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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Alpha {WIP}

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PostSubject: Alpha {WIP}   Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:01 am

"For all the Light I can give, nothing shines brighter than a good day where nobody gets hurt."

Alan "Alpha" Thompson


Full Name: Alan Thompson
Nickname(s): Al, Alf, Lancelot
Codename: The Alpha Knight
Alias(es): Green Lantern, Alan Justice
Age: 18
Race: Human/Tamaranean Hybrid
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Right Green, Left Yellow
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 213 lbs
Other Traits: When not clad in his 'uniform', Alan is generally wearing a flannel with the sleeves rolled up, a white t-shirt, jeans, and steel-toe boots.


-Constructs: The main combat function of the ring is to create objects out of hard green light, limited only by the bearer's imagination.

  • Attack: Any construct made by the ring can strike with five tons of force.
  • Defense: Any construct made by the ring can withstand five tons of force.

-Telekinesis: By the power of the ring, Alan can lift up to five tons with his mind.

  • Flight: By manipulating his own body, Alan can fly up to 100 mph, in an atmosphere. In the vacuum of space, he can fly past the speed of light, for the purpose of traversing the cosmos very quickly.

-Passive Ring Functions: The Power Ring has a variety of uses, but many of these uses are not in fact used for combat. There are two main sub-divisions to this type of ability of the ring:

  • Personal Shield: The ring casts a passive barrier around Alan that protects him from radiation, extreme temperatures, and the vacuum of space. This functionality also allows underwater travel.
  • Computer: The ring acts as the ultimate portable computer, capable of delivering to Alan any information he might need to know about alien cultures, cosmic beings, atmosphere compositions, or his own heart rate- or the heart rate of anyone else near him. The ring also acts as a universal translator, allowing him to understand and communicate with any human or alien being.

Mundane Skills:

  • Playing the guitar
  • Able to drive
  • Pretty good singer
  • Occasional darts player

Exceptional Skills:

  • Sword Fighting: Alan has been training for a few years with a sword. While no master, he can hold his own against many opponents.
  • Electronics Repair: Alan has higher than average knowledge of how to fix electronics such as phones or televisions, but not enough to entirely fix a broken piece of technology.

Physical Weaknesses
-Yellow: Due to the yellow impurity Alan suffers from, many things the color yellow will weaken his powers significantly, overwhelming sources of yellow shutting down his ring entirely.
-Battery: This weakness has two parts; the first is that Alan's ring can run out of charge, and when it does, he becomes powerless. It can generally function for eight hours nonstop, if he is not consistently in combat and creating constructs. An intense fight can drain the ring in an hour to just a few minutes. The other side to this power is that Alan must recharge the ring using his Green Lantern Power Battery, which he tends to leave at home, or in his car. He must concentrate and recite the Green Lantern oath to recharge as well.
-Vibrations: Devices set to vibrate at a certain speed force the ring to only project in miniature, creating weak constructs that are easily destroyed.
-Mental Instability Protocol: If, for whatever reason, Alan were to consume drugs, alcohol, or otherwise be weakened mentally to the point of being unstable, the ring will refuse to operate for him, being rendered useless.

Mental Weaknesses
-Stubborn: While his will to go on would generally be perceived as a strength, Alan's convictions also make it extremely difficult to work with others and see their point of view.
-Quick to Anger: Alan's self control tends to wane in the face of frustration, and if someone gets in his way, he is quick to be angry with them. This can also affect the functioning of his ring.

-Green Lantern Ring
-Cell phone (Flip phone)
-Green Lantern Battery: While he generally does not have it on his person, it is definitely a piece of his equipment.


Alan is a good guy, even if the environment that he was raised in was not necessarily supportive or kind. He is a hero at heart, and his driving motivation is the protection of innocent lives and, to an extent, the entirety of Earth and the sector it lies within. As a kid he wanted to be a hero, like his father before him. Even at his lowest point, he has the strong will to keep pushing towards the best that he can be. At times, he can be cocky and a little full of himself, and his brash attitude paints a picture of a guy who doesn't care. But when the tire hits the curb, it isn't about him; it's about everyone else, and Alan would be willing to give his life to save everyone else.

Alan is a pretty good friend, and getting close to him isn't entirely difficult, once you get past his loudness and hot-headed personality. He treats his friends with the utmost loyalty and respect, and would do anything for them, and is there to protect them, both from harm to the self and to the heart. Crossing his friends is equal to crossing him, and Alan does not take kindly to that.

Oh, and don't go hurting his sister, because he'll kill you.

-The thrill of the fight
-Playing music
-Late night rides
-Buffalo wings

-Corrupt soldiers/politicians/etc
-Rude people

-Plays music often
-Playing video games


Family Members: Frank Thompson (Father; MIA), Mari'andr (Mother; Alive), Sam Thompson (Sister; Alive) Dylan Thompson (Uncle; Alive)
Place of Origin: Metropolis
Frank 'Smile' Thompson was a soldier in the Vietnam war, and was so damn good at what he did that he fought in countless conflicts after that. He received countless medals and honors for his service, but when he was done fighting wars, the country found new ways to make him serve it. Usually he was just a spokesman, a handsome face that talked for the nation, an idol of patriotism. But when the fights got tougher, and supers started to pop up in the world at an increasing rate, the government knew they needed a response. Smile was getting too old to fight. But some saw potential in Frank for an army. Of course, most of Frank's fighting prowess came from his experiences, but many knew there must be a...genetic factor.

With a government contract, STAR Labs began work on its Smile Wide Project. Frank's fighter genes would not be enough to create a reasonable response to the supers of the world, but the lab had plenty of alien genetic material to work with. They had several projects planned with this in mind, but the first they tried was to create a hybrid between the human and Tamaranean species. The goal was to create a soldier with the powers of a Tamaranean, such as the starbolts and super-strength, without requiring the emotional control of a Tamaranean to use their powers. The experiment was a success, to begin with: the child survived the synthetic gestation period, and was born without any defects. The scientists named him Alpha, because he was the first, but they tended to call him Alan. (Some wanted to call him Adam, after the biblical Adam, but it never caught on.)

Most of the other experiments failed, but two years later, another survived. The eighteenth, dubbed Sigma, and called Samantha. For a while, no more experiments were made, as far as Alan knew, but he was glad to have a little sister. They were raised together, but from an early age, Sam demonstrated the powers of her alien parent, able to control electricity and, to some extent, magnetism. He envied her some as a child, because he still showed no abilities, but he was still trained how to fight alongside his younger sister. He was a decent hand to hand combatant, but he preferred bladed weapons, especially a sword. So while his sister trained her powers, he trained with the sword, hoping someday he would begin to exhibit his powers as well.

That day never came. Sixteen years of life, and Alan could never produce a single starbolt. The researchers didn't want to admit that Alan could be a dud, a grenade that would never go off, a weapon that they could not use. They began to realize that Alan may have to suffer the fate of the other failures. So, while he was asleep, they strapped him into a chair, and were going to go through with his termination, when the unexpected happened. Frank Thompson broke into the facility, rescuing both Alan and his sister, taking them far away from Metropolis. He explained that the government didn't care about them, that they were just tools in the eyes of STAR Labs. Sam seemed to agree, but Alan struggled with the truth. Frank brought them to his brother, Dylan, in Jump City. After that, he was gone, and Alan still doesn't know where he went.

«««Sample RP»»»
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}
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Alpha {WIP}
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