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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 zodiac(work in progress)

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PostSubject: zodiac(work in progress)   Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:02 am

"The legends say the spirits blessed others say they cursed me the truth is some where in between "

Jian-min Kai Ruo-jian

female forum:

Male forum:


Full Name:Jian-min Kai Ruo-jian
Alias(es):the lost emporer, the cursed warrior, the blessed one, the phoenix, the master of the twelve  
Age: eternally 18
Affiliation: neutral


Hair Color:black
Eye Color:black
Height:5ft 3in
Other Traits: along his arms are twelve talisman six on each arm


the rooster tailsman:this tailsman lets someone fly as fast as a galloping horse when not used with the rabbit tailsman and lift up objects and others up to 3 tons. when the rabbit is combined with the rooster Zodiac can reach speeds up to  Mach 5 but can not do so in battle as it takes to much effort to keep the energy output from the tailsman stable

the ox tailsman: Grants superstrength up to 12 tons and gives you enough force to cut through an entire mountain in half. this can not be used with rabbit tailsman as it is too dangerous to use together .

the snake tailsman: This tailsman turns the user and any object on them invisable though if you have thermal vision you can still see the person. another flaw is if you are carrying a container say filled with sand the container would be invisible but the sand inside would not.

the rabbit: This tailsman grants super sonic speed up to the point you can travel the speed of sound 768 mph and can be used with the rooster tailsman to achive super sonic flight. This tailsman can not be used with the ox as it is too dangerous to use together.

the dragon:Grants the user control of fire that gets as hot as 6192 °F and can be used to glide for a short distance about the length of a football field.

the horse tailsman:Grants the user the ability to heal from all wounds and poisons in their system if they are fatal however if the the effect is magic based then it can not heal it. it can also restore any damage done to inanimate objects like statues all it needs is a piece of it.

the Monkey tailsman:Grants the user the ability to shapeshift into anyone or animal by saying the person's name or the animal they wish to turn someone or themselves into a beam of energy is shot from this tailsman and must hit it's target for the effect to be achieved on others  so zodiac normaly removes the tailsman from his arm to use it on others and lets the energy flow through him when he wants to change apperance and sex though that does not mean he can mimic the person's personality or abilities unless they are a animals.

the dog tailsman:Grants the user immortality and makes it where they can not be killed though they still feel the pain and if it would normally kill them it will make them pass out this protection also extends to clothes as well. this tailsman does not give youth but it does give the energy of youth and makes it where you can move and eat like you where young but thanks to being a spirit bound to a satute made flesh by the rat tailsman he does not physically age.

the pig tailsman:Grants the user the ability to see in thermal and night vision as well as shoot laser beams that can cause second degree burns to the target from their eyes.

the tiger tailsman: Splits a person's yin(dark) and yang(light) half into a seprate body and mind capable of thought though good in one and evil in the other if the activation of this tailsman is  interrupted it causes a mutiple personailty disorder like state instead of the body effect.  When the body or mind effect is activated the tailsman is split in two halfs and can only become whole when the two halfs of the person agree to come together. this tailsman also balances out the confilcting powers of the twelve tailsmans when this tailsman is removed even using another tailsman while the others are connected to his body he will suffer a major backlash of energy.

twin hammer combat: Zodiac weapon of choice are two hammers that are always on him/her while she is very skilled with them a master of any weapon or fighting style could beat her.

stealth:while not a master at it Zodaic has learned the value of knowing when to sneak around someone or fighting them.

observation:Zodiac has learned to look for even the smallest details in the area around him/her or in pictures to find things most would miss.

martial arts: Zodiac helped create martial arts but has not mastered them due years of being a statute

Physical Weaknesses:
removing the rat tailsman:If this tailsman is removed he turns back into a stone statue

removing the sheep tailsman: This tailsman is what binds zodiac's soul to his statue's body without it he becomes nothing more than spirit till he can find the holder of the sheep tailsman and wait for them to use it or find someone that can be possessed.

Removing the tiger tailsman: This harmonies all but the rat and sheep tailsman and makes all powers unusable without a backlash of energy that causes physical damage to zodiacs body.

Removing the horse tailsman:will make it where zodiac can not heal and can die by any normal means.

magic: Magic can over load the tailsman and destroy them and he will have to seek out the noble decendants of the great spirits to regain the tailsman.
Mental Weaknesses:
obsessed with the tailsman:the tailsman can be taken from zodiac the more he loses the more unfocused and will  take major risk to get them back.

longing to belong: Zodiac is a man/woman out of time and has watched as the world has changed through out the centuries he feels he no longer belongs in the world and others can play on this feeling in battle or to manipulate him/her at will.  

two warhammers: two warhammers that are enchanted to be indestructible as well as to become tattoos on the palm of Zodiac's hands when not in use.  

twelve tailsman:the twelve sources of his life and powers


Personality:Zodiac is of noble birth and is very regal in attitude as it was ingrained into him at birth though he/she has learned how to slip into what he has referred to as a commoner attitude when dealing with those he considers of lesser birth or theifs and other criminals if he is trying to infiltrate or get close to someone. Zodiac is very sharp tounge and heavy on sarcasm and insults when he is acting as a leader figure. Slow to anger as long as he/she has all tailsman. When angered will lash out at the nearest person most of the time verbaly though he has been know to strike people when he has lost a couple tailsman.

clever: a sharp mind and quickwitted from years of running a nation

compramiser: can normally find a good deal for all parties involded

strong willed:will not give up on a goal even if it takes decades to do so.

Gardening:Loves to make chinese and japanese gardens in spare time.

Reading:Zodaic when not on a mission will normally be reading

Cooking:having lived for so long he has found cooking to be one of his few things he will always enjoy through out the ages.


Family Members:ju lei Ruo-jian(Sister-Goddess prisoner queen of the dragons-alive), Gang fu Ruo-jian(father-dead), jun hua Ruo-jian(mother-dead)
Place of Origin:ancient  china
History:Zodiac was born to Gang Ruo-Jian the emperor of ancient china in one of it's many forgotten era's. He was rasied to be the next when he fell in battle at the age of 18. Zodiac family mourned his lost and his father had a statue made and in them twelve tailsman one for each animal of the zodiac. one night his family was given a vision that their nation would be destroyed if they could not get the great animal spirits to lead their aid. To gain their aid they had to travle to the twelve gates of their kingdom each dedicated to a animal spirit. Each gave their aid in a power sealed with in a tailsman in the satute of zodiac. The Rat and the sheep could since their greif and gave them the gift of reviving zodaic as long as their tailsman was held by him. The Dog spirit that turned out to be the dog that zodaic took care of when he was younger and granted him immortality.
Sample rp:

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zodiac(work in progress)
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