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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Mariya Crestfallen

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PostSubject: Mariya Crestfallen   Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:47 am

"You just don't get it, do you? I'm Kryptonian!"

Mariya Crestfallen


Full Name: Mariya Crestfallen
Nickname: Mari
Codename: Omega
Age: 21
Race: Outsider - Half-Kryptonian and Half-Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132 lbs
Other Traits: Has several piercings that were not easy to get in.


Kryptonian Physiology
-Durability: Mariya is able to withstand 5 tons of force before taking any real damage from it.
-Solar Regeneration: When in the direct sunlight, Mariya heals faster than normal. A broken bone takes several hours, small cuts and bruises only a couple hours, and it only takes a few minutes for her to recover from being out of breath.
-X-Ray Vision: Mariya is able to activate this to be able to selectively see through anything not made of lead. Using this makes her eyes glow.

Kryptonian Might
Mariya is incredibly strong, able to lift up to 15 tons. She does not suffer from the backlash of hitting at this force.

Kryptonian Flight
Mariya is able to fly up to 200 feet in the air, and at a maximum of 100 MPH.

-Speaks Russian and English.
-Strangely lucky.
-Professional Poker player.
-Exceptional fight analyst.

Physical Weaknesses
-Kryptonite: Exposure to this rare material makes Mariya not only weak as a human, but virtually unable to fight back. Extended exposure could even threaten her life.

-Sunlight: Mariya requires sunlight to use her powers. If held captive in a dark basement, or extended underground experiences, this can be used against her. A complete day out of sunlight reduces her to half capacity. Two days makes her just above human level strength.

-Extreme Temperatures: Something Mariya did not receive from her Kryptonian lineage is their resistance to heat and cold. These types of attacks will prove effective against her.

Mental Weaknesses
-Hot Headed: Mariya is quick to anger When she feels threatened, she's prone to make stupid decisions and charge towards her target.

-Hubris: Mariya has no equal in her eyes. Defeat is not something she has been faced with frequently, and she will often not acknowledge the danger of a situation if outnumbered or outmatched.

Kryptonian Battle Suit
This fashionable outfit was stolen from a high tech storage owned by the Russian government. It's a little stronger than kevlar, and has no other distinguishable effects. Mariya rarely wears it, though. For some reason... it doesn't feel right to her.


-Mariya carries herself with command and swagger. She doesn't back down from challenges, and she often issues them herself. She holds herself and her abilities in high regard, but when she acknowledges someone they have her earnest respect. Those who treat her with respect get her mercy, most of the time.
When around people she doesn't feel the need to posture with, she seems to have a rather childish sense of humor. Laughing at cartoons and silly pranks, and even occasionally trying the latter herself.

-Adventure Time
-A good fight


-Card games
-Cracks her knuckles when she's aggravated


Family Members: Anya Crestfallen (Mother)
Place of Origin: Kovrov, Russia
Mariya's life is far more complicated than even she knows. She wasn't born, instead she was... created. She was a project lead by several scientists that came from an old Project Cadmus lab. They had gotten their hands on Kryptonian DNA following a serious fight in Metropolis between two different Kryptonians. They used this, mixed with human DNA as a filler to create an entire being.

Of the 7 subjects created, only 3 came out with no deformities and functional. These three babies were considered successes, and the scientists had planned on selling them to the highest bidder... until one got cold feet. Anya Zervich, one of the lead genetic engineers at the lab decided she wanted the children to have normal lives, and not be made into dangerous weapons.

In a wild ditch effort, she tried to escape with the children... only to be confronted by one of the men who worked with her. He threatened to kill her, and she pleaded with him. Said that all children deserve a chance. She'd do anything to get him to remain silent.
This brought a sick grin to his face. They got into a scuffle over a few things, causing an experimental drug to spill out. The psychedelic effects were overwhelming, but Anya fought her way free. There was an explosion when the chemical mixed with something else, and the children were caught in the blast.

In a drug induced haze, Anya grabbed what she is sure was the only remaining child and fled as planned. A name change and a small flat in a busy Russian town was her haven.

Growing up, Mariya's mom never told her what she was. As far as Mariya knew, her mom was a drug addicted woman, though in reality Anya was self medicating the after effects of the experimental drug she was exposed to. She was out of it on most days, leaving Mariya to care for herself. The older she got, the worse her "mother" got.
There were good days and bad. On the good, Anya loved Mariya and tried her best to make up for the horrible person she was when she was out of it... telling her to make friends, be happy, fall in love...

...but when she taught herself everything, Mariya fell in with the wrong people. She learned to gamble for her money, and to buy her own meals. This was what would lead her to mercenary work in the future.

It wasn't long until Mariya discovered her powers, though. She had grandiose ideas about who her father might be, but even on her good days her mother remained tight lipped.

Then there was an overdose, and Mariya found herself orphaned at age 14. With her powers and lifestyle, she was all but self sufficient though. She missed the loving hugs her mother gave on her good days, but they weren't something she needed. She was strong enough not to need people.

The next few years she did mercenary work, and even stole her battlesuit... but there was more for her in Jump City. That's where she planned on going next.


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PostSubject: Re: Mariya Crestfallen   Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:12 am

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PostSubject: Re: Mariya Crestfallen   Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:51 pm

Those piercings could only have succeeded in Mother Russia.

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PostSubject: Re: Mariya Crestfallen   

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Mariya Crestfallen
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