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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Ivory    Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:55 am

"Every scar one day will heal, every tear one day will dry"

Ivory Dopufola (Flame)


Full Name: Ivory Dopufola (Dope-you-foe-la)
Nickname(s): Ivy
Codename: Tigress
Age: 19
Race: Alien
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral


Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117
Other Traits: Her hair is down to her waist and is usually braided. She has a small red birthmark on the back of her thumb that vaguely resembles a heart. She also has a tattoo of a tiger from her right shoulder blade, down to her lower back.


- She can turn into a tiger.  No limit to time in that form, makes Ivy stronger and faster, also giving her access to razor sharp claws and teeth as well as strong jaws.

- Loves to sing and dance
- Likes to cook
- Is learning to pick locks
- Is exceptionally good at finding loopholes.
- Amazing at sweet talking and convincing people to do things.

Physical Weaknesses
- Is extremely sensitive to cold.

Mental Weaknesses
- stubborn
- quick temper
- bad at arguing.
- soft spot for kids
- clumsy at times
- She can be evil or good depending on her influences.

- two knives at all times
- the occasional pepper spray
- always has a bobby pin and/or hairbands.


- Ivy is pretty laid back and chill unless you piss her off. She is usually kind, friendly, and outgoing, unless she is in a bad mood or mad at you. She is a huge flirt. Ivy has a really bad temper, but forgives probably too easily. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has a hard time controlling her moods. She is very brave and is often times sarcastic.
- Ivy tries to do what she thinks is right. She didn't have the best role models growing up so she has to choose the right thing based on her conscience. That being said, her choices are sometimes self serving and/or different from what many people would consider "right". But in her eyes right is a relative term. Maybe it is "right" for her to have a special necklace. Does that mean she should take it? Ivy is very easy to convince to the light, or the dark side.

- Meat
- Flirting
- Music (alternative and country mostly)
- People who are kind.
- Sarcasm
- Children
- Animals
- Honesty
- Spicy stuff

- Dishonesty
- Sports
- Blandness (in people of food)
- Science
- Sharing
- Anything barbecue
- The colors brown, or tan.

- Singing
- Twists her hair
- Cracks her neck and knuckles a lot
- Will slip into a childish attitude if something traumatic happens. (Like someone dying.)


Family Members:Deceased mom, no siblings, a dad who abandoned her.
Place of Origin:The planet Pascievis
- On Ivy’s planet each person has a spirit animal. Her mother and father were the most powerful of her planet’s warriors and were named the King and Queen when the planet was first founded. She was their first born and therefore she would be the most powerful, because she would inherit most of their strength. Unfortunately, her mother died in childbirth. Grief stricken, her father went into hiding, not able to face his daughter, for she looked so much like her mother. As queen, Ivory's citizens wanted her to lead their army but that is not what she wanted for herself, she didn't even want to be queen. Making a plan, she left her best friend, Harmony, as queen and stole a ship, flying to the first planet she comes across, Earth.
- Ivy still doesn’t know what animal her spirit animal is supposed to be because she has never shifted. All she knows, is that when you shift you have no control over yourself and the animal takes over. You can learn to control it of course but the first time is scary for everyone. Ivory has never shifted because she is afraid to hurt someone. She has never told anyone on Earth who she really is or where she comes from, but she is always haunted by the fact that someone from her home planet could pretty easily find her.

«««Sample RP»»»

- I growl at the stupid screw-on cap. "BLADWORTH GONPIE" I shout and throw the cursed thing across the room. It lands with a muffled plop on the couch. I glower and walk over to retrieve it. I pick up the bottle and twist once more, succeeding finally in opening the cherry soda. I then squeal as it fizzes and overflows, due to being thrown. I rush through the living room to the kitchen sink, leaving a trail of red fizz behind me. I set the bottle down in the bottom of the sink before practically diving under the sink for cleaning supplies.
- As I grab an armful of various supplies I turn and slip on the soda. I curse and run around, collecting the cleaning things I dropped. I spray the living room carpet and kitchen tile and wipe it all up before it stains. I sigh and throw away the paper towels used to sop up the mixtures of cleaning products and soda. I then go take a shower and change clothes quickly. I come back into the kitchen and grab my soda, now halfway gone from all the fizz. I wipe off the outside of the bottle, chug the drink, and get another from the fridge. "I earned you" I say to the bottle. I twist the cap.... nothing happens.
-{Only required if you've never gotten a character approved before. Minimum 2 paragraphs.}

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PostSubject: Re: Ivory    Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:45 am

Looks good! Onto your next stamp!

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PostSubject: Re: Ivory    Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:29 pm

It's refreshing to see an app with such a short and simple powerset. Welcome to the site, and happy rping!

'Oh, and by the way, Zack, your face is perfectly normal. But to be honest, I think we have a slightly bigger problem here than your beauty issues.' - Shadow
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PostSubject: Re: Ivory    

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