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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Please read if you need something to rp about/someone to rp with

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PostSubject: Please read if you need something to rp about/someone to rp with   Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:03 am

I lately haven't been feeling like posting on the site for a few months now but lately I have noticed a big drop in activity. I doubt that this will help much but I feel like I should at least make the offer to try to help the activity because the thought of this site fully dying due to lack of activity still manages to break my heart.

So the offer is my characters in a way. For anyone who can find in a use for them to help more plots along or just getting in more rp please let me know how ever way you want about the kind of rp you want and we can make a thread together. Im willing to be just the villain you guys fight or the hero to get in the way of something and just be the conflict for the thread and leave when you are ready to move on.

I want to do my best to help so if this could do so some how pleas feel free to sake. For those who don't know my girls I'll try to list them off below and what they possibly could be used for to give you guys ideas and for those who want a more full and indepth look just click on the dragons in my sig with their names to go to their apps.

Jennifer Necowl: Neutral Good

Jenny is a 17 year old teen who was recently brought into this world from a slightly different universe. She is a Hero of sorts though is far from the true term of a good hero right now. She won't always stop the bad guy sometimes and will even some times try to talk things out. She tends to try to make friends and to be friendly.

She can still though fight as a hero and will some times try to stop a villain. She though will not go in with an ensured victory, this means that if you rp it out right and it makes sense I am willing to take the fall and lose the fight to give your villain a win though I am not willing to let her die. She preforms music so she can also if you want play music and even do a concert in the background while you character does their thing.

Ao Usagi: Neutral Good

Ao is a skilled hero and can make quick decisions when the situation called for it. She tires her best not to kill and usually spends her time wither patrolling or staying with her team at their base. She isnt the best skilled in social interactions but tries her best not to be too badly rude... that is if you didn't deserve it. She loves to listen to music though her helmet when  its on during a mission and speaks multiple language.

She can do social rps and might get along well with anti social people just as well as she had tended to with some more social individuals. She would definitely be the hero to bring in if you need help with a villain. She can still do what jenny does and take a fall but it may be a bit harder depending on your fighting style. She though would be much more likely to try to take down people doing more petty crimes and based on the crime your character may even be allowed to leave with just a mild beating.

Addison Necowl: Neutral Evil

Addison is a very sadistic messed up preteen who loves to hurt and kill others for a good laugh. She is very good at tricking others into thinking something is one way when its totally the other. She puts having fun and being happy at the top of her most important thing sin the world list which usually means that she spends most her time goofing off and messing around even with mid kill.

Addison knows how to make anything she can think of if given the right things and has even built things for others for a mere cookie and a shiney nickle due to the fact that she thought it would be funny to hear someone paying literally only a shiny nickle for something. She can easily be a villain for you if you need one and can be taken down if the conditions are right. Though if you want a more easy take down look to Crystal for a villain due to the fact that she can be far more easily taken down if she is unarmed unlike Addison. Though Addison is the route to go if you are looking for a more goofy and joking around villain while Crystal would be more innocent and easier manipulated of the two.

Crystal: Neutral Evil

Crystal is a rather innocent girl who isn't really too much older than a year despite her body being physically 16. Due to running into harsh and rude good guys and heroes that attacked her when she thought she was doing nothing wrong while more evil and villainous individuals being nice to her she found herself staying on their side. Due to never learning that it was wrong she tends to now hurt and kill others due to it making her feel better.

Crystal is someone who now would start a fight just due to wanting to start one but also tends to sit, wait and observe others too. She is a very ranged fighter and when unarmed is rather easy to take down if you can catch her. She is a very good villain to take on if you are looking for an easy win though unless you want to fight more than just her you will not see her doing too far in depth/complicated crimes just yet.
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Please read if you need something to rp about/someone to rp with
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