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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Azrael "Greed" Godfrey

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PostSubject: Azrael "Greed" Godfrey   Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:34 pm

"I always get what I want."



Full Name: Azrael Godfrey
Nickname(s): Greed, Avarice, Sin
Codename: Greed
Alias(es): Sinbad
Age: Timeless
Race: Outsider - Embodiment of Sin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Light


Sin Physiology
Immortal - Greed cannot die, but he can indeed be killed. If he is killed, he will be sent back to Hell where he would have to negotiate his way back to the living world through Lucifer.
Self Sufficient - Though he still can eat, breathe, and drink it is not a requirement for Greed. He can go indefinitely without substance, as long as there is greed in the world.
Sinful Skin - Greed isn't a human, as such his limits and durability is treated a little differently. His body can endure up to 5 tons of force without serious injury.

Avaricious Nature
Greed is supernaturally attuned to the desires and the selfishness of himself and those around him. He always knows what he wants the most and where to find it. For other people, after studying them or conversing with them for more than 30 seconds, he'll supernaturally become aware of what they want as well.
*Note, there are times where people can resist this effect through sheer willpower or by wanting more than one thing equally.*

Tainted Treasury
Greed has access to his own "pocket dimension" storage area. He creates the portal with a thought, and the capacity is neigh infinite. The portals are clearly visible to everyone, manifesting as gold circles in the air. When he reaches in with an object in mind, it naturally appears in his hand. Inside he only has regular, non-magical items. He can't store anything living in there, as they won't even enter the portal. They'll just pass right through. The only living thing allowed into his dimension is Greed himself, but he can't open a portal from inside. So he will never willingly enter.
Absolute Command - His armory surrounds weapons stored inside with a glow that is attached to Greed's telepathic link. With a portal open, he can mentally command swords and spears to fly out on their own. They move at a speed of 25 MPH and can strike with a force of 2 tons. He can control up to three things at once, and only when he is within 30 meters of them.

Mundane Skills
-Can drive a manual.
-Knows the difference between your and you're!

Exceptional Skills
-Lock picking.
-Pick pocketing.
-Deactivating security systems.
-Manipulating people.

Physical Weaknesses
Holy Items - Touching anything with holy properties will burn Greed with no visible indication. He cannot enter holy grounds either. Clever enemies with time on their hands to research would be able to discover this.

Nth Metal - Being near Nth Metal negates all of Greed's powers. He can't access his treasury, see your desires, or even be brought back to Hell when he dies. He does maintain his durability though.

Demon Hunting - Anyone aware of Greed's full and true name (Azrael Godfrey) will be able to research rituals and traps that can summon him to their location, lock his movement, and in some cases even enslave him temporarily.

Mental Weaknesses
Avarice - The most obvious metal trigger for Greed is that he is a slave to his own desires. When someone offers him something he wants, he can hardly resist pursuing it. He can be bought as an informant or a gun for hire rather easily this way.

Pacifist - Though some of his kit can be used for combat situations, Greed has little faith in his ability to handle himself in a fight. If cornered, he's more likely to run or negotiate his way out of the tight spot.

Small flip knife, a concealable lock picking kit, and a cell phone.


Greed is a rather simple man on the surface, but there's more than what meets the eye going on with the man. He's a habitual hoarder, gathering up many things and refusing to part with most. He hates seeing someone who has more stuff than him, just on the principle of it. If he sees you have something, he wants to have more of it... then he wants to have yours just to add to his pile.

That being said, with all the time he's been alive he has learned the proper ways to pursue his desires. He works in roundabout ways to get the things that he wants sometimes, often hiding his true desires from the light of day. Usually the only one who knows what Greed wants the most at any given moment is Greed himself.

With his powers, Greed has found himself a reliable middle man. He never intentionally makes enemies right off the bat, and likes to keep his options open for future services. He'll provide information for the right price, and he'll keep a secret for an even better price. Either way, when you make a deal with Greed you can bet he'll be walking away with a satisfied smile and more than you intended to give him.

-Holidays involving gifts.
-Flaunting his possessions.
-Easy jobs.

-Difficult to read people.
-Angry people.

-Habitual smoker, though he suffers no withdrawal effects from stopping.
-Carries gold coins he often plays with in his hands, almost compulsively.
-Greed likes to people watch often. Seeing how humans go about their simple lives is interesting.


Family Members:
- Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Lust (Siblings)
Place of Origin:
- The Garden of Eden
Greed formed first at the temptation and desire for the knowledge that the tree of good and evil provided to Adam and Eve, in the shape of a serpent controlled by Lucifer. His whispers and provocation is what led the paid of innocent humans to break the one rule they were given. This act was punished fiercely, changing the course of their existence.

From then on, Greed had his hands in many things. The first one that strikes his memory is when he recorded himself as Djoser, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh best known for creating the first pyramid as a tomb. A tradition that would go on to following generations of Pharaohs. During his reign, he had also sent military expeditions to collect valuable minerals like turquoise and copper.

Greed claims that this is not the only pyramid built in his honor, implying that after the reign of Pharaoh Djoser was over, he claimed the titles of other rulers and ran the empire more than once.
As a ruler, Greed's reigns were prosperous for himself more than his country, but they benefited enough to carry his legacy onwards.

Why Greed left the safe and familiar life of Egypt is ambiguous, but it wouldn't take much to deduce the reasons for oneself. He wanted more. He'd seen and had his share of the desert, and now yearned for something new to take.

His next notable appearances were in Rome. He took steps away from ruling, having already had that pleasure multiple times. He took the position of advisor to many of the greatest and many of the most corrupt Emperors.

He was next to Alexander as he conquered so much of the world that the empire struggled to handle the intense size of it all.
That wasn't all. He offered counsel to many of their powerful rulers.

This wasn't enough for Greed though. The political games were fun and he was well suited for them... but after so long he lost his interest. He soon took to taking other peoples things by force. Piracy in the early Mediterranean spiked as he pioneered the concept of sailing open waters with the sole intention of taking other peoples stuff.
Eventually, these actions prompted Emperor Pompey and his campaign against the pirates.

It wasn't long before Greed's new pass time was proving to be too dangerous to continue.

The Sin became a wanderer now. Traveling the world as a merchant, seeing what else this planet had to offer someone as timeless as him. When the surge of the golden age of piracy happened again, he gladly took part. Happy to find something he was familiar with again.

After the piracy died down once more, though, Greed found himself growing complacent and bored.
He worked as a high profile thief, an information broker for all sides of the military during wars, and even just a petty con man.

The next thing that caught his attention was the declaration from the Titans about wanting replacements for their team. It seemed that all these Meta's gathering in one area... that could hold Greed's interest.


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PostSubject: Re: Azrael "Greed" Godfrey   Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:45 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Azrael "Greed" Godfrey   Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:31 am


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PostSubject: Re: Azrael "Greed" Godfrey   

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Azrael "Greed" Godfrey
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