaned down then kissing her deeply as her eyes went cold memories flashing back to her rapidly. She narrowed her eyes and started to kiss back making the crowd cheer before it turned to screams of horror as she grabbed the sides of his head and bit off his bottom lip in one sudden jerk as she gripped his chin and the back of his head and snapped his neck letting him drop to the ground.

She swallowed the flesh without thinking and looked to the crowd blood running down the bottom of her mouth down and off her chin as she climbed out of the coffin she had been placed in while the teens all scattered in fear. Jenny looking now down to the body coldly said. ”Sorry… but my type are not necromancers that marry on the first date…” she said taking off her high heels and walking bare foot down the stairs. ”Or male…”

She kept walking heading out before freezing seeing her passing reflection in the mirror and walked up to it in shock her eyes growing wider as she gently touched her face with her now shaking hands. She was so much older now… her eyes… her scars...she looks do much different now...Now clenching her face her eyes narrowed as tears rolled down her cheeks before she whipped over to the dead body and screamed out. ”What did you do to me!?”

Baring her sharp teeth her irises turning brightly light blue and her whites turning black. After a long while she finally left the church the sun was starting to come up making her hold her hand up to help shield her eyes a bit as she stumbled across some rocks looking towards a city off into the distance. After her eyes adjusted she lowered her hands and squinted a bit as she looked at the city that she was now nearing and looked around dumbfounded and confused she soon making her way into a gas station the cashier and a man in the aisles looking over to her confused as to why she had blood on her face and was covered in dirt from head to toe now. She patted along her body to find no wallet and cursed a bit under her breath muttering.

”Totally should have took his wallet….” She said as she open and closed her mouth a bit and scrunched up her nose a bit. ”Cotton mouth to the extreme... “ She muttered as the man behind the counter spoke up. “M-Mam? Are you okay…? Are you lost?” She looked up and over to him nodding she moving out of her Japanese to english speaking with a decent level Japanese accent. ”Not really… Technically better than what I was… but not really okay yet no… and yeah actually...I have no idea where I am… or the date…”

She said walking up to the counter as the man offered her a bottle of orange juice which she gratefully took an started to drink. “Well it's July 29th 2017 and you’re in Steel City California” She blinked hearing this realizing how long she had been gone and where she was now. “Do you need our phone to call anyone?” She shook her head… she didn't know who to call at this point.. Or if she should call someone ”N-no… I’m fine thanks… I really appreciate the help….” She said rather distracted before she left drinking her orange juice.

She wandered around a bit before making her way up to a library, she needed to get to a computer and- “Mam… I’m sorry but you can’t come in here bare footed….” A woman who apparently worked at the library said as she was opening the doors of the library to open it up. She seemingly scared of Jenny’s appearance. She very likely didn't really care if she had no shoes on or not, she probably just didn’t want her coming in…”Oh… I see… Sorry…” She said as she left and listened to the woman sighing in relief.

Her eyebrow twitched hearing her sigh but kept on walking. She started to walk into the more shady part of town and cleared her throat trying to sound worried. ”Man I can't believe I got lost on my way home Daddy is going to be so worried about me if i don't get home soon. Maybe I can find a way to the main streets this way.” She said going into an alleyway as 2 men grinned and followed after.

They started to close in but she then whipped around and threw her now empty bottle of orange juice at one's face making him stumble back as the thick glass smashed into his nose The other one looked from his friend to her with narrowed eyes just in time to get grabbed by the top of his scalp and be yanked down into a knee that rammed into his face over and over again as he was slammed. His bloody face now meeting the wall several times until he blacked out blood now soaking his face as she threw him to the ground and kicked his friend in the face as she jumped up at him and sent out an energy blast shattering his nose and made him fall backwards onto the ground before he could even think to glare at her and likely attack.

She lowered her leg and looked down at them as her irises turned light blue and her whites of her eyes turning black as her heart rate picked up her eyes fixating on the blood on them as her mouth slowly opened as her eyes glossed over in hunger. She started to kneel down to their faces opening her mouth further her stomach growling like crazy. She through covered her mouth and pulled herself back falling on her butt. [color=blue]”No….”[color] The legends were true…

She had been brought back improperly and placed into her body wrong… her eyes… Her fingers running over her sharp teeth… Tears rolling down her cheeks as she slowly pulled her fingers over her chin from her mouth and through the blood on it. She was an anti spirit… It all made sense now… She looked down to her fingers that were covered in blood now and slowly brought them to her mouth and licked them her eyes slowly trailing back to the man’s face that she had beaten in so badly.

She shot down then moving on top of him and violently tore into him with her teeth eating from his body that quickly bleed everywhere before pulling her head back and let her head hang with her face to the sky as she panted her eyes turning back to normal her iries going back to grey again. ”.....God that librarian is gonna really ****ing creeped out now…” She muttered before wiping her mouth and bottom of her nose off on her arm leaving only minor smears behind.

She then moved down to his feet and held her foot close to his then to his friends before pulling his friends boots off and pulled the over sized boots onto her feet before stepping over the growing puddle of blood and made her way back to the library. As she walked in the librarian looked back to her like she was about to have a heart attack from fear. Her expression stayed the same but got a tinge of confused as Jenny gave her a lazy thumbs up and walked over to the computers.

She sat down at the computer and started to type away accessing her bank account to see its status making her eyebrow twitch to see it at zero her money must have gone to her sister’s account. She would have to contact her soon but for now she needed cash. She made a new account having into a local bank and transferred a very large sum of money over to it that had been her’s prior and excited out after covering her tracks. She got up and left the library waving to the librarian on the way out the woman only looking further scared and confused… if only she knew half of what Jenny had been through she would likely **** her pants.

She thought with a small smirk before it faded and gently held her eye felling along the skin that should be scared that had been cut into over and over with an exacto knife and healed back up right after… The skin felt too perfect for her… way too perfect… Some time later Jenny made it to a clothing store after making a pit stop at an atm and started to look through the clothes and bought a decent amount of them before making her way over to a motel while ignoring all the stares she got. She walked up to the motel manager both staring boredly at each other for a long while before he traded off some cash for a motel room key.

Taking it she walked off ”Nice man…” She made her way into the room and locked the door behind her and tossed her bag of clothes on the bed watching as a few rats scurried from the underside of the bed. ”... Why do I feel like I should be grossed out by this….?” She deciding to push this off started to undress but paused looking at herself in the mirror seeing the massive scar on her chest. She thinking back to that night and how her body went tense as her body felt the blade enter from behind her.

How her eyes had grown wide as she slowly looked down to see the blade sticking out of her chest before things felt like they moved at a fast pace afterward feeling the blood drain from her body… Of course that scar had to stay… Narrowing her eyes she ignored it and went into the shower cleaning herself off. Soon later she came out and got dressed again buttoning up her new black dress shirt as high as it could go and tired her striped tie. After she finished getting dressed she looked at herself in the mirror again.

She looked similar to had she did before she could tell it was still her face but.. It felt so foreign… and her outfit… a bit too clean cut… She grabbed the left sleeve of her dress shirt and tore it off and tossed the sleeve into the trash before looking back forward again at the foreign face. ”(I am Jennifer Nicole Necowl… I… am Jennifer Nicole Necowl… I AM... )” She started in Japanese her eyes getting watery as her eyes started to change again she shaking her head hearing how different her voice truly sounded now. ”I’m not who I was anymore…. I’m… I shouldn’t be alive…”


“Today was my birthday..”
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To Live With An Anti Soul (Solo) [MLI/EG]
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