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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 To Live With 2 Souls (SN, Hb, Ask)

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: To Live With 2 Souls (SN, Hb, Ask)   Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:21 am

Toji's eyes widen as he sees his packfather stabbed. No...nonono...Glancing over and seeing Jane hurt, his eyes start to well up.Seeing Jenny's arm broke and watching her thrown to the ground was the last straw. As the man spoke, he'd hear a growl from across the water. Lightning crackled across the young hero's form, only to crackle even more furiously as he gave a rage and pain filled roar,canines rapidly lengthening as his eyes go black and gold.


Lengthening the chain on his nunchuku, he lashed it around at what enemies were still standing around him, then lept across the water to engage the man. If he got close enough, he'd attack with a rapid series of agile,machine gun blows.

I will allow no-one else to feel the pain I have felt!!-Toji Okami,aka Lightning Wolf

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: To Live With 2 Souls (SN, Hb, Ask)   Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:21 am

The man formed a sword in his free hand then and roze it up, a orb of her father's soul floating out of her body and shot off into the portal. Addison looked up at the same time as Toji roared out and saw him form a sword and dropped her father's body and raced over to him. He though stabbed his sword straight through Jenny’s chest in between her ribs making her eyes go wide and her body tense. He though right after was then attacked by toji and grunted and gasped from pain as he closed one eye and squinted the other.

Addison looked from Jenny tears streaming down her face before roaring out and darted over and joined Toji’s assault and timed her attacks to strike between his and drew back her sword and as one of toji’s attacks landed so did her sword right in the man's throat making 2 souls come out from him and shoot into the portal. His body fell and her armor shattered leaving her scar bleeding. Addison raced over to Jenny with th sword shattering and left a huge holding the middle of her chest. Her eyes full of fear and shock as Addison looked down to her and shook her head and tears stream down her face before holding her hand. ”(I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you before… but i will be now… This isn’t your last fight….)”

She looked up to Toji then seriously ”(I promise…)” She pressed her forehead to Jenny’s while letting Toji do as he wished if he was doing anything. ”(Your fight does not pass to the after realm fellow warrior...Your fight remains with the mortals and in their relham… Rest… but never die…)” She said making Jenny tear up as she gasped her final breaths she looked to the two of them with the life starting to leave her eyes as she bled out.

”(I-... I love you both….)” she weakly held them the best she could and looked to toji. ”(I’ll come back to you… I-.. I won’t ever abandon you… You…. you...re…. My brother in pack… and blood….) She said before her arms went limp and 2 souls flowed out of her and shot into the portal. Addison broke down and started to cry as she clung onto jenny before pulling out her phone and hitting a few buttons before tapping on the call button. ”(Adi-?)” Addison held in her tears a bit as she spoke as maturely as she could.

”Call in the family in the name of the new leader of the necowls….There will be a funeral for several of our own, new leadership placement… and a rebirth….)” She said looking down sadly to Jenny ”(Oh god not-.... I… okay… I will.. There will be transport sent to the location of Jennifer's house for you asap….)” Addison held jenny’s hand softly as the blood from her scare dripped from her chin. ”(Thank you…)” She held her hand tighter and looked at jenny seriously before closing her eyes gently ”(I’m know what the message was about now…. And I’m willing to pay the cost… she will live… and this all… it won’t be for nothing… I promise toji…)” She said sincerely.

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To Live With 2 Souls (SN, Hb, Ask)
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