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 A part of a story that was never told (Solo)

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PostSubject: A part of a story that was never told (Solo)   Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:42 am

“Where is she?” A boy with bright orange hair rapidly tapped his foot at high speeds with his arms crossed. “She’s late….again…” A girl with very long blonde hair said with a grumble in her voice. A boy with messy black hair just sighed in annoyance as a girl with lavender hair giggled. “Come on guys don’t freak out she’ll be here any moment!”

The elevator that the 4 stood in front of then opened up to reveal a girl with brown hair with blue tips. He had perked up long pointy ears and 4 sharp and long canine teeth. She wore a fancy hat a she sat on the ground of the elevator with a laptop in her lap and a cord going from it to the control panel for the elevator. A man who normally hit the buttons of the elevator knocked out and his hat was missing.

“DING DING DING Up or down to the mystery levels I found~?” She said with a smirk as the lavender haired girl walked in. “Told you guys she would come.” The redhead zipped in and was now sitting by the long eared girl looking at her laptop curiously “Lower levels?” the blonde then walked in with the black haired boy as she spoke out as she did so.

“The lower levels, let’s see what made you so late.” The long eared girl nodded “You got it captain!” The doors close and they ride the elevator down. When the doors reopened all their eyes went wide as the long eared girl smiled brightly. “Nice use of time.” The black haired boy said seeming very impressed as the blonde haired girl nodded in agreeance.

“Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice” The red headed boy said as he zipped out of the elevator and the long eared girl got up to her feet as the lavender haired one kissed her cheek making her blush and get all flustered. “Nice wory bunny blue~” The girls long ears pointed straight up as she held her cheek “Thanks Laney….”

---- 3 months later ----

The girl now sat on a bench in the back of a cell with a straight jacket on and her pointed ears lowering as her bright red irises glowed in the darkness. She slowly tilted her head to one side and grinned wide showing off all her super long and sharp teeth to the person who started at her from the other side of her cell door as a jewel on her forehead glowed a bright red.

“3 accounts of murder in mississippi of a 16 year old boy and girl, a 15 year old boy, and comatosed a 15 year old girl… 5 other accounts similar to this in Arkansas… and then suddenly mass murder here in Oklahoma….she seems to change her looks in terms of her teeth and eyes… when her eyes are read she acts just as insane as the person you would think someone would need to be in order to kill that many people…"

"When her eyes are blue she seems innocent… scared… and claims that she’s sane….Then begs for help for a while… then goes back to her other side…. We believe she has split personalities…” “..... she’s just a kid though…. There’s no way that she could have done all that…” “...thats probably what the people she killed thought….”

---- 3 days later ----

The girl screamed into the air as flames burned brightly around her and blood poured from her forehead and down her face. She slammed a piece of metal down onto a red gem over and over as she screamed until it shattered. Dead bodies laid all around her looking horrifically beaten while some inmates from the asylum she was in attacked some remaining workers.

The girl dropped the piece of metal and held herself as she cried out and fell over to her side curling into a ball. After a moment a very large man with a horribly burnt and scarred face picked her up and brought her to her feet. He grinned at her as a few others filed in. “Come now little rabbit, the wolves will get you if we don’t leave. The wolves don’t like insane folk like us.”

The girl slowly stopped her cry and looked up to the man seriously. “I’m… not…. Insane….” The man grinned wider. “You spend quite some time here….with the worse of the worst that this state has to offer…. You killed over 20 people even the ones that pitied you…. And you did it with your bare hands…. Then ripped that jewel from you own forehead….. And now you stand here with a straight face….”

He leaned forward and whispered. “Dear Jenny…. You poor poor lost rabbit…. You are just as insane as the rest of us….” A single tear rolled down jenny’s cheek then as she tried to hold her emotions in. “I’m…. not…. Insane…. I-.... I’m not….” A woman grinned at her who stood with the group of others that had came in.

“The first step to true insanity is denial kid!” Another woman then laughed insanely as the man guided her and the rest of them out of the room before the woman spoke. “Welcome to the family kid…. We’ll take good care of you…” Jenny then said coldly “I killed my last family…” She said with a lowered head as the man leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Trust me kid…. You will never kill us....”

Jenny smiled a little then though. “A family…. That I can’t kill…. I can’t hurt you right…?” The man nodded with a grin and Jenny started to tear up and laugh a bit. “A family… i can’t hurt…. And i can’t kill… now that… is something i have been looking for… for a very long time now….” Her ears perked up as she leaned against the man happily.

“Maybe I am insane… maybe I’m not…. But right now… I know that I’m very… very happy.” they all laughed together as the man picked up jenny and put her on his shoulders. “Come on kid let’s go steal you those boots you were looking for when you were caught….”

---- 2 months later ----

The man from before threw jenny through a window as police swarmed him and the others and shouted to Jenny as she raced back over to the window with wide eyes. “RUN LITTLE RABBIT AND REMEMBER! THIS WAS MY FAULT NOT YOURS! AND THAT INSANITY IS NOT ALWAYS BAD!”

Jenny had tears rolling down her face as she shouted back. “If you die… I’LL BRING YOU BACK AND KILL YOU MYSELF FOR DYING ON ME!” She cried out as the man laughed insanely. “THAT A GIRL!” he then smiled softly to her “Now run…” He mouthed as the police noticed her and started to run at her.

Jenny nodded and scrambled to her feet and run… She ran as fast as she could…. And looked back… just in time… to see the police shoot and kill the man and the rest of her adoptive family.

---- 2 days later ----

Jenny sat on a train leaning against its sides as she let her feet dangle from the open door’s floor. “I shouldn’t have looked back….” She muttered before looking up and seeing a city of in the distance. She then felt light headed and passed out. When she woke up she was in an alley way of an unfamiliar city as it looked like guards and robots were being deployed. She blinked watching people run away and nodded once as she said “huh…..”

---- END ----
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A part of a story that was never told (Solo)
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