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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Cost, Family, Backwards Endings (Solo)

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PostSubject: Cost, Family, Backwards Endings (Solo)   Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:25 am

"Pick an element..."

A 14 year old girl screams in pain as she hunches over while in a sitting position in a circle of ruins that were made of blood. People in robs chanted around her and a woman who looked like a silhouette of a person besides her wide smile that was totally white.


Her eyes went wide as she clenched her throat hunching over more as black sludge started to run from her open mouth like a faucet. The darkness of the room spread forward as the lights of the candles around the ritual circle slowly went out one by one. Closing darkness around her to where she couldn't even see the robed people any more.

"Pick a percent...."

The woman before her seemed to fade away as the ground slowly seemed to flood with the black sludge. She looked up to the ceiling and held her throat with one hand as the sludge kept coming from her mouth. She held her other hand up into the air as if to ask for help from anyone.


The sludge slowly rose up to her neck and then her chin as her whites of her eyes slowly faded to black. The sludge then engulfed her head and then slowly engulfed her hand as she felt the air leave her lungs.

"Now is the time for you to pay the cost... sit in the ritual circle when you are ready child... and then let the fun begin..."

The ground under her slowly faded away leaving her floating in the sludge as if it was just black water. One second she would find herself on all fours shouting in pain as horns grew from her body and started to horribly shock her while the next second she was back in the sludge. Her arms slowly went limp as she floated in the sludge with tiered eyes.

She got rapid flashes then of the spikes again as lighting was poored into them that shocked her entire body making her scream in pain. She then was back in the sludge and watched as a blue orb came out of her chest and the woman from before appeared in front of her. She was back at the spikes then as blood started to leak out of her nose mouth eyes and ears.

She flashed back to the sludge then as the woman reached into the orb and pulled out its center that was the forth of the size of the orb and put in another orb that was the same size but was black back into the orb. The shocking in the spikes then stopped leaving her panting and her vision blurred as she felt all her energy leave her.

The woman then gently pushed the orb back into the girls chest as the version of her with the spikes would fall over. The moment she started to fall so did the one in the sludge like the sludge was no longer there. They then hut the ground at the same time and merge back into one.

The girl then woke up in the room a few moments later with spikes point out of her body and blood covering her face and the ground under her. She slowly looked up as one of the hooded people walked over and kneeled down and pulled her hood down revealing herself to be a woman who looked much like the girl spikes and all.

"You did it baby girl.... you're now one with our goddess... may her power give you all the strength you paid to get..." The girl then passed out again, as she opened her eyes after a moment it was now an older version of the girl who looked few years older who stood in her black and blue costume looking down at a dead body filled street.

"Azar..." Azar frowned and took off her mask as she turned around to see a girl with black hair like hers frowning at her sadly as a girl who looked just like her sat on a venting box in the corner of the roof they stood on. The girl who sat though had totally white hair and had more of a cold and silent look and feel to her who held no regrets.

"I'm sorry... we had to-" Azar cut the girl off then "Had to what...? slaughter the last remaining survivors in jump so that jewel was the last surviving city in California?!" Azar asked angerly asking the girl frown and the other one growl "They were scum... That's why we had to."

Azar then cut off the white haired girl. "No... they were fools who could have been taught to know better... you're the scum of this city now you damn villain revolutionist bitch." She said get up in the white haired girls face as the white haired girl got up and got back in her face.

"Ao Usagi? You know if you can't understand our points you clearly don't deserve a name that matches ours or to even to work with us!" The black haired girl bit her lip in fear and nervousness and stop up shyly. "Shiro please-" The white haired girl then looked to the black haired one along with Ao. "Not now Kuro!"

She then backed down looking down as the two looked back at each other again. "Blue rabbit, black rabbit, white rabbit..." Shiro scoffed. "I think now it should just be black and white rabbits now and get the 3rd wheel out of here...." Ao growled and spoke in japanese to her then.

"I would more then gladly leave a please kick me show like this one.... Killing people like this... its messed up and you know it...." Shiro laughed halfly and shook her head speaking back in japanese to her. "Well you know one day all this death is going to form into a big smile on the worlds face again and you're going to take back what you just said here...."

She then shoved her fingers in the corners of Ao's mouth and forced it up into a smile as she spike in english. "And try and smile a bit more like kuro and I" Ao smacked her hands away as she backed up shaking her head. She walked over to kuro and looked to her silently until she locked eyes with her and spoke to her directly.

"I know you and your evil twin sister there have been upset that I gave up a part of my soul to a false god since I made the deal but you know what.... I may have given up the purity of my soul to a demon but at least I can admit it unlike you..." She said with a cold tone as she put on helmet "See you at the next family reunion cuz... You know that is if your sister doesn't get you killed by then..."

She then lept off the side of the building as shiro walked up to kuro. "Come on... lets go kill some things... I'm sure that will cheer you up..." Kuro then nodded "Okay shiro..." The two then pressed their left and right hand together and the two morphed into one their hair now grey and they wore an outfit that looked like a blend of their previous outfits.

They then pulled up their hood and formed a massive double bladed scythe that was made totally out of blue energy. They then crouched down and as they lept into the air they let off an energy blast sending them far into the air. A year later Ao now stands in a new world... a world where Jump City was alive and booming and looked down at two graves side by side.

"So you were a hero in this world..." She said looking at a grave labeled Jennifer Necowl. "And you were still please kick me up but at least were trying to get better..." She said looking to a grave labeled Addison Lewis that was next to Jennifer's. ".... I'm almost scared to ask what kind of backwards and messed up time line caused you to to not even be twins in the same family but still look alike..."

"Well I guess at the end of the day you two were still always by each others sides..." She turned to leave "I wonder if Addison's spirit laughed at the funeral like mine would have...." She said before leaving with a straight face and her hands in her vest's pockets and left the graveyard silently then.
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Cost, Family, Backwards Endings (Solo)
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