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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Don't Run (Solo)

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PostSubject: Don't Run (Solo)    Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:48 am

---- Several Months Ago ----

“I can do this...” Jenny pushed off the ground with her foot as she fired off an energy blast to provide a speed boost “I can do this.” She kicked off the ground in the same manner as her other foot laid firmly planted on her skateboard. “I can do this!” She kicked off again as she crouched on her skateboard and rode it off a ramp as she shot off an energy blast from her skateboard to give herself bigger air as she left her skateboard behind.

“I. CAN. DO. THIS!” She pulled out her sword as she shouted loudly her eyes glowing brightly as a man on a roof looked to her and lowered his gun that had been pointed at a child. His eyes went wide as he crossed his arms in front of each other as they blocked his face. Jenny then stabbed her sword into his forearms going right through both of them as they both fell backwards onto the roof.

The man screamed in pain as jenny got up to her feet and had both her feet on either side of him as she yanked her sword from his fore arms. “I won’t let you hurt anyone else!” She shouted out As she started to swing her sword down but the man tripped her and made her fall to the ground. His fingers hung lose due to their tendons being cut all to hell by jenny. He then kicked her sword away and then started to stop on her.

“YOU please kick me PIECE OF TRASH KID!” Jenny shouted in pain as the child on the roof cried in fear though his screaming was muffled from the gag in his mouth. Jenny growled though and her hands glowed brightly. As he rose his foot again she extended her hands out towards him and shot out fully charged energy beams at him making him fall on his back.

Jenny’s ribs and lip now busted she forced herself to her feet and walked over to the man and shouted loudly as she foot glowed brightly. “THIS IS HOW YOU STOMP ON SOMEONE YOU please kick me!” She shouted before stomping on his face and shot out and energy blast as she did so knocking the man out.

Jenny anted and stumbled backwards and fell to her knees while her hair faded to nearly black. She forced herself to stand as she held her ribs and picked up her sword walking over to the scared child. She kneeled down as the boy winced in fear but blinked as she cut his hands free and sheathed her sword. She undid the gag and picked up the child as she stumbled to her feet.

“Are….. are you a hero?” He asked in an innocent tone as she walked over to the edge of the building as her ears drooped. “No…” She covered his eyes and hopped off the edge and slowed the fall before landing on the ground and uncovered his eyes. “What are you then….?” He asked as she picked up her skateboard and latched it back in pace as she walked down the road. “A bad person…”

She said sadly as the boy blinked. “But you saved me….” She nodded “Well… you don’t have to be a hero or a good person to save someone…. You just have to be willing to save them to save them…” She explained as she walked him home and put him outside the door to his house. “Don’t run away from home this time….” The boy pouted.

“But everyone is so mean and force me to do chores!” Jenny sighed but kneeled down and looked to him sadly making him frown sadly. “Trust me… don’t run… there are more bad people like that guy that snatched you and was going to kill you like every other kid out there in the world… even worse… so don’t run… stay safe… and enjoy your family….”

She stood up as she rang the doorbell and ran off. As she looked back she smiled softly as she saw the parents picking up the child and hugging him close both seeming to be worried about their child. Jenny then snuck over to a hidden place then and hacked into the police station and sent out an alert to pick up the man on the roof. She then closed her laptop and sighed… she wish she hadn’t ran away from home...
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Don't Run (Solo)
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