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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 band of heros (plot )

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PostSubject: band of heros (plot )   Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:24 am

Dr. Alan Kurt

A disgruntled researcher, angry about what appears to be an inevitable dismissal from the top secret black site known as frontline has contacted an unknown ban of terrorists in an act of revenge. Their reward is a data cache, which Dr.kurt stole from the high level areas of the facility; officially only the president and the Researches know what’s in this cache and Both state that the data cache; code-named Oracle. Holds some serious weapons tech research, which could make living like a king a real possibility for these guys. So far they have only the first three floors and the docking bay secured the lower floors they haven't manage to access. the president and the Researchers at, the Seraperum wish to keep it that way. We will insert in specific key LZ 's; surrounding the Facilities area; from there we will work to flush out the terrorists.

Note that they will most likely try to flee in an worse case scenario. You’ll save Navcom a headache if you prevent their attempted escape, to do that attacking the docking bay will be ideal but not completely necessary. Overall the enemy forces looks to have some experience, but certainly not professional in any way shape or form. Organized but messy at best; these terrorests launched an all out attack on the Serpeum with a large force. Non-surprisingly; what little reports we have gathered, most of their attacking force is gone, and only a handful surviving terrorests remain; an exact number is unknown but estimates are at-least 40 or more. Expect some CQC fire fights inside, and try not to shoot up everything you see; keep explosions to minimum , if at all try not to use them. Also expect hostages and the occasional trap,. These guys are sloppy and untrained not dumb so don't try and push them too hard too quick. The main attack will be held on the main bridge but we have flanking options, to take here; so make sure to look them over before heading out. Otherwise happy flying and hunting.



1st: Land in LZ specific areas and move to designate Check Points. Then move to attack and clear the facility.

•2nd: Locate and secure surviving researchers, and data cache code named Oracle.

•3rd: remove enemy forces presence from the Seraperum. (Enemy escape may be possible, depending on how the mission plays out)

•Opt 4th: Find and detain Alan Kurt, gather all Intel he may have on the terrorests operating within the area. Prevent terrorests from escaping if possible.

•Opt 5th: Capture terrorest leader alive and or prevent their escape.


black site base codnamed frontline

A medium sized facility with two levels. Though it was supposed to be a low key, off the radar facility. The sudden betrayal of one of its researchers has exposed it to terrorests, thus leaving it vulnerable. It houses the staff and its 20-man security forces, 15 units of light Mechs and well placed ceiling torrents. Otherwise the facility is largely defenseless; and relies more on its seclusion rather than heavy defensive forces. Alan Kurt has sabotage the controls of the local Turrets making them unfriendly to outsiders. However the terrorests seemed to have botched the mechs they are largely defunct.

First floor: the Sky-raise the top floor it is both used as the communication area, and, the primary living quarters for staff. It has a small Eden garden, for the workers comfort

Second floor: house the weapons design area and offices

Third floor: Is the common area, the infirmary is also located on the floor. It has the power generator room: as well several main offices.

Lower Facilities

Primary Weapons Research & Forge


Havoc squad LZ's

LZ Echo: Echo is placed in a open area, just 300 yards out from the blacksite and is to the southwest. This routes has two, benefits. First, a small squad can use stealth more effectively. Enter on the 3rd floor and proceed from there to provide the second benefit of a surprise attack and completely flank the enemy forces. Giving the facts of the traitor it can be assumed that the terrorests are aware of this route, and have laid traps to prevent entry and possible flanking, but a small force should go unnoticed and sneak pass the traps unharmed if careful.

LZ Beta: This Lz is located in a valley mouth and has some cover upon approach to the first outpost. This will give a shot to take the docking bay area and shut down any route of escape for them. However once we engage here; the Pirates will no doubt attempt a swift counterattack. On top of that the enemy will know we are coming and will be prepared throughout the entire facility once we engage. This area will most likely have strong defenses, heavy fighting will also likely occur here as-well.

(so whos willing to try this with me )

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band of heros (plot )
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