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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Planning Preping Sending (Solo)

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PostSubject: Planning Preping Sending (Solo)   Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:29 am

"I gotta plaaaaaaaan~~~!!!!" A voice echoed and sang all around some guards at the purple and blue boarder's gate as lights all around them were turning off. "And its gonna get me baaaaaaanned!" The lights of the gate then started to rapidly turn off putting the guards more on edge. "I just gotta charge up to beat em down!" As the area was now pitch dark due to all the light suddenly being gone.

"I'm fully charged and ready to gooooo!" One guard gasped but got his mouth covered as he was yanked into the shadows. "I'm fully charged and ready to bloooooooooooooooow~~~!!!" The face of Addison with her goggles on then was light up as the flashes from the gun she fired went off. She gunned down the rest of the guards and giggled putting the gun on her back by its straps and picked up to fast shooting massive guns one in each and as she laughed insanely.

"I got a plan and it's gonna get me in big trouble, I got a plan and it lays beyond a wall that i'm gonna make crash and fall~!" She then crouched down charging up her energy and then jumped up as she blasted off her energy sending her up into the air. She lept over the wall and spun as she did so to have her back to the purple district. She smiled brightly then as the guards shouted and pointed up at her.

They pulled out their guns as she started to fall down but She then shouted aiming her guns down at them as she placed the butts of the guns on her shoulders. "HEAR ME ROAR MOTHER BROTHERS!" She then laughed insanely as she unloaded the clips at the men while she let the guns shove back against her and cause her to start to spin backwards thus making her laugh louder. When she landed she slid backwards on her feet and grinned as many guards then fall dead while others held their limb from them getting hit.

She then pointed at them and shouted. "YOU HAD ONE JOB AN YOU SUCKED AT IT!" She then laughed and ran off shooting blasts as she did so. After a while she skid to a stop by a lamp post panting. She placed her hand on it and closed her eyes before grinning. Her circuits then slowly light up while she opened her now glowing eyes. The light from the lamp dimmed greatly but refully lit up upon her removing her hand.

She bounced excitedly seeming full of energy again before looking up at the local stores and grinned more insanely. "Time to go shopping for my plan!" She shreed excitedly running up to a store with carts and smashed the window making the alarm go off. She skipped in and tossed the 3 guns into the cart along with plenty of junk food and soda before pushing the chart out and over to the other stores. She smashed each one taking a large variety of things and quickly filled up her cart while she skipped around happily.

She then put her foot on the bar of the cart and pushed off the ground with the other as she rode the cart down the street. "Lets go see how our home sweet home has changed." She said excitedly. After a long while she made it to the residential district getting there though the path of destruction she made to get to the purple district and the blue one. She slowed the cart to a stop as she eyed her old house. "Is it too obvious to set up shop here...?" She questioned before waving the thought off an walked the cart over to the garage "Nah, home is home it should be just fine staying here."

She told herself as she opened up the garage door. "Still unlocked, some things down't change." She said with a smirk as she pushed the cart into the garage and closed the door. "Time to get to work..." She sad as she light up a lighter in front of her face showing off her grin. Later that week many letters would be left in the mail boxes of many excited people, in side was a location, time, and an outstanding offer of a promise of a movie, and ticket out of jump.... an offer these certain people would never pass up.
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Planning Preping Sending (Solo)
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