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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Brother Blood [Canon]

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PostSubject: Brother Blood [Canon]   Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:10 am

"Summer break is over."
Brother Blood


Full Name: Unknown
Nickname(s): Headmaster
Codename: Brother Blood
Alias(es): Unknown
Age: Appears to be Old
Race: Metahuman
Affiliation: Lawful Evil


Hair Color: Gray/white
Eye Color: Dark blue/red cybernetic
Gender: Male
Height: 6'06"
Weight: 180 (Cybernetics)
Other Traits: Cybernetic enhancements to his upper body



  • Psychokinesis: Blood is a very powerful Psionic. Primarily, Blood can generate and control telekinetic fields. This is very similar to Raven's telekinesis, except his will is manifested as red energy. Also unlike Raven, Blood can still make use of his telekinetic fields at lower levels of power, where they would be next to impossible to detect. At full power, Blood can project a telekinetic field capable of reflecting Cyborg's sonic cannon, while enhanced with a device called the Ion Amplifier. A device that could boost it's power to an "incalculable" level, which brought down the original HIVE academy.

    At lower levels, Blood can release short ranged 'blasts' of telekinetic force directly from his hands. They are capable of atleast knocking someone like Cyborg off their feet.

    • Teleportation: Blood can teleport himself and several other people, vanishing in a red light and reappearing the same way.

    • Lighter then Air: Blood can passively emit a telekinetic field around himself, making his body lighter then air. Allowing himself to walk on water, and fly/move up to the speed of a cheetah.

  • Mind Control: Using his psionic power, Blood's most dreaded power is his power to mentally enslave those around him. He does not always directly control the minds of other people due to the concentration required to do so. So instead, Blood primarily relies on a "brainwashing" method that makes people obey him with as little energy required. He CAN directly control a single person. People who have been brainwashed or are otherwise under Blood's influence have red glowing eyes.

    • Telepathy: Blood can also read the minds of people within his immediate area, and less importantly he can create illusions in the minds of those around him.

    • Pain: Using his psionic powers, Blood can induce pain through "force lightning" that is cast through red energy. This attack causes immense pain to anyone physically capable of feeling pain. This is NOT considered an energy attack for purposes of "absorption."

  • Cybernetics: Brother Blood has cybernetically enhanced himself with the same kind of technology as Cyborg. These enhancements bolster his already respectable psionic powers in addition to his other mental abilities. His direct mindcontrol for example can be used from further away, as used with the Teen Titans East.

    • Enhanced Strength: Through his cybernetic enhancements, Blood is able to easily lift a ton.

    • Enhanced Reflexes: Blood's sharp senses have been boosted even further, allowing him to react to arrows more easily.

    Photographic memory
    Advanced Martial Arts

    Physical Weaknesses:
  • Mortal: Stab, disease, poison, blah

  • EMP: While not totally effective, his cybernetics are still affected by electromagnetic pulses.

  • Resistances: People with strong wills can resist both his brainwashing, as seen with Cyborg and Bumble Bee, and his direct mind control. There are numerous factors to contribute to his mindcontrol not working, brainwashing being the least effective method to more mentally strong opponents.

    Mental Weaknesses:
  • Paranoid: Blood has a sense of extreme paranoia, wanting to ensure control over his students and servants. He could not handle it when Cyborg managed to fully resist him, and it made him obsess over trying to figure out the cause.

  • Limelight: Blood is a stark contrast to more shadowry masterminds like Slade. Whereas Slade prefers to operate in the shadows, Blood can't get enough of the spotlight. And he has no issue with boasting about his plans to his enemies, confident in his having the upperhand always.



Personality: Brother Blood is a charismatic, intelligent and persuasive speaker. He has always remained an enigmatic figure despite his love of the limelight- even with his students. But he is still an excellent teacher, expecting a great deal from his students while Headmaster. And while he usually maintains his strict sense, sometimes it breaks away, giving space for his occasional goofiness.


Making secret lairs
Making doomsday weapons
Controlling people's minds


Family Members: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
History: Brother Blood's origins are completely unknown, he just "appeared" so to speak and became one of The HIVE Academy's Headmasters. The titans first encountered him after Cyborg infiltrated the academy, posing as another student. After obtaining The Ion Amplifier, a powerful device that boosted the power output of whatever it's attatched to incalculable levels, Cyborg managed to cause the original academy to collapse.

Later, Brother Blood would use Cyborg's own tech to build a device that would destroy Jump City using a tsunami. With the help of Bumble Bee, the titans would infiltrate the underwater base and eventually stop him.

Now on the run, Blood would flee to Steel City. The titans would send Cyborg to help the Titans East set up aswell as help catch Blood. Using the metahuman Steamroller, Blood would infiltrate the tower and battle Cyborg and the titans east. He would initially be "defeated" and kicked out. But this would later prove to be a ruse, as he was instead inside the basement of the tower where he would become cybernetically enhanced. Blood would then AGAIN attack the tower, using the now mind controlled Titans East and his Cyclone army to take the tower over.

The original titans would later come to rescue Cyborg, doing battle against the Titans East while Cyborg and Blood did battle. Blood would have the upperhand at first, but was soundly defeated in the end by Cyborg. When The Vanishing happened, Blood was one of the many people who vanished. The Vanishing itself was an unexplained mystery, and even stranger still; how is Blood back?

Sample rp: It was late in the afternoon at the Steel City Maximum Security prison for metahumans. Things had been kind of slow with the strange decrease in super powered crime. Regular crime was still normal, and had even become more of the focus. But it was when almost everyone inside the prison in unison, grabbed their heads and started to groan in pain. Everyone felt like their head would suddenly split apart as if something was drilling through their skull.

In addition to this, they all became suddenly aware of something they had forgotten; or rather, someone. A guard would be standing outside an ominous reinforced cell door that up until now, he could never remember why it was there. It had been built specifically for a specific kind of metahuman. It was only when the door groaned as if struck by an incredible force. And then a reddish glow seeped out from around the door itself as the steel groaned and creaked, being warped and twisted before finally being forced out of the wall- doorframe and all.

Then out came the cell's former occupant, a lean and tall man with piercing eyes. But it was his red cybernetics that drew your attention. "I've missed this feeling so much. I can't remember how I forgot about it," the man, known as Brother Blood remarked as he looked at one of his cybernetic hands fondly. It was then that he and the guard locked eyes, prompting the guard to draw his weapon only for it to be suddenly sliced in two from a red flourish from Blood's hand. "No need to become alarmed. Infact, you WANT to help me. Don't you?" Blood said silkily, his eyes giving off a less then pleasant red glow as his will took hold of the guard.

The guard briefly struggled but to no avail as he fell under Blood's control. But it was at this point that the alarms went off, no doubt in response to the guards remembering his existence and his breakout. Blood could pick up panicked, and frantic thoughts here and there. They were coming. "Release the others," Blood said simply, casually walking deeper into the prison to intercept some of the guards rushing toward his position.

"There he is! Bring him down!" A guard barked, signalling to his comrades. They opened fire with their pulse rifles, trying to hit Blood as he casually deflected the shots singlehandedly. He made no effort to dodge, intentionally bringing the guards' attention to him as more came to try and take him down. After it was obvious that shooting at him wasn't working, some tried to come at him with some batons. Blood this time nimbly weaved around them, his body a fluid blur as he moved around them and the pulse rifle shots.

And then ALL the cell doors opened. "I think that's enough of that for today," Blood commented, catching a guard's fist and twisting his arm while lifting him off his feet. He easily spun on his heels and used the guard as an improvised weapon that he threw against a couple guards, using his free hand to deflect another pulse rifle shot into one of his other attackers. This bought just enough time for the now free inmates to attack, swarming any and all guards they saw until the entire prison descended into chaos.

Blood flew himself up, taking himself out of the brawling to admire his handiwork. He had no doubt in his mind that a very specific group of people would come at the alarms going off. He could not remember their names for some reason, priding himself in having a good memory. But he remembered what they all looked like, one of which filled him with rage, and who his cybernetics came from. Why couldn't he remember them apart from their appearance? Blood was confused, and made a mental note to investigate this matter later. For now, he'd have to content himself with finding out what had happened to him.

Slipping away through the chaos, Blood looked up at a camera that was undoubtedly watching him in particular and smiled. He gave it a wave, his smile widening cheekily before he was enveloped in a red light and vanished without a trace...

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Brother Blood [Canon]
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