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 Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
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PostSubject: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro    Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:15 am

"I wonder if they could speak if they would say the same thing I did my first time I could."

Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro


Full Name: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro
Nickname(s): Mili, Miley
Codename: Fahrenheit
Alias(es): N/A
Age: 2 (Physically 16)
Race: Outsider - Half Breed, Half Feecon (Demon), and Half Spirit Bloodline (Spiritual Beings)
Alignment: Neutral


Hair Color: Has neon orange hair with yellow orange highlights.
Eye Color: Has black irises
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 128 lbs
Other Traits: She has a devil/demon tail that is 4 feet long that is orange in color. Her skin looks nearly ghost white in color when in the right lighting.


-Physiology -
Tail Control: All Feecons are born with the ability to use their tails like an extra limb like money's can.
Young Looks: Feecons normally live for 100s of years but due to her non Feecon DNA blending oddly with her Feecon DNA this simply turns into her just looking very young through out her whole life to where in her late 60s she could at the worst still look like she was in her late 30s or early 40s. Though she still lives just as long as a normal human and despite her young looks her inner workings would still work the same.
Strong Sense of Smell: Miley can smell others and things much easier to where she could track them down like a dog and to where she can tell where others with strong scents are around her by smell alone. This comes from her Feecon DNA. (See Physical Weakness for draw backs to this.)
Feeconic Primal Era DNA: Due to her Dna being unlocked miley some times will turn more primal in her actions which makes her do things like eating food with her bare hands when she normally would use silverware in a civil and mature manner. Though due to this she naturally at all times can run on all fours easily at speeds that are even faster than normal running that match your average high school track star.

-Heat Absorbsion: Miley can absorb heat from The air around her, objects she touches, and from other living creatures. When she absorbs it from the air, the air within 1 foot around her will feel about -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Objects after 10 seconds will gain a layer of frost on them and feel super cold but that is it. As for people that's where things get more complicated. She can adsorb heat off of others through 3 means, Skin to skin contact, Though clothing contact, and lip contact.

Skin to skin meaning she is touching their skin with hers. Through clothing meaning any fabric or basic clothing that is not armor esc (armor esc 'clothing' would be affected like normal objects and not affect the person directly.). Lip contact meaning open mouth to open mouth to allow her to draw out the heat directly by inhaling up to 30 seconds in one go. Doing the full 30 seconds leagues her out of breath and the other person feeling like they just held their breath for 30 seconds.

Affects start to stop advancing when she is no longer touching another and they will disappear like normal coldness would to the said person naturally. Below will be the stages that her absorption affects living creatures and how long each contact takes to get to each stage. Each stages area of affect grows out bigger than the last though the most outer area of affect will always be one stage behind in affects.

Basic feeling of being decently cold:
Clothed contact: 10 seconds
Skin contact: 5 seconds
Lip contact: Nearly instantly

Stage 1 frost bite (Your skin pales or turns red and feels very cold. Continued exposure leads to prickling and numbness in the affected area. This stage does not normally cause any damage on its own.):
Clothed contact: 30 seconds
Skin contact: 15 seconds
Lip contact: 7 seconds

Stage 2 frost bite (Your reddened skin or pale skin becomes more red or near white. The skin may remain soft, but some ice crystals may form in the tissue. half of the rp characters body should be affected by this point. Your skin may begin to feel warm at this point and if it does the skin may start to crack. At the tail end of this stage yur skin will start to turn blue or purple.  Stinging, burning and swelling of the skin will begin at this point as well. (Rpers can choose to have blisters form from 1 to 2 days after rewarming the skin if they wish.):
Clothed contact: 45 seconds
Skin contact: 30 seconds
Lip contact: 15 seconds

Stage 3 frost bite (At this point it will now affect all layers of the skin, including the tissues that lie below and should be affecting the characters near entire body. You may experience numbness, losing all sensation of cold, pain or discomfort in the affected area. (Rpers may choose to allow the following to happen if they wish at this point: Joints or muscles may no longer work. Large blisters form 1 to 2 days hours after rewarming. The area turns black and hard as the tissue dies. You may become drowsy and even loose eye coordination.)):
Clothed contact: 2 minutes
Skin contact: 1 minute
Lip contact: 30 seconds

-Fire Projection: (This ability is only available in her Demon form.) Miley can project common heat levels of fire from her hands, feet, and mouth. This has a range of 5 feet and has a flame thrower esc fire spread. She can due these for about 20 seconds long for her limbs while her mouth one goes off her breathing and goes for as long as she can breath out (if she gets a good breath that is 15 seconds long) though when she does it from her mouth it can quickly make her light headed if she does it too much. She can morph her flames into shapes that she thinks up when they are still in the palm of her hand though she can only change their shapes into things that are not larger than the original flame.

  • Home Made Flames: Miley can be harmed by natural/other person, made fire and heat normally. Though with heat and flames made herself she will be unaffected even if they spread around onto new things. Though she is not resistant to the smoke so she can still suffocate like anyone else from the smoke but would just not be burned.
  • Flame Form: This form takes 10 seconds of pure focus to bring out and only lasts 40 seconds. This form lowers physical attack damage by a fourth and does not show the results until she comes out of this form but she still gains the physical damage. She in this form looks to be pure flames you can pas through but where her body would naturally be solid it is solid but is as hot as an average flame. The rest of her has fire coming off of her and is as hot as normal flames.

    If she some how stays in this form longer than 40 seconds when she would normally turn back to normal she will get minor sun burns all along her skin that didn't have clothing or something covering it while her clothes may seem singed and or be overly hot like it was in a direct fire for that whole time. In this form all ice related attacks are actually amplified that hit her and affect her four times as much as they normally would any normal person.

    What This Form Generally Looks Like:

- * Amazing Acrobatic/Parkour Skills
- * Great Stealth Skills
- Has Decent Skills in fighting in a primal style that involves her flinging her body and limbs around in order to hit others and greatly relies on momentom and her body weight to cause damage.
- Decent Balancing Skills
- Greatly Flexible
- Great Ice Skating Skills
- Can speak English, Feconic, and Basic/Common Demon.
- She knows how to make sounds and actions to help convey what she wants to say to others she can not speak the language of

Physical Weaknesses

-Strong Sense Of Smell: This ability tends to back fire when smells that she doesn't like come around her and usually makes her lose any focus and can even stop her from being able to track anything while she smells this. If a smell gets too strong no matter if its good or bad it could send her into a state where shes unable to do anything but cover her nose in hopes that the smell goes away and will cause her to be unable to focus even remotely on anything but this smell.

-Heat Absorbsion: Miley needs to absorb heat in order to survive. If she doesn't within an hour she starts to feel super cold, after 2 hours she becomes freezing cold, after 3 she enters stage 1 frost bite, after 4 she enters stage 2, after 5 she enters stage 3, after 6 hours she becomes endanger of dying. She needs 5 minutes of constant super hot heat in order to fully heat back up after 6 hours. (More time adds on with the level of heat lowering.) When she fully heats back up her frost bite injuries fully heal. (No other injuries heal other than her frost bite injuries.)

-Her Vision: She has horrible vision due to her DNA blending weirdly. She normally can only see massive blurs of basic shapes and colors until the object is 2 inches from her face. She can smell out some things around her if she doesn't have her glasses and she may know how to get around with only having the blobs of colors around her but this still puts her at a massive disadvantage in battles if she doesn't have her glasses.

-Holy Things: Miley can not touch or come within a foot of anything Holy (Like churches, crosses holy water etc.) if she passes that barrier she will feel like she is on fire. If touches the item she will start burn like if she had her hand in fire. (This weakness disappears when in her human form.)

Mental Weaknesses
- Primal Mode: Due to her Dna being unlocked miley some times will turn more primal in her actions which makes her do things like eating food with her bare hands when she normally would use silverware in a civil and mature manner.

- Regaining Memories: As she regains memories she gets sent a head ache lasting during the memory. She also becomes only able to hear the memory, and will see flashes of the memory, and blured flashes of whats going on around her. After it passes she sometimes is left disorientated and or even confused. All of this making her prone to attacks. Memories tend to come when they are triggered and also at random moments.

-She has custom made glasses to allow her to see normally though these glasses are altered to have thin glass and to be able to resist up to a ton of weight and to not melt or burn with standard fires. This is due to any normal pairs of glasses she would be stuck with would magnifine her eyes intensely and have glass that would be thicker than the frame of standard glasses.


Personality Miley is at times rather innocent who has yet to really see too much of the world and has yet to truly learn much about what is right from wrong though is slowly learning with her regaining memories. This with the combination of being naturally trusting of those who give her a good first impression makes her very friendly towards new people that haven't managed to scare her yet.

She also is quite brave and the only thing that usually does scare her easily is angry shouting. She is easily angered if she is hit and will feel the need to hit back even if it was a light playful hit. She really does not see fault in killing others so long as they are people that she likes. She also finds herself being curious of many things including her own self now.

She is easily entertained due to still having a near child like mind. She though due to having the same DNA as her past self still has the darker attributes that her past self got from her father making her have the potential to become a killing machine just as much as she is prone to becoming a hero. She finds odd joy in harming others if she believes they deserve it and will some times get carried away in hurting others due to this.

-People who can give a good caring hug
-Things that make funny sounds
-Bubble wrap
-Vibrant colors
-Bouncy things and things she can bounce on
-Soft and or fluffy things
-Spicy things
-Minty things
-Sweet things
-Running on all fours
-Ice Skating
-New books she likes the feel of them and the smell of them
-Mellow and calming scents
-Jumping and flipping around on things
-Hanging from things.
-Having the tip of her nose poked
-Having her head pat
-Biting things

-Bitter things
-Overly salted things
-People who clearly don't care when they hug you
-Angry Shouting
-Getting hit
-Being poked or getting hit right where the back of her head meets her neck right in the middle of that area
-Getting her tail pulled, stepped on, or hurt
-People who upset people she likes
-Squirt bottles and being sprayed by them
-Rough surfaces, and ones that hurt you if you fall hard into them

-She is prone to biting people she doesn't like
-She is prone to biting stuff that is too close to her mouth if she doesn't know what it is if she thinks its a threat.
-If she can't see that well she is even further prone to bite things too close to her mouth due to old habits and still not knowing if it is a threat or not.
-She tends to wonder off even if told to stay in one place due to just wanting to do so and not being good with directions.
-She tends to tear and rip into things that she can if left alone too long and her primal side comes out and due to it being an old habit of hers.


Family Members: Flerdocon Feedecondro (Technical Father - Dead) Melinda Feedecondro (Technical Mother - Dead) Raylinda Feedecondro (Technical Daughter - Alive)
Place of Origin: The Feeconic Kingdom in the Underworld.
A few years ago a team of scientists located a well hidden small box that looked over 100s and 100s of years old though still looked to be made of metal that was welded shut. After some time they managed to break it open inside they found a glass tube that looked totally preserved and had blood sealed inside.

Curious as to what it was they attempted to look it over to find that it was the DNA of some sort of odd creature with only very few similar genetic coding to humans. So to try to figure out what it was further they took it to a well secured lab and used their technology to try to use the blood to clone what ever it had came from.

They managed to fast age it to about 16 years and fund what looked like just another human girl. After looking into her more now they learned that she had odd abilities like that of some meta humans. They didn't know exactly what she was still but decided to turn her into a weapon. After taking her out and trying to train her they had enough time to compare her current DNA to the starting DNA.

What they found was that they had blended the DNA wrong making her a fraction of how strong she once probably was and even make her vision very poor. Due to this they deiced to use her as more of a trial run too see how they should train her and train the next clone they would make.

Some of the people who trained her treated her well but never really spoke to her until they had to. Others were not too nice and would yell and hit her if she didn't something she shouldn't have. After s year though one of their workers decided that what they were doing was wrong so they took the girl, destroyed the remaining blood, took the box it came in that had been found to have something engraved in the inside that they hadn't been able to decode yet.

He then managed to set the entire location on fire in hopes to destroy anything else they had in there, and to hope that it would help distract people to allow them an easier escape. They though after a day of running were found by some of the last of the men who got out of the fire and were attacked. The man managed to fought off and kill the men at the coat of his own life.

He though handed her the box before he died and pointed in a direction but died before being able to really say anything. Not knowing that he died she assumed the man had decided to go to sleep and wanted her to go somewhere in the direction he pointed, so that's what she did. She now holding the box of her unknown past, and unknowingly on her way to Jump City.

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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

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Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
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PostSubject: Re: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro    Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:48 pm

Read To Be Looked At
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PostSubject: Re: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro    Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:45 pm

Looks good to me!

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PostSubject: Re: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro    Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:26 am

He gave the coat of his own life? But what if it rains?

To clarify. This ap does not surpass the limits on sub powers since 'Multi-Forms' and both 'Body-Heat's describe things already earned or predominant drawbacks/limitations to the main power.


Hugh 'Pix' Exley
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Ωmega-class Metahuman
Ωmega-class Metahuman

Posts : 5526
Join date : 2012-02-23
Age : 20
Location : My bedroom where I spend most my time cause I have no life XP

RPG character
Name: Milicondras Gen- *is shot and a new person walks in clearing his throat* Miley.....
Code Name: Fire Spitter (But that's only in other worlds.... for now 0 u 0)
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PostSubject: Re: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro    Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:59 am

Decently updated, i had everything listed out that i updated but accidentally clicked off and it deleted what i wrote, after having to retype everything out changes wise in the app already before this part i'm not too motivated to do this part out again since i just wasted like an hour redoing the changes. Aka sorry you have to hunt down the changes but the major ones are in the powers.
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PostSubject: Re: Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro    

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Milicondras Gendorytoonyfeel Feedecondro
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