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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Mr. Miraculous

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The Panda Bookknight
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Skilled Metahuman
The Panda Bookknight

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PostSubject: Mr. Miraculous   Mr. Miraculous Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2016 7:34 am

"I love how, in this world, you can be anything you set your mind to be"

Addom P. Miraculous


Full Name: Addom Miraculous
Nickname(s):Pops, Chrome dome
Codename: Mr. Miraculous
Alias(es): Putty-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Mr. Elastic
Age: N/A, but if counting the years he's been on earth, if he were human, he'd probably be in his 40
Race:  Alien
Alignment: Good (Can appear to be neutral at times)


Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color:  
His eyes glow different colors depending on how he's feeling:

White color when he's feeling normal.
Blue color when saddened.
Red when angered.
Pink when being Compassionate/passionate.
Yellow when happy.
Neon green when overly exposed to radiation (basically  when  insane).
Grey when he needs rest.
Orange when he's enjoying himself.
Purple when confused.
Emerald green when startled/alarmed/surprised/ scared
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 7inch
Weight: 180
Other Traits:
Addom doesn't have any other organs besides his eye orbs. His cells are very advanced and can do the jobs of the many organs humans have, such as dissolving food and making sure life continues to flow through Addom. His cells are almost like individual sentient beings that work together to form Addom, and even hold all of his memories like a bunch of micro SDs.

Addom technically has a mouth, which is basically a hole in his mouth with a tongue that only opens when it is really needed. The tongue is long , almost lizard like, and is comprised of cells that are darker than the rest, specifically for processing and dissolving food before the rest of the cells take their share of the nutrients. This isolation of the food processing is to make sure he doesn't taste everything he touches.

Addom still has nerves to feel, but unlike normal nerves, Addom's are more flexible can group together in an area for defensive purposes. While it can be helpful, if the nerve sensitive bunch is hit, the pain would more than likely stun him. Speaking of pain, Addom is pain resistant to blunt forces, for the shock is usually absorbed by his rubber/putty body, and stretching him doesn't hurt either, however, slicing forces hurt normally.

Addom doesn't need a mouth to speak, as he produces sound with vibrations that come from his head, though, it does make him sound slightly robotic. He developed a British accent from living around Marry.

Addom's skin is a silvery grey color, with a feel that is cool and smooth, almost like metal.


*When I say gel, I mean more like the consistency of silly putty, but not extremely sticky like it. I just couldn't think of what word to use  at the moment, and then felt too lazy to replace all the times I used gel with putty..

Body reconstructing
Addom's cells and, well, atoms, are very flexible when it comes to type of states he can be in.
-Texture restructure:
Addom is able to change the texture of his skin, from velvet soft to rough like bark, and choose to either have it isolated or have it throughout his body.

-Form restructure:
Addom is able to change his form to practically any solid form and can choose to either to change a single part of himself, for example, he could choose to make his hand a mallet, or change himself into a chair. When he forms, the weight of himself doesn't change, so even if he change his hand to a mallet, it would have the same force as him punching regularly, and if he wanted to actually put all his weight into his form, he'd literally have to turn himself completely into the mallet, and wouldn't be able to wield himself.

Addom's body is comprised of a very flexible and versatile material that's akin to a rubber like gel. The cells making up Addom are able to change they're matter state, and are able to move parts of the main body independently if separated from it.

-Splitting Addoms: Addom's body is able to be split up into multiple parts, for example, if Addom was in his standard form and the arm was cut off, the arm would revert to a gel/goo state and actively find it's way back to the body, even if it takes a long while, or form into a smaller version of Addom (It'd be blind because the 'eyes' would still be in his head place). You could split Addom into as many pieces as you wanted.  

-Matter reconstruction: Addom is able to switch his body from solid to a liquid/gel

Computer brain
Addom's cells harbor all the information he's obtained and is able to process and store it all like an advanced computer.

-Photographic memory: Addom never forgets anything, which can be good or bad depending on a situation seeing how he can remember every single detail. Like computer storage, some things can be pushed down until needed, so he doesn't have to think of everything constantly.

-Complete analysis: Addom is able to process and piece together information very quickly, and is able to infer other details from given information very efficiently.

Excellent teacher: Due to his extensive knowledge and analyzing skills, he can teach multiple fields and levels of education, and enjoys enlightening others.

Physical Weaknesses:

1) Extreme heat: When exposed to high heat, Addom ractically melts, and is barely able to keep a solid form, making him a vulnerable gel puddle.

2) Extreme cold: If it's really cold, Addom tend to move very stiffly and isn't as fluid.

3) Things that can destroy cells and atoms: That'll kill him for sure.

4) Over exposure to radiation: (Some effects are instantaneous, like how Superman reacts to kryptonite) Too much radiation or strong radiation can cause him to start loosing control of his form, make him feel weak, cause painful; migraines, and make him loose his mind. It can make him extremely violent and disoriented as well, but there is ways to help heal him.

Mental Weaknesses:
Radiation: Even though I listed it in physical weaknesses, it can greatly effect how his mental state is as well, making him unstable.

A pair of glasses. Even though he doesn't need them, he likes the look and feels as if they make him look a bit less creepy to earthlings.


Thoughtful: Addom makes sure to think every situation through to ensure the best results for himself and others around him, and hates to see others upset.

Observant: Addom pays absolute attention to his surroundings, the people in his surroundings, and aspects of a situation.

Patient: Addom is very patient.

Studious: Addom loves to learn and stimulate his mind(Mind cells?) and spends most of his free time reading or doing puzzles, he finds it more entertaining than movies.

Calm: Addom isn't one to get excitable and usually keeps a level head.

Realist: Even though he encourages his pupils to use they're imagination to think of ideas to better the lives of themselves and others, he'll sometimes be blunt if something is extremely unrealistic.

Caring: Addom cares for those he gets close to very deeply, and can get a bit protective a times.

Smart Alec: Addom can be very sarcastic at times, and can have a dry sense of humor.

Great teacher
Extremely flexible

Organizing his library
Listening to classical music
Learning new things
Studying and conducting experiments


Family Members: N/A
Place of Origin: Space.
It all began when a meteor hit earth during the 1970's, that contain a silvery substance, that substance being Addom. Before humans come to observe the situation, Addom had slipped off. At first, ddom was just a blob of sentient mass, his objective was to gather information so he can adapt to the world around it. the location Addom had landed in was in the United Kingdom, so the first type of people he encountered was was of the Erupeon variety. Addom quickly picked up on all the lingo and communication habits of the humans, and quickly figured out how to  imitate the average form of a male human. When Addom tried to mingle with some people in a cafe, however, the humans were terrified and ran off, well, all except one. A biologist named Marry was enjoying some midday coffee, when Addom waltzed in, confused about everyone's reaction. She wasn't scared, alarmed maybe, but not scared,in fact, she was extremely interested. Since Marry ways the only one who didn't run, Addom decided to ask her why everyone ran away, to which she responded with "They're afraid", Addom proceeded to ask why, and the woman explained how afraid humans were of the unknown. Now believing this woman had extensive knowledge of human nature, Addom continued to ask questions about human and the planet they were on. Addom and Marry talked until the distant sounds of police sirens could be heard approaching the cafe, and Marry had to help sneak Addom out.

From that day on, Addom stayed with Marry in her apartment, learning more about human nature and the other inhabitants on earth, figuring out to form his identity and how to act around others, and she even helped him name himself. During his time with Marry, he was able to develop his own personality, and learned more about her dream of becoming a professor in biology at a prestige college, this wish to teach interested Addom, it actually excited him, Addom knew that there was so much more he could learn about earth, and he knew there was many others on earth who could benefit from some more knowledge, so he helped he study during her college years to help her advance in her class, whilst learning more himself. They became very close during their time together.

As the years went by, Addom yearned to explore the world and learn more about it's culture's first hand, so he and Marry decided to go on various trips around the world, visiting major cities and historic landmarks. On one of their trips, Marry decided to go to America to give Addom a tour, and on that tour they went to Jump City. While there, he and Marry looked into the super heros that lived there, and were extremely fascinated at the thought of beings with super powers. Addom soon found out about the special schooling program for powered youth and was immediately hooked on the idea of teaching a class. That night, he and Marry had a long discussion that ended with Addom deciding to become a teacher in Jump City, and Marry deciding that she'd be a teacher in America also, saying that "I don't mind teaching at a college here, as long as we're still together". She and Addom moved to America about a year later, and after going through the process of becoming certified teachers, they both applied for teaching jobs, Addom's a part time teacher at the Jump city High school.

Currently, Addom and Marry live in a house a bit away from Jump.
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The Panda Bookknight
Skilled Metahuman
Skilled Metahuman
The Panda Bookknight

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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Miraculous   Mr. Miraculous Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2016 7:36 am

I just want to say that everytime that I post the app, the site messes up the coding in some way....don't know how to stop it...
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Ωmega-class Metahuman

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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Miraculous   Mr. Miraculous Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2016 9:52 am

Okay the only thing that seems off to me is that you used a meta human app base for a technical outsider but its all still balanced so I will call this good but know that you may have to alter your app if the other staff asks you to. Good luck on your next approval and nice character.

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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Miraculous   Mr. Miraculous Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2016 8:34 pm

Looks good to me!

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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Miraculous   Mr. Miraculous Icon_minitime

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