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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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PostSubject: Ghuco 'Envy' Invidus   Ghuco 'Envy' Invidus Icon_minitimeMon Nov 21, 2016 3:57 am

"Look at those above yourself! And ask not 'could I do better' but rather 'how could I do worse'."


Ghuco 'Envy' Invidus 3419333-6046338348-amon_


Full Name: Ghuco Invidus
Nickname(s): En, Vee, Agitator
Codename: Envy
Alias(es): Jealousy, Spite, Covetousness, Green-Eyed Monster, Aequalitas, Master Mahan
Age: Timeless
Race: Outsider - Demon (Embodiment of Sin)
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Hair Color: Pale black
Eye Color: Green/yellow
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 158lbs
Other Traits: Although rarely to be found without his Far Eastern garbs, underneath Envy is quite clearly demonic. He has two upward curling horns and short black wings which, while they don't offer the power of flight, are nevertheless flexible. No one knows how his horns fit under his hood!



Envy's powers stem from magic, being himself a creature of magical formation.

Sin Physiology - Like his kin, as long as there is envy in the universe, Envy himself is immortal. That's not to say he won't die, but upon death he will respawn, given 72 hours.

* He will not die from old age, starvation, thirst, or suffocation.

* He is supernaturally durable, able to withstand approximately 3 tons and taking reduced damage from fire.

Power Borrowing - Envy can take a single power (or master level skill) from someone (including associated sub-powers) for twelve hours. This lets him use the power while at the same time preventing its originator from doing so. There is a grace period of about five minutes before he can do this again. Taking a different power returns the first one to its proper owner. Those who have their powers stolen will instinctively know when it happens. All that be required for this to occur is that Envy be within 100m of a target and that he knows of the power's existence.

Extrasensory Perception - Upon looking at an individual, Envy will be made aware of the basic facts about them. He will learn their given name, their preferred alias/codename, their true age, their height and weight, their profession, their affiliations, their gender, whether they have next of kin, their nationality and race, and things of that nature. It will also let him know the nature of their powers and/or extraordinary skills including weaknesses.

* Another branch of his ESP allows him to see spirits, magical veils, and other mystical illusions.

* Furthermore he is receptive to the jealousy of those around him and instinctively knows where that jealousy is levelled.

* Charismatic and incentivising, Envy can motivate crowds of people to excesses.
* Having spent a lifetime aiding revolutions and mutinies, Envy is a very dangerous activist. He can be considered the world's foremost expert on what causes, drives, and quells an uprising.
- He possesses a certain level of tactical awareness and strategy, especially concerning undermining regimes.
- Being a close personal friend of the world's first murderer, Envy is familiar with what it takes to end a life.
* Envy has a hand in creating the 'murder for reward' business, meaning he is familiar with the ways of an assassin and is capable of a degree of stealth.
* Envy is capable of some parkour-level agility, predominantly in cities where he has practiced.
* Having been around for a long time Envy has known several languages. These include English, Latin, French, and various Indian dialects.
* He is capable of lying without betraying the act through tone of voice, he can beat a lie detector more often than not.

Physical Weaknesses
- No aspect of Envy's magic will work upon those carrying Nth metal.
- Aequalitas cannot touch holy items without a burning sensation, nor can he enter holy places.
- Excessive displays of altruism, levelled towards Envy, will banish him into purgatory. However, this is more difficult than it seems, as any altruism done with the goal of banishing him is in effect not altruistic and would thus fail.
- A human who has studied how to trap demons would know how to draw a circle that Envy won't be able to escape from. On that same note, if a human knew the name Ghucos Invidus, and was prepared to sacrifice a soul they hold above themselves, they could summon Envy to their location.

Sin Physiology
- If Envy was ever killed by Nth metal he would cease to be for an extended period. Most likely 1000 years or so.
- Although Envy revives after 72 hours, it is in Hell. To return to Earth he needs a summoning and sometimes Lucifer will prevent him leaving regardless.

Power Borrowing
- Stealing a single power does nothing to affect the other remaining powers. If the target only has one power, then instead of stealing it, Envy would merely copy it.
- Blocking Envy's sight can prevent powers from being stolen since he needs to look directly at the person.
- Blocking Envy's ESP could prevent him from learning about a power, thus preventing it from being stolen.
- Killing or knocking him unconscious would return the power to its rightful owner.
- All weaknesses/limitations specifically pertaining to the taken power would be acquired by Envy.
- Although Envy is well practised with taking powers, he is by no means an expert in the use of every ability. Especially those that are rare.

Extrasensory Perception
- Envy will only have this information at his disposal as long as he is looking at the person in question. As soon as he looks away, he would forget it. However, if he can get them to reference something he has learned, then it would remain in his long term memory. (e.g. "Your name is Meredith?" "Meredith can be a man's name!")
- This loss of memory prevents him from capitalising on weaknesses that may require preparation.
- Envy must see someone use their power to have his ESP become aware of its existence. For powers that cannot be seen (e.g. telepathy) it is enough that they happen in his sight. The extrasensory part takes care of the rest.
- This ability does not afford Envy real-time specifics like what their next move would be or that they have sided with one of their affiliations over another. It is not telepathy.
- Because he becomes aware of facts, does not necessarily mean he knows their significance. He may consider a clandestine organisation someone holds affiliation to as some office depo he's not heard of.
- He will not learn the exact parameters of any powers. He may know someone has super-strength but not whether they can lift 2 times their normal weight or 50 tons.
- People with psychic shielding or protective magics may be able to shield themselves and even others from Envy's ESP.

Mental Weaknesses
- Envy cannot abide boasting. It is the validation of all of his fears, that the person believes they are better than him. If it doesn't move him to rash action, it will almost certainly annoy him.
- Overcome by the constant impression that he never has the best in life, Envy is given to bouts of depression that may slow his efficiency.
- Offering something or someone excessive, and especially ill-deserved, praise is liable to get the attentions of Envy.

- Flick-knife.
- Concealable dagger.
- Concealable parachute inside uniform (one use).
- Uniform first assembled in India including a ceramic mask, knee guards, and a hooded jerkin.



It goes without saying that Envy covets that which is not his own. He is given to the disposition that whatever someone else owns is better than what he currently possesses. He yearns practically as much as his brother Greed. The difference being that whatever Envy gains immediately loses value to him. He is deeply unhappy and given to depression at what he perceives as injustices. Whatever the circumstance he always views himself as the underdog.

Revenge is never far from his heart. He delights in the misfortune of others. Schadenfreude has made him blind to the value of life and presents him as callous in most situations. Envy is forever frowning and prefers to cover his mouth so as not to betray his discontent. Thanks to a lifetime of jealousy he has become a talented actor. He can hide his displeasure exceedingly well and is thus able to interact amicably with people without upsetting them.

True to his demonic roots he is a talented liar. He can tell a falsehood with utmost sincerity. He can bring himself to compliment and grovel to his very worse enemies. There may be an air of bitterness or passive-aggression in his conversation, but most people don't find it if they're not looking.

Envy found his calling in life early on. He is a talented riot-master, a rabble-rouser, and a trouble-maker. He can voice dissatisfaction and inspire it in others. His revolutionist bent makes him quite appealing to crowds and mobs. He has demonstrated great charisma and inspirational rhetoric. He has much practice spurring on collections of otherwise peaceful people to bloody murder.

Not a lot of good can be said for the Sin except for one thing. He can see the worth in anyone. He has been known to talk people out of depression merely by stating the things he envies most about them. Being a sufferer of depression himself, he rejects suicide utterly.

- Schadenfreude
- Violent protests
- Mob rule
- Whatever that is you've got
- Complaining

- Boasters
- Non-Violent protests/Diplomacy
- Supreme Beings (be they good or bad)
- Whatever this is he has
- Suicide

- Retains the title Master Mahan or 'keeper of the great secret' after the death of Cain's brood.
- The only person he is never able to hide his scorn from is Pride.
- Always covers his mouth. If not with his usual mask then with a neck-tie or his hand if truly desperate.
- Has a vested interest in any and all opposition groups, no matter the subject.
- As a small matter of pride, Envy isn't shy about admitting he knows what the 'Mark of Cain' is. A piece of knowledge that has been lost to history.
- No one frightens him more than Mohandas Gandhi.


Family Members:
- Lucifer (Father)
- Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Lust (Siblings)

Place of Origin:
- Land of Nod

Envy was birthed into existence by the sin of Cain. Cain killed his brother because God favoured Abel's sacrifice over his own. Cain lied about the murder and was justly marked and exiled. Envy was to be his companion. They ventured into the fabled Land of Nod. Eventually their wanderings came to an end. Cain erected a city to house his descendants. He was at peace for a time.

A young Envy convinced his companion that vengeance must be sought against God. And so he made Cain turn to the Devil for assistance. The Devil promised to reward Cain if he would keep murdering. This 'great secret' that Cain was able to 'murder to get gain' was the basis for the first secret society. Cain took the title of Master Mahan and Envy was his disciple.

However, God did not let Cain nor his descendants get away with their wickedness. Despite his promises the Devil didn't lift a finger to help them when the Great Deluge came. And though Envy lived through this betrayal, he learned never to trust anyone again. He began to revile the Devil as much as God.

Throughout history Envy has chosen to burden mankind alongside his siblings. His chief act is to prey upon people's 'pretensions of equality'. He goes to the downtrodden, the outcast, the disillusioned, and malcontents; and he convinces them to rise up against their betters. He pits the have nots against the haves. He is the instigator of coups and mutinies. He perverts the noble causes of retribution, fairness, and accountability. He causes the upheavals in society that ultimately destroy civilisations from the inside out.

His first recorded presence is in ancient Rome. Jealous of the Emperor's power he declared himself an eternal enemy of their station. He decreed that no Emperor would be permitted to die of old age, that they would all be usurped. Eventually the Emperor Vespasian was able to catch up with him and have him put to death. It was over a hundred years before gnostics could resummon him from hell.

Envy's greatest success appears to have been the death of absolute monarchies. He surfaced at the Bastille in France during 1789 and set a sequence of events into motion that even he admits he did not predict. For a decade he roamed the French countryside making revolutions and counter-revolutions before Napoleon thwarted him by engendering the country with a buffering sense of collective pride. He has not forgiven his sister for that.

He appeared again in India during the late 1800's. By then he was using the moniker 'Aequalitas' which has since kept with him. He presented a constant threat to the rule of the British Raj. From 1918 he could be seen at the side of Mahatma Gandhi. His plan was to use the popular monk to throw the county into civil unrest where everyone came out the worse. Gandhi defied him. Envy did not seriously think the man could uphold his ridiculous ideals of non-violent protest. He would watch aghast as protestors allowed themselves to be beaten without reaction.

Jealous that the diminutive man could best him at his own game Envy tried to deny the monk his goals. He would cause previous political allies to criticise and doubt the monk. He would try to fracture the uneasy peace between Hindus and Muslims that Gandhi particularly strove for. He would manufacture reasons to force him to leave Congress, which Gandhi temporarily did for a time. During World War Two, he called Gandhi's policy of 'non-violent moral support' unethical in an attempt to turn the people against him. All this while still acting as the man's advisor.

The last straw came when the British were forced to grant India independence. Many were in favour of dividing the lands into two countries (India and Pakistan) thus splitting the territory on religious lines. This was in stark opposition to Gandhi's views. Envy undermined the monk again, and the resultant population transfer caused mass violence and destruction.

Aequalitas offered the monk his sympathies but Gandhi instead commended him. It transpired that the monk had known for a long time the true nature of his advisor. He confronted the Sin and gave heartfelt congratulations to his victory. Unnerved, Envy asked why it would please the monk. The reply insisted that Gandhi knew that he was going to lose and so he ensured the Sin would win. He had voted 'For' the partition. This inherent kindness struck Envy to his very core. He vanished in a blaze of hellfire and fell into purgatory to shield himself from its purity.

Envy has only relatively recently recovered from that defeat. He was prominent in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. With that now winding down he set eyes upon the tranquillity in the West. No doubt this was owing to their abundance of superheroes. He saw that the Titans were in the middle of a transition period. And he thought that maybe it was high time he sowed a little discord into their ranks. Just to prove that they weren't so superior.

«««Sample RP»»»

Invidus could smell blood on the wind. In the frigid desert night that tang meant his quarry could not escape. The scuttling revolutionary had been stabbed once and could only move with his good arm clenched to his bicep. He sought shelter in the gaps between shell-scarred homesteads; in the rubble and ruin of this infrequent battleground. Envy, meanwhile made his own path. He hopped between two intact walls and rolled onto a flat roof. From there he leapt from stone to stone until he tumbled into his victim from great height.

They both went sprawling to the floor. The Sin was up first, "Why run, Nizar? I thought you'd tired of fighting."

"Deceiver! Warmonger!" Nizar gasped in pain at his wound.

"That was clever, using the clergy as go-betweens. Delivering your message of surrender without your fellow rebels knowing. If your group had turned flank, I dare say the holdouts here would be finished."

"This fighting achieves nothing! The government can be changed from within. The others will see that. They'll see that you want nothing more than death and decay."

Envy drew his knife. Nizar's eyes were drawn to its steel. The Sin side-stepped and began to sharpen it against a rock, "This wasn't my doing. This isn't what I want. All I did was show you and your compatriots what was there. The corrupt elite. The barbaric slaves of doctrine. Trapped between two extremes it was necessary - no - it was their duty to rise up and take command of their country. Those others didn't deserve it. Couldn't be trusted with it." He tested the blade's edge, "That you chose war was on you. Stupid, senseless, violent war. I merely respected the decision."

"I am older and wiser. I will not make the mistakes of passion I once made. They are good men, my friends. They too will grow."

"You do not understand the mind of man. Let me explain it to you. So blinded were you all of this promise of freedom, that you destroyed what liberties you already possessed. Religious expression is now dangerous radicalism. Envoys of peace? Traitors!" Envy struck forward and kicked Nizar flat onto his back. The knife skewered something in his thigh, making him scream into the darkness, "I'm not going to kill you, Nizar! I'm going to hand you over. Your friends are going to kill you! And why? Why would they do that?"

"Monster! Argh! You will be smitten!"

"Because you became better than them, Nizar. You took the difficult path of peace where they could not. You shamed them." Invidus cleaned his knife upon a rag before slipping it back into his sleeve, "And they are jealous."

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Looks good to me! On to that second stamp.

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Ghuco 'Envy' Invidus 5-1

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