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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 A Past Encounter (Solo)

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PostSubject: A Past Encounter (Solo)   Fri May 26, 2017 8:14 am

The people of Euriph are interesting to say the least. Each person is hatched to have a specific purpose to protect the civilization they all lived in. Due to radioactive warfare the majority of the planet was wiped out, the only thing protecting the Euriphians was a goo bubble made and maintained by the people. The people soon adapted a system that was breeding and hatching people to do a specific thing or purpose, and since you were hatched to act a certain way you did without question. It was in your nature to do what you were made to do, the few that didn't have the desire to do that were usually removed and that rarely happened.
Euriph ran like a kingdom, meaning there was a King, Queen, Prince/Princess, Lords/Ladies, Equerry, Working Class, Servants, and Supplies. The Royal family was a pure blood line because none of them were hatched, making them all special compared to the regular folk. They had a court filled with Lords and Ladies which were rich Euriph's that contributed to the politics and decisions of the kingdom. Equerry were the people that specifically did jobs for the royal family, like hatching more Euriph's or organizing events. The Working Class were those whom were hatched and given a job for life, whether that be maintaining the bubble, creating literature, selling food, be in the military, or cleaning the streets. Servants were those that cleaned for the working class and the Equerry. Finally, there's the supplies. The supplies were hatched to be the most beautiful and deadly of the species, their job primarily is to look pretty and be silent. It is a sign of wealth to have them, so the Royal Family has plenty of them, and the Lords/Ladies of the court usually have 2 or 3 as well.

This is where Cuelphihily comes in. She was apart of the few that were hatched to give rich people an opportunity to show that they were rich. On top of that she was genetically engineered and trained to protect whoever she is assigned to, along with listening to their instructions without a second thought. Some may think of it as no free will, but to the supplies it simply is how they think.
Cue was just like any other Supplies, she didn't have a special talent, she didn't think out of the ordinary, she was normal. Her appearance struck a chord in the Royal family at a young age, so she was training to protect the Princess from birth on. She learned how to master her goo ability, along with using her strength to her advantage. She only had 3 more years left of training before she was able to officially join the royal family when aliens from another world arrived.


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A Past Encounter (Solo)
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