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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Rico Avytrius (Karma)

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PostSubject: Rico Avytrius (Karma)   Mon Dec 05, 2016 7:33 am

"What I have to fight for is my family."

Rico Acies Caelum


Full Name: Rico Acies Caelum
Nickname(s): Acy (Ay-see), Lacy (She doesn't like that one, though)
Codename: Karma
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 16
Race: Outsider - Unknown. None of her like has existed before.
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Hair Color: Blood red
Eye Color: Red
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 95 lbs
Other Traits: She has a bit of a confident air about her. She's learned a lot during her life and she prides herself on it. She wears her hair tied back, and prefers "boyish" (Common misconception) attire. She wears dresses and skirts from time to time but prefers to wear pants with them or at least shorts.


-Physiology - Immortality: Rico's brand of immortality just means she is ageless. She is a brand new thing to the universe and has just started her story. She will live forever if she isn't killed.

-Mimicry - Rico has begun to mature, and when your father's the embodiment of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and your mother is one of the Seven Virtues, there's no telling what you'll be able to do. But she has developed the ability to copy an ability she sees, and due to the heritage she has, it takes on whatever laws she has an understanding of. With her intelligence, these laws can be pretty close to how the actual power works, but Rico cannot make up her own laws for it. Her mimicked power works by whatever rules she is convinced it does.

This power can only be adopted with a clear line of sight to the person, and she can only have one power at any given time.

(Sub) Combat Prowess- Rico was taught all forms of combat by her father, and has extensive training still in every kind of firearm. She is considered a step or two under the skill level of mastery in all forms of combat.

(Sub) Sinful Tenacity- Something Rico has gotten from her father's side of her heritage, Rico can enter a state of calm and go into a coma for six hour periods. During these periods, she recuperates from injury at a very enhanced rate, and no longer requires oxygen. Essentially, any amount of damage can be recovered this way. Her healing factor is normal while she is conscious. If factors are present that make her unable to wake up without likely dying, she can remain in that state for a conscious amount of time after six hours.

-She is very intelligent, especially in comparison to other humans her age. She has completed a four-year college degree in forensic science and mechanical engineering, and passed every single one of her education classes throughout the years with no less than 100%, always able to effectively teach others. She can think much more quickly and fluidly than most people. She is also a stunning acrobat, and athletic. She has uncanny flexibility, and could pursue a career as a ballerina or an Olympic medalist if she wanted. Her flexibility is useful for turning restraints into much easier things to deal with. She is also now a skilled mechanical engineer. She is able to drive a car, sing, and is great at logic games.

She also speaks English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

Physical Weaknesses
-Unless she's mimicked a power that's able to do so, she has no physical defenses. She is squishy.

-Just because she can recover from any injury while she sleeps, it leaves her very vulnerable to abduction, and there are plenty of ways to restrain her to where she'll need some assistance.

Mental Weaknesses
-She has a need ever since she was trained by him to make her father proud. It's a bit of a compulsion. She's learning to deal with it but she's an over-achiever, and while she has achieved a lot, messing up at something can be daunting for her. She also has a mental tick where if you disrespect her father, she gets very upset.

-Her power can only be as broken as the person's power she copied it from. If a character has an ability to shoot fire at varying temperatures, and she only sees one spout of fire, she's not brazen enough to believe, "Oh, it can probably get as hot as the sun." If she can't measure the fire by seeing what it can do, she'll just assume that it is as hot as a normal fire, because that's all she can assume. She can't just "assume" a super strength doubles as durability, for example.

In a sick twist of logic, this power could probably be used to frightening potential if she had a childlike mind.

-Rico carries a heavily modified magnum dubbed Azur to fire two rounds at the same time from each barrel. Its modifications allow it to be capable of firing non-lethal ammunition, such as rubber shots. Other than this, if she wants a weapon, she usually gets one from the environment. She also carries three quick-reload carousels of ammunition for Azur.


-Rico is usually a very happy and cheery individual. She likes to make friends, because she's never had a lot of them, and she cherishes them. She wants to help people because her father told her to do whatever she felt like her heart wanted. She's done a lot of that already and it seems to be working out for her just fine, so she's continuing to pursue that end.

-She likes pizza, video games (Particularly RPG games), people that stand up for what they believe in, open-minded people, ice cream, and math work. She's a total nerd.

-Rico doesn't like people that try to work themselves to death, ironic as that may be. Working yourself to the point that you're always helping others and shortchanging yourself just doesn't sit well with her. She's not a feminist, but she doesn't like it when people condescend females as being weak and always in need of help.

-Rico is always looking to improve herself and learn something. But she recognizes the need for down time and plays video games, or goes out with her friends whenever she can spare the time. She also dotes on her sister a lot.


Family Members: Locus Caelum (Wrath) (Father), Kindness (Mother), Avytrius Caelum (Twin Sister)
Place of Origin:
-Eons ago, the one embodying the sin of Wrath met a Virtue in combat. The Virtue was Kindness, and with all of Wrath's considerable power, he could not best Kindness. Kindness, male at the time, smiled upon his broken body. While he defended himself, that was all it was, and he wanted to treat Wrath with Kindness. So he bestowed the gift of Kindness, and therefore, human emotions, upon the Sin.

Much later in his life, after dealing with these emotions developing for a few thousand years, he found himself in Egypt. He was still a very angry man that loved to fight, but instead of fighting without reason, he enjoyed it now. This was where he met Avytrius, the woman who would end up developing his person. She became like a mother- or an older sister- to him. He never got along with his siblings, but he did like spending his time with another immortal. She taught him how to live life without roaming from one place to the next looking for a fight. But after a hundred years together, Avytrius disappeared.

Soon he found himself in North America a few hundred years later, and he felt the presence of Kindness once more. Kindness was a new form now, that of a woman with white hair. He fought her again, but they never finished their fight. They were equally matched. After taking a respite, they spent some time together. And things just happened to click.

They began spending more and more time together, and Wrath became afraid. He began to fear that he might actually love this creature. And as time went on, he realized he was trapped. But he liked this new cage.

Eventually, they had two twin daughters, Rico and Avytrius. Rico was extremely intelligent and excelled in school and lessons, learning combat from her father and school from education systems (Not in America, her father found them flawed). She began loving the process of learning and went to great extents learning whatever she had an interest in. She exited high school at the age of twelve and completed college after her fourteenth birthday. She has decided to help the heroes of Jump City defend their city because she seeks the approval of her father.

Rico Caelum
Lucian Harkon IV

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PostSubject: Re: Rico Avytrius (Karma)   Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:35 am

Do I have to approve apps from you?
I guess.

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PostSubject: Re: Rico Avytrius (Karma)   Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: Rico Avytrius (Karma)   

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Rico Avytrius (Karma)
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