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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Fubuki Rin

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PostSubject: Fubuki Rin   Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:10 pm

"Everything is worthy of reward"

Fubuki Rin


Full Name: Fubuki Rin
Nickname(s): Transfer Student
Codename: Suiren
Age: 14
Race: Augmented Human
Alignment: Lawful Good


Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Lavender
Gender: Female
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Other Traits: Hero Form and Civilian Form


Spatial Cutting - Rin's sword enables her to cut space for a variety of effects. The most prominent of which is the ability to seemingly cut through anything. In reality, she is only cutting the space occupied by the object and the actual object itself isn't really cut at all even though it appears to be. When she sheathes her sword, the objects that have been "cut" are restored back to their original state. A white aura surrounding the blade of her sword indicates that this is active.
*To illustrate, if she beheads a person with this power, said person does not die because they are not really beheaded. Only the space occupied by their neck is cut which results in an appearance of being beheaded. Sheathing her sword repairs this cut and puts the head back in place.
Sub: Teleport - Rin can use her spatial cutting to "cut the distance" between her and her intended destination. The effect is akin to teleporting with a swing of her sword. She needs to be able to directly see her destination without any external aid to use this ability.

Hero Mode - Rin possesses the ability to transform into a powered form called "Hero Mode" that sharply increases her physical capabilities and enables her to project her aura to use in battle. She becomes able to lift up to 2 tons.
Sub: Enhanced Speed - Hero Mode grants Rin the speed and reactions to slice a bullet shot from a gun from a distance of at least 5 meters.
Sub: Aura Projection - Hero Mode enables Rin to channel her aura to her sword to release blades of energy with a swing. This has a max range of 20 meters and packs 2 tons of cutting force. The arc of the energy blade is 2 meters wide and travels at a speed of 200 mph.

Master Swordsmanship - Rin is a prodigy of the sword and can be considered a one-woman army on pure skill alone without using any powers.

-Hand-to-Hand Combat - Even without a sword, Rin remains to be a formidable combatant well-versed in karate, aikido and judo.
-Freerunning - Rin is proficient in traversing various environments, whether urban or in the wilderness, while expertly employing gymnastics and acrobatics in her movements.
-Strategist - Rin is a master strategist and tactician who always thinks several steps ahead in the midst of a battle or conflict, predicting how her opponents will act. Other than in fights this trait also makes her really good at board games, and maybe even video games, if she was not so bad with technology.

Physical Weaknesses
-Human - Outside of her Hero Mode, Rin is human and would get injured or die from anything that can hurt or kill an average human.
-Sight - Line of sight is a requirement for Rin to activate any of her Spatial Cutting abilities, thus hindering her vision in some way limits their use.
-Tight Spaces - Almost all of Rin's special techniques require her to swing her sword in an arc and so confined spaces make it difficult for her to execute them.
-Anti-Divine - Activating Hero Mode temporarily imbues Rin's body with divine properties making her susceptible to anything that would be made to harm divine entities.
-Disarming - Though she is far from helpless, depriving Rin of her sword will still drastically reduce her offensive prowess.

Mental Weaknesses
-Hero Syndrome - Rin will always prioritize the safety of innocents over anything else, putting her at a disadvantage in a hostage situation or any scenario where bystanders could be drawn in to the conflict.
-Honorable - Rin will not attack a disarmed foe or someone who has given up, granting openings to those who would feign weakness in order to deceive her.

-Ikutachi - A white sword of divine origins passed down through Rin's family. It is this sword's unique trait that allows Rin to use her Spatial Cutting. It is nigh indestructible except to things made specifically to harm divine objects. When in her Hero Mode, she gains the option to summon a second copy of the sword for dual-wielding.


Rin is a serious, strong-willed girl with a great sense of duty and justice. She values life and freedom and always strives to see the good in people. Or at least that is the image she would like to maintain. In truth, behind her kind but stern face is a girl troubled with worries; always wondering if she is doing the right thing or if she is doing enough. Rather than a figure of pride and confidence, her most honest persona is that of humility: one who firmly believes that she still has much to learn.

That does not mean however that she is fragile. When it comes to beliefs and convictions, Rin will not lose in passion and motivation. For all of her fretting and getting flustered in silence, her sincerity is real. She considers herself to be a person for others, loyal to her friends, and standing by the weak and oppressed when no one else can. If only things could be done as easily as they are said. Everyday is a new struggle, but she faces each challenge with optimism and her best foot forward.

-Historical movies
-Peace and quiet

-Complex technology
-Excessive noise

Rin could be considered old-fashioned and traditional. While most of her peers would be on their phones or tablets in public, she on the other hand would have a pocketbook out. She visits libraries and museums on her free time and attends screenings of old or historical movies. When she does not feel like going out or engaging in strenuous activities, she engages in meditation to calm her spirit and train her focus.


Family Members: Fubuki Clan
Place of Origin: Japan
Rin is part of old clan that traditionally has served the role of protectors of the world from malevolent supernatural forces. While superhuman abilities and powers have always been part of the clan's repertoire, it was only in the last century or so that they found a need to more openly exercise their use in response to the increasing occurrences of superhuman threats in the world. It is said that their powers originated from ancient pacts they had formed with various gods in Japan. These powers were than passed down throughout the generations as divine blessings that grant the clan members the ability to tap into superhuman abilities or through artifacts of divine origins that can channel their energies to invoke a variety of supernatural phenomenon.

As one of her clan's promising successors Rin has been diligently training all her life to become a proper protector or, as the modern world refers to them now, hero. She came to Jump City for the purpose of furthering her studies as an exchange student in the B-Team program. Unfortunately she found that she was already too advanced for their curriculum and so the teacher in charge recommended that she apply for a junior license to operate as a hero in Jump City. This would serve as her hands-on education while she continued to attend the class lectures as a special student.

The members of her clan traditionally received designations upon reaching a certain age which served as their identification not just within the family but also among the other protector clans. This would usually be a type of flower. Rin's designation was "Suiren" and so this was the code name she decided to use as a hero in Jump.

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PostSubject: Re: Fubuki Rin   Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:30 pm

Speak, hands for me! -stabs Bloo in back-


Liberty! Freedom! Nice ap. Tyranny is dead!

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PostSubject: Re: Fubuki Rin   Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:46 pm

I'm going to war with the usurper DD.
In the meantime, you're good to RP now Rin.

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PostSubject: Re: Fubuki Rin   

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Fubuki Rin
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