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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 The Arrival (Open)

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PostSubject: The Arrival (Open)   Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:59 am

A girl claps her hands at a slow pace before bobbing her head and put one hand on her hip and pointed her finger forward taking a step forward then swapped out her hands and took a step back before raising her hand into the air and twirled in a circle stomping her feet before doing the running man and flopping her hair around with her eyes closed.

She then hopped  standing straight up with her legs together and stood on her tippy toes with her fists rose up into the air above her head while she smiled brightly and a small crowd of people stared at her confused as she stood outside of an ice cream stand. “.....” The man behind the stand stared at her confused holding an ice cream cone in his hand before blinking when she looked to him ”Oh it’s ready! Thank you sir!”

She shouted in his face with a thick russian accent before handing him some money and took the ice cream before skipping down the sidewalk in a zigzag pattern while pulling out her phone and stopped at the red hand that showed on the sign in front of her and hopped in place jutting out her hip to one side then the other while reading her text. ‘Okay kid your message was put up you do realize that anyone can see it and you may have some unsavory types hunting you down too now right?”

She then smirked and took a massive bit out of her ice cream cone texting back ‘Yep 8D’ ‘.....’ ‘8D’ ‘Whatever i guess good luck kid’ ‘Thaaaaaaaaaaannxxxxxxxxsssaaaah 8DD!!~!’ Pleased with her reply she  put her phone away and side shuffled across the crosswalk as the  sign turned into a walking man. She had sent up a message for anyone to see that basically said hey I’m in just city here's the exact address come find me.

She finished her ice cream and gripped a action figure in her pocket looking down to it before looking up as her outfit totally changed into her hero costume that also removed her piercings and hair tie. She then turned on her speaker that she had attacked to her belt on her lower back area and turned on a sound blaring it out and looked at it for a moment seeing the sound waves that came off it before letting the vibrations fade and looked up grinning under her mouth mask.

She then ran forward in a full sprint to an alleyway and hopped back and forth between objects and the walls to get up to the roofs shouting out “Waaaahooooo!” and ran across the roofs  leaping from roof to roof on the street and dancing goofily every chance she got while on a roof commencing her waiting game.

((OOC: The message sent out: http://ttrpg.forumotion.com/t6491-heroes-of-today#101124
The song playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY4Rd_y4bws
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival (Open)   Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:52 am

(ooc: I was going to make a whole new thread, but I saw this one hadn't been replied to and reworked mine to fit. As nobody else replied to this and it's been several days, I'm working on the assumption that no one was going to do so and therefore Frequency would have eventually left - though the Knight does reveal himself just before that actually happens. This is still Energy’s thread and therefore still open at her discretion - it's entirely possible that others may show up late for one reason or another.)

There exists another world behind our own. Hidden beneath the mundane of everyday life and the simplicity of the struggle between heroes and villains lies a world of shadow and horror. Where morality has been abandoned for the sake of progress. In a cruel twist of irony, it is a world of true equality, where everyone of every race, creed, religion, age and gender are seen as the exact same thing: raw materials. Nothing more than pieces and parts to be used as the puppet masters see fit. The world is locked in a secret war that it has no idea it has been fighting. Some groups are faring better than others, however. One such group has recently become more active, garnering much interest from those who would pull the strings.

A young heroine made a public cry, appealing to any heroes to join her in a quest to find the previous wave. At first, this merely drew curiosity, as any new development does. But upon realizing just what she was and who she was affiliated with, curiosity gave way to determined focus. This was but a single child, but her kind had proved elusive and resilient - enough to warrant the utmost caution. Raw force would likely result in her death, and while that was only a temporary setback, it would no doubt alert the rest of her kind to their focus - an outcome to be avoided at all costs. A plan was formed. The Queen was too unstable to use right away, and the Bishop could not be used here. Not in this part of the world. The Rook was laughably useless in this delicate situation as they didn't want the city leveled. The King was of course a non combatant, never to leave his sanctum. That left one. He was more suited to assassination than information gathering and his level of freedom meant that they would have minimal control over the interaction, but he would have to do. Orders were drawn up and sent. The Knight was dispatched to intercept. Unbeknownst to the would be puppeteers the Knight had his own agenda, however he could not ignore his orders without arousing suspicion. Nonetheless, as he stalked his quarry, he schemed of ways to mould the situation to his own benefit.

A rat crawled over a lump in the shadows of a jumble of machinery upon a roof. The area was like many others - maintained, but decrepit. There were tools spread out where someone had left them after a long day of work, but hadn't returned to collect them, and several of the A/C units and transformers had blue tarps over them, which in turn were tied into place with nylon line. There were a couple of piles of seemingly random odds and ends, all mechanical in nature. It looked like the piles were more or less sorted into usable material, new material, and junk to be thrown out. Within one, a pair of eyes focused on the girl goofing off on the neighboring roof while she waited. Beneath a metal mask, a grin widened. It was the first bit of movement he'd exhibited since his arrival. Even his heartbeat and breathing were almost nonexistent, and his temperature matched that of the cooler interior of the materials around him. He had chosen this specific spot both for the view it afforded and for the simple fact that it was continuously in the shade thanks to the machinery around it and the scaffolding above him. The building had been undergoing some sort of repairs, but he'd made sure that nobody made it to work on the roof.

He watched the heroine dance about and loudly hoot for quite some time. He was not yet ready to reveal himself, as he wanted to know who all planned to come. As the hours ticked by, it appeared that nobody else had taken an interest in her message. How very strange. Though it did make things much easier for him. Too easy. Perhaps they had found him out and this was a trap? His eyes narrowed. No, he had been far too careful, and this child was far too loud. The fact that he was on this mission said that not only was he likely their only choice, but he was still free enough of suspicion. It appeared as though she was getting ready to leave. Now was the time to move.

When he'd disguised himself, he'd meticulously threaded the junk together in order to better maintain a degree of control over it when he discarded it. Rather than letting it simply clatter from him, he focused on a single point of his body, drawing upon the gift he'd had forced upon him. Timing his movements with the natural sounds of the city, he gently lowered his disguise to the rooftop as a single magnetically fused piece, then lowering his field until each piece rested upon the ground - it would do no good to get it silently on the ground as a whole only to release it and have all of the pieces clatter. This process took a moment, but kept him from making any noise that could reveal him before he was ready.

He rose, and padded forward towards the girl, moving along a very specific track line. Before he'd disguised himself, he'd left a piece of his armor on the other roof, tucked away from prying eyes. It was a secondary chest plate, small and redundant. Rather than additional protection, it more often than not served the exact purpose it served now: as a trap to the unsuspecting should he need it. He wanted to make sure that if he had to use it, it would already be behind her. Given how childish this girl seemed, he doubted his efforts would be needed, but there was no such thing as being too sure. As the girl made to leave, he made the first audible sound he'd made since arriving as he landed with a soft crunch on the same roof she'd been waiting on.

Leaving so soon?” His voice somehow managed to be dark and manic at the same time, with a strange pitch that was higher than normal, as if the bearer was furious yet trying not to laugh. “I thought you were looking for answers. Though it seems like nobody else wants to find them.” He was crouched about halfway along the roof, with his hands planted between his feet so that he squatted with his knees at his shoulders. His eyes were fixated on her through a mane of wild brown hair that grew shorter as it went further back, though the bangs went well past his chin, and he tilted his head to one side as he regarded her. Like his shins, chest, back, and forearms, the lower half of his face was covered by some sort of black mesh, though in the center of his shins and along the edges of his forearms the black mesh gave way to silver metal, and both shins and elbows ended in wicked points.

'Oh, and by the way, Zack, your face is perfectly normal. But to be honest, I think we have a slightly bigger problem here than your beauty issues.' - Shadow
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival (Open)   Yesterday at 4:24 am

I blink as I walk out of the forest, the light almost blinding compared to the darkness of the forest. My camping retreat had been a success and I smile. I pull my phone out of my pocket and turn it on for the first time since going in. My eyes widen as I get the message from this "Frequency" person. I read as I walk, skimming the text and one hand moving to my swollen, pregnant belly. I check the date and realize I'm extremely late in getting this. I'll be lucky to get to her in time. I look down at myself. I can't meet her like this, with torn clothes and mud caked everywhere, like I said, the camping was successful.

    I stretch before shifting to my tiger form and running to my house. I shift back and enter before taking a shower and getting dressed. I then grab my keys and drive off, parking about a block away from the meeting point. I get out and glance around before pulling out some brass knuckles and making sure my knifes are in place. Just in case. I tuck in a strand of red hair that was already falling out of my braid with an annoyed grimace. I then look towards the meeting point and start towards it.

"Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I'm not crazy. Isn't that crazy?"

Coming soon:

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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival (Open)   Today at 2:21 am

Ren rode his motorcycle 'kids these days' he thought to himself as he drove from street to street clearly ignoring speed limits. He made his way to the location once there he parked his bike and got to a high vantage point his rifle always strapped to his back.

He decided to send a text out to ivory 'hey you get that message too, im posted up waiting for that person ill wait for you <3' putting his phone away he watched and waited every now and then he'd take a drag from his cigarette.
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival (Open)   

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The Arrival (Open)
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