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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Food Heist (solo)

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PostSubject: Food Heist (solo)   Food Heist (solo) Icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 12:47 pm

Jenny Dragged her feet as she held her stomach walking around the Green district with her hears hanging low. She hadn't eaten all day she knew that she should have left while she had the strength to go somewhere and steal some food. She sighed but then saw a boy running into the Galleria where others went to get their food.

It was way too late at night for anyone to be out let alone to be getting food. She looked at him suspiciously before running in after him. She snuck around in his footsteps as he snuck over to the food. She slowly neared him as he got ready to run. As he took a step forward to sprint over to the food jenny saw a guard turning towards their location and yanked the boy back to cover.

She then put her hand over his mouth as they watched the guard stare in their direction for a moment before looking back forward. He sighed and whispered. "Thanks" She then whispered back. "Welcome... but what are you doing- correction why are you stealing the food...?" She said after realizing it was very clear what he was doing.

"My mother, sister, and I have been hiding since the whole wall went up... My mother is too weak and sick to work, I pass out when i try to from the extreme heat and exhaustion... while my sister... shes only 3... So i can't get food normally, we have gone 2 days with no food... I don't think they can make it any longer without food...." he said sadly and very clearly truthfully.

Jenny stared at him for a long moment before sighing. "Stay here...." He grabbed her arm making her stop as she started to leave. "What are you doing?" He whispered. "You live here... you can't leave... I can... besides these guys already have me on a watch list, in other words you can't afford to get caught or getting your face seen... but I can....

So I'm gonna steal that food for you just be ready to run with your arms super full cause im gonna get as much as I can so you don't have to go out stealing right away again." He smiled gratefully to her then and let her leave. "HEY please kick me STICKS!" She shouted getting their attention getting them to run at her. "This brat again.."

One groaned as she got into position while some other guards where coming down from the upper levels. "Think we should just put a bullet in her head?" "What no! She's just a child man!" Jenny smirked as they said this and backed up against a wall. "That's what you think..." She then jumped up and planted her feet against the wall before shooting off an energy blast to let her jump off it and over the heads of the guards.

In mid air she charged more energy in her feet and formed a large energy shield in front of her. She then shot off the blasts as she landed and ran forward shooting off more blasts to fling her quickly forward and rammed the men into the wall so hard they get knocked out. She smiled reabsorbing the shield and panted turning on her heel.

"Learned that one from the metal suit guy on the news!" She then froze as she saw several men pointing guns at her. "Oh.... right...." She tried to avoid from looking at the guns and keep her mind focused. "you can do this... you can.... you.... can....." She then ran forward and tackled one guy with her eyes closed she peeked open as she was mid fall to look at the backs of the men to pin point where they were.

She then re closed her eyes and leapt off the man as he landed on the ground and threw her back into the man she then leapt forward where she thought the last man was and managed to hit him though she heard the gun fire and gasped as she felt the bullet shoot through her bicep and heard as it hit into the wall behind her. She bit her lip but felt where the mans chest was and then guessed where his head was based on that.

She managed to stomp on his face with an energy shot boost to knock him out. She then was grabbed by one of the other men and grabbed his arm as she kept her eyes closed and felt up his arm too see where it was angled to find his head and shout out a largely charged energy blast from her hand to knock him out.

She fell to the ground and opened her eyes just in time to see the lat one walking towards her and shot out an energy blast from her eyes to his his forehead hard enough to knock him out. She panted after having used so many blast all at once but quickly got up and walked away from the men with guns and over to the food.

She grabbed two large arm fulls and carried them over to the boy while trying to ignore the pain and blood coming from the bullet hole in the side of her bicep. He took the food and smiled brightly. "Thanks! You're a real hero you know that?!" He then ran off before she could say anything to him. She sighed and muttered.

"I'm no hero... I never could really become a hero after everything I've done...." She then looked to the food as her stomach growled in pain making her wince. "If I take some.. than that's food going to someone who doesn't work here nor live here... Who can jut get food elsewhere.... if i take some... someone else wont get any..."

Yeah she just stole some for some kid but he and his family lived here and that was the only way they could get food... but for her she had many other ways to get food... She groaned and muttered then to herself. "Stealing to eat from people who have to steal to eat really just kills the stealing mood...."

She then hear a door open from across the Galleria and quickly ran over and hid in some cover as she quickly unlatched two of her other arm's bicep straps and re strapped them with her free arm and teeth tightly over the hole to slow the bleeding.

She couldn't afford to waste any more energy just yet if there was going to be another possible fight she would need ever last bit of her energy to fight. Her arm hurt like hell but she was able to handle it mostly and stay quiet as she lightly held it and peeked around her cover slightly to see who had just entered.

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Food Heist (solo)
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