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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Doubting Thomas WIP

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Gamma-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Doubting Thomas WIP   Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:04 am

"Watch me."

Thomas Winchester


Full Name: Thomas Winchester
Age: 18
Race: Meta Human
Alignment: Neutral Good


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Other Traits:


-Thomas is empowered by the doubts and confidence of other people, provided that he is at least partially the focus of these empathetic feelings.  In short, Thomas gains the luck, skill, and sometimes supernatural powers needed to perform any task, provided there are enough witnesses convinced he cannot succeed.  However, the empowerment can only be used for the specific task that witnesses doubt he can achieve (or are confident in his failure).  The amount of power he gains and how he can use it depends on the number of people believing against him: (Heros, villains, and other super-powered individuals count as 3 people)
1-5 people: Thomas performs the feat through skills and blind, dumb luck.  Feats include hitting an apple with a bow and arrow from 30 yards, guessing a 4 digit number combination on the first try.  Feats that cannot even theoretically be achieved this way cannot be performed with this much doubt.  No matter how lucky you are, you cannot lift a two ton truck on your own.
6-20 people: At this level of doubt, Thomas gains enhanced physical and mental power that exceeds normal human levels, as well as retaining his divine luck.  He can enhance any and all natural abilities required to complete the task, to levels that are considered super powered.  Examples include enough strength to bend metal objects and lift vehicles, speed and senses enough to dodge bullets, or the ability to hold his breath for 20 minutes.  
21-50 people: With a mass this big, Thomas can gain any power he can think of even past just luck, skill, and physical/mental enhancement.  Teleportation, elemental manipulation, laser vision, flight, invisibility; anything he needs to succeed.  
51+ people: This is where things start getting ridiculous.  With this much confidence against him, Thomas can achieve nearly any feat with ease, no matter how impossible.  If he gets this number of people all pouring their hearts out, thinking as one, "He can't do it!", then oh yes he can.  Luck isn't really needed anymore.  Giant robot destroying the city?  Destroy it back with a single punch.  Need to get to the moon?  He can jump that high, and then back. Meteor going to wipe out all life on Earth?  Stare at it until it mysteriously vanishes.  
-Thomas can also sense people's doubts towards him, allowing him to know what he can achieve, and who and how many people are empowering him.

-{Any number of mundane skills you want (e.g. able to drive a car, hairdresser, good singing voice) but a limited amount of 'exceptional' skills (list coming soon). Three exceptional skills allowed for characters under 25 years. Five for those under 35 years. Seven for anyone older. See list (coming soon) for variations.}

Physical Weaknesses
-{Physical weaknesses listed here are things that effect your character more than they'd effect a regular human. Listing something like... "Can drown." Does not count as a physical weakness.}


Mental Weaknesses
-Despite being super powered and morally good,

-{Mental weaknesses are here to point out the flaws in your character. Are they stubborn? Rash? Easily angered? 2 required.}


-{This section is where you list the things your character carries on him, usually. Pocket knives, guns, bulletproof vests.}


-{Here, we hope for you to list a brief description of how your character acts. Try to at least get a paragraph or two, it really helps develop your character and make them easier for you to rp.}

-{List of simple things your character responds well to. Ex. Bravery, Video Games, Tacos, etc.}

-{Things your character does not respond well to. Ex. Cowards, Milk, Sports, etc.}

-{A list of quirks or things your character does in their free time.}


Family Members:
Place of Origin:
-{At least two paragraphs about your character's past.}

«««Sample RP»»»
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}
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Doubting Thomas WIP
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