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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 The Ten Trails of Himinn For-Eldra

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PostSubject: The Ten Trails of Himinn For-Eldra   Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:53 pm

The collapse of the Tower was felt throughout the region. Civilians on the shoreline could do nothing but watch in horror as the monument of justice and liberty fell. Even the God's themselves felt the shift in the balance of food and evil. Pugu, the Siberian God of Sun and Justice was one of those who felt it. Concerned of the encroaching darkness in the far horizon the Sun God traveled the Aether, contacting gods to come up with a idea on how to help the mortal below. Ne Zha, The Chinese Third Lotus Prince headed his plea for he too was a defender of the defenseless. Together they came up with a idea to make a mortal their sword. The For-Eldra Family was the first contender, they were loyal worshipers and have proven to be strong mortals. Via contacting Ratatoskr they sent a message to the youngest heir. If accepted the heir would be trailed ten labors designed by the gods themselves.

Zero Labor - Trial of Faith

In order to be trialed by the gods Himinn must show his faith. As the Trials take place in the Spirit World, Himinn needs to kill himself so that his spirit can pass the veil. If his soul lacks faith his soul will be caught in the grasp of a God of Death and dragged into the underworld for all eternity.

First Labor - Trial of Ne Zha

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Thus the moral of the Trial itself. Ne Zha will bring him to the Source Wall and claim to have given him great power to go through the wall to meet his lost friends. However there is a great risk of being added to the wall with other countless beings who dared get through the wall.

Second Labor - Trial of Neith

As a Weaver of Fate she grants Himinn the chance to learn his fate and possibly change it. But there are great consequences.

Third Labor - Trial of Ullr

Himinn is tasked to climb the tallest mountain in Asgard.

Fourth Labor - Trial of Susanoo-no-Mikoto

On a small sail Himinn must stay afloat as he sail into the eye of the storm so large that only a god could create it.

Fifth Labor - Trial of Guan Yu

Placed in the shoes of a General advisory in the Three Kingdoms era, Himinn must make difficult choices throughout the war in order for his side to win.

Sixth Labor - Trial of Sun Wukong

For this trail Himinn will be faced with his own eighty-one tribulations that the Monkey King drew from memory. Only this time Himinn is one of the three disciples and Sun Wukong is the priest that need to be defended from demons and other supernatural beings, as well as bandits. Along the way they will face impassably wide rivers, flaming mountains, a kingdom with an all-female population, a lair of seductive spider spirits, and many other fantastic yet deadly scenarios.

Seventh Labor - Trial of Michael

Michael places Himinn on the jury box in the court room of high heaven. There Himinn will meet ten individuals that Himinn must decide if they are innocent or guilty. He must be careful however as if he judge a person of sin he would be resurrected on earth, if he judge a innocent guilty the soul will be sent to hell.

Eight Labor - Trial of Forger

On having heard of Himinn trails Forger became interested. Thus the Okamian God sent him to defeat an serpentine demon of lighting and bring back it's fangs.

Ninth Labor - Trial of Pugu

At the gate of the underworld Himinn must help Pugu warriors in guarding the black gates and not let a signal demon pass the line. No matter how many there on. The difficult part, Pugu does not tell Himinn how long he will be defending it.

Tenth Labor - Trial of Amaterasu

After all the harsh tribulations he finally see the light at the end of his long journey. There he sees a lush green hill with a cheery tree in full bloom at the top. What greets him is none other than the Goddess of the Sun, who's task is simply inviting him for tea and a small chat on life.

On the completion of all ten labors Himinn was resurrected by the god's on earth, not as a mortal but rather a Demigod. The union of  divine beings and his soul, along with the blessings he received. No longer is he stricken with guild, now mind clear he shall uphold the God's wishes and fight in their name.
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The Ten Trails of Himinn For-Eldra
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