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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 For My Next Trick (Bloo; Open)

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PostSubject: For My Next Trick (Bloo; Open)    Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:02 am

Malek was casing his environment, or maybe surveying the hordes of food. Either way he was out on the town and his outing had brought him to Jump City shores. At the dock there was a mini amusement park; newly restored apparently. There he was stood among the crowd of pedestrians watching three shysters put on an act for the masses.

The sun was bright today, very hot indeed. Most of the children in the audience were combating the heat with a double scoop of ice cream. This was the kind of heat that could cook an egg on the sidewalk, much less an undead creature with skin so sensitive it caught ablaze with the plight of a forest fire just from laying in a tanning booth. Thank God for daylight rings, or better yet thank the witch that had created it for Malek. But no benevolent entity could quell the Original Vampire's annoyance at the farce he was currently witnessing.

The three gentlemen in the center of the audience were demanding that random members of the attending audience brandish their credit cards while they guessed the numbers with their eyes closed. What the people didn't know is that there was a fourth guy on the ferris wheel up above with binoculars looking down upon the audience and feeding the numbers to his cohorts via a walkie-talkie. The three men guessing in the center of crowd were all wearing ear pieces with the same tone as their skin.

Malek was astounded, centuries of evolution and humans were still dumb enough to fall for such theatrics, and heinous enough to scam their own kind. Well...maybe Malek should show them a trick of his own.

Once the act ended and the men took their bows Malek entered the ring of people and clapped his hands as he approached them. "Well well well," Malek said. "I am quite impressed with your skill at deduction. May I give it go myself?" The men seemed hesitant but then agreed knowing he couldn't pull it off because he didn't have the fourth person as a look out.

"Oh no gentlemen," Malek said as they challenged him to guess their credit card numbers. "I will be guessing something much much harder," Malek said as he approached one of them and whispered what he would be guessing into his ear. "....Your..blood type..." In the next instance Malek sunk his piranha like fangs into the gentleman's neck and infected him with black venom. The man screamed as the crowd went quiet.

The violence ended just as quick as it happened, and as Malek released his victim the vampire pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from his lips. "Mmm, type 0-negative. And now, for my next trick..." Malek grabbed the screaming man by the shoulder and gripped him by the throat, "I will bring this man back from the beyond!" Malek crushed his throat without another word and dropped the shyster to the floor.

Minutes passed.

No one dared approach Malek but no one tried to run either. The feel of the audience was pure shock and maybe even a bit of curiosity.

It took a few minutes but the man rose back up -  he was alive - for a few seconds at least. The sun rays were like gasoline to the newly turned baby vampire's skin. The shyster instantly caught on fire and burned to ashes before everyones' eyes. The other two men dropped to their knees and cried out for their fallen friend, meanwhile Malek took a bow and smirked. "Thank you, thank you ladies and gentleman! I call that...The Burning Man."
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PostSubject: Re: For My Next Trick (Bloo; Open)    Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:38 pm

The only indicator that Tanya was even moving through this stalled out clump of people was the tall tuff of blonde hair elbowing it's way through the surrounding adults and children. Today was a special day for the soldier, really. The day she'd been looking forward to since arriving at this city...
Today was the Second Lieutenant's first day off, and she planned on spending it figuring out how the people in this area had 'fun.'

So far, that experiment wasn't going so well. There was some silly magic shows going on that Tanya refused to admit actually impressed her, and she found herself in a terribly long line to get some ice cream like the other children. That, and she was foolish enough to wear her military outfit even in this heat, so the temperature was starting to drive the young soldier nuts. Was it possible to actually melt in heat? That required further investigation.

As Tanya came to the ice cream man, it seemed a commotion was breaking out at the magic show. Tanya paid it no mind as she ordered and put her money on the cart... finally, she was getting something relaxing and enjoyable since she'd come here. Perfect... until it wasn't.
A loud scream made the German jump just enough to shake her ice cream loose and cause it to fall to the ground. An angry twitch wasn't suppressed, but Tanya knew-- somehow she just knew, that her day off was about to become something less. She took her gun off her back with a sigh as she jumped off the ground to hover over all the people and see what was going on.
"It's so troublesome being a salaryman..."

Her eyes widened a bit as she watched the man burn and a crazy looking person declaring it a trick. Yes, there were specific guidelines for just such a situation. When presented with a magical, unexplained presence Tanya was required to investigate.

Her voice, though quiet, demanded attention of nearly everyone present. Scared eyes fell to the flying child that was pointing her WWI-esque weapon towards the new magician.
"You are speaking to Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff, of the Empire. Identify yourself and surrender your weapons, or be exterminated."

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For My Next Trick (Bloo; Open)
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