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 The Ending Fight (Solo) [MLEG]

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PostSubject: The Ending Fight (Solo) [MLEG]   The Ending Fight (Solo) [MLEG] Icon_minitimeWed May 25, 2016 12:19 pm

OOC: I just wanted to write the story since i never did before I left so here it is I hope you all enjoy it.

----------The Following takes place on January 25th 2016 on the Bridge leading out of the city...----------

“So you ready to head out….?” Addison said looking back to jenny, she wore her hair in a ponytail and had on a plain civilian outfit. She smiled at jenny as she held her backpack by one strap over her shoulder as she put on a green baseball cap with a J on it. Jenny let out all the energy from her hair letting it fade totally black as she pulled on a beanie over her hair that was in loose pigtails that rested on her chest. She too in normal civilian wear as she had her backpack on both shoulder the backpack looking really worn and ragged and had a bunny stuffed animal partly hanging out the top of it.

“Yeah…” She said smiling a bit nervously as they started to walk down the sidewalk on the bridge. “You aren’t gonna be mean to me the whole way there are you?” Addison said with a smirk as Jenny returned with a grin. “Now what kind of big sister would I be if I promised that?” Jenny teased making Addison laugh. “Fair enough.” Jenny looked back to the city that she was leaving with Addison to officially go off the grid and start a normal life and a family with Addison as her younger sister.

She felt bad for just leaving but if she told anyone she was going she may let an unwanted group find her. But she sure was going to mis- A gunshot went off in the distance and Jenny instinctively jerked to the side as a bullet zoomed past her head. She narrowed her eyes as Addison turned around to face her. Cars along the bridge stretched to a stop and men and women in all full armored suits filed out of the cars and surrounded them. “You bring your weapons…?”

Addison asked as Jenny pulled out two hidden short swords from in between her backpack and back. “Of course I did. Did you?” Addison pulled out two pistols from her backpack before dropping it on the ground and tossed off her jacket to show two straps going along her chest that crossed over each other. They were covered in extended ammo packs. “Not exactly my old one but I did bring some weapons.” She said as two long blades came off on the sides of the handles that were extending past the extended ammo packs.

“You so ripped off my Shadow Knight weapons…” She said bluntly as she, Addison and the mod of men and women all got into fighting poses. “What can I say, your style just fits me, it’s almost like we are 90% the same person.” Addison said in a smart assy tone making Jenny shake her head with a laugh. “This is the last time we commit mass murder together okay?” “Ah I liked our bounding killing sprees.” Addison remarked back to Jenny before they both let off energy blasts as they lunged forward. Addison aimed for Jenny as Jenny pulled back her fist charging up a blast.

She then punched forward as addisons foot came over head and she let off a blast as addison did the same. She then charged a foot blast as Addison was sent flying into the air and Jenny was sent downwards towards a group of men. She then landed on the head of one guy and sent out her blast as she did so and back flipped off him as he was sent flying backwards into the guy behind him. Addison crossed her arms as she bend her body as she hit the peak of her height. She smiled madly as she closed one eye and sent bullets raining down at all of the people below her and around Jenny laughing insanely.

As Jenny landed she charged up another fist blast as Addison came down and shot Addison back into the air once again. Addison Spun like a top as she went back up reloading as she did so. Jenny Then ran forward sending out energy blasts as she did so to speed forward. Jenny then spun her blades around her body and used them to send off energy slashing waves that cut through the men and sent them down to the ground. Another wave of bullets came through and took out the rest of the men as Jenny skid to a stop.

Jenny stood up straight as Addison landed crouched down on a head of a now dead body on the ground and stood up with her back to Jenny’s. “It scares me how good we are at this sometimes…” Jenny said bluntly as Addison reloaded her guns while they looked around for any others coming in to get them. “Yeeeeeeaaaaah but look at the bright side!” Jenny rose an eyebrow. “What’s the bright side?” She looked to addison who was making her hands glow. “The one right behind you!” She said with a laugh making Jenny smirk and roll her eyes.

“Right…” She said starting to walk down the road again as Addison posed putting a hand on her hip and pointing up to the sky. “Left!” She then skipped after her. “You’re going Nightingale again…” Jenny said bluntly as Addison hung on her shoulder with a grin. “And you’re getting emo again, just like the guy who shot you in the gut!” “Don’t make me hurt you…” “What?” Jenny just sighed shaking her head. “Nothing…” Addison then put her fingers on the corners of her mouth and makes her smile as she walks behind her.

“Come on cheer up!” Jenny gently pulled her hands off her face. “I’ll cheer up if you sane up.” “Deal, though I think once we both stop killing it will make it easier on the both of us to keep our ends of the bargain.” Jenny nodded “Agre-” A gunshot went off and Jenny stumbled forward grabbing her bicep. “Why do they always shoot at me!?” Jenny said turning to see a team of 5 men one of which lowered a gun as Addison laughed and stood beside her looking to them. “Cause you’re the healer, the rule is anyone who can heal gets hurt horribly all the time so that they can show that they can heal!” jenny shook her head.

“Yeah well I can heal with a bullet in me and isn’t that rule for people with healing factors not healing abilities?” Addison started to run at them and shouts “Oh lemons and tomatoes!” Jenny rolled her eyes running after her. “That’s not the saying!” The men then charged at them as multiple helicopters flew overhead and men started to jump down onto the bridge. Addison started firing at them and the men started to scatter and run around her as one man shot back at her.

Jenny’s eyes started to glow blue as she started to fly at the second mob coming in for them. She then shouted a she shot eye lasers at all of them hitting them down to the ground. Addison got hit a few times and shouted out with each hit. “That! Hurt! Too! Good!” She then leaped forward ignoring her injures and stabbed the blades into the gun man’s neck as the gashes on her arms torso and cheeks started to bleed. “Get Good Mother Fuc-!”

Addison was then yanked off the man and slammed into the ground so hard it made her cough up blood and her eyes go wide. Jenny started to take out multiple men as she dodged the helicopters fire. “I refused to get shot down by a helicopter for the 3rd time!” She shouted as she landed on the ground and charged up a large blast. She then threw her now glowing hands and arms forward toward the helicopter and fired off a full powered hand blast at the blades and broke them making the helicopter crash into the other one and took them both down.

Addison narrowed her eyes and wrapped her arms and leg around the man’s leg as he slammed her over and over into the ground. She then sent off a foot blast as she stomped his face, once the man fell to the ground next to the one she had just taken down she then looked at the remaining to with a very dark expression. “Mama is not happy….. NOT HAPPY AT ALL” She shouted as she shouted as she stomped the ground making it crack as the energy that was stored inside her bursted out from her feet.

She then ran with incredible speed sending off blasts as she did so and ducked down ramming her side into one and grabbing his arm as she started to spin like a top and kicked off the ground sending off blasts to make herself spin faster. She then let go of the man’s arm and let him fly and knock down the second man and made him fall off the side of the bridge. Addison panted as blood came form her nose and smiled plopping her but on the ground.

“Mama is happy now….” Jenny finished off a few other men and looked to addison who seemed to forget about the 5th man that was trying to sneak up on her. Jenny then raced over and tackled him to the ground. She then got back up and looked to the sitting addison who looked back up at her innocently. “What I took down the first mob now it’s your turn to take out this one!” Jenny shook her head. “You have to pay more attention to your suroun-”

“Jenny!” Jenny was cut off by addison who quickly got up and shoved jenny out of the way just in time to get Jenny away but to get slashed all the way across her back and up and over her arm that was cut clean off. Jenny went wide eyed seeing this and growled and threw her sword right into the man’s chest taking him out. She fell to her knees as addison fell to the ground and landed in her arms. Jenny looked down to her with wide eyes as a mob started heading their way. “Addison…” Addison grinned looking up to jenny and placed her hand on jenny.

“Tis but a flesh wound….” Jenny shook her head. “We have to get you to a hospital now I can’t heal-” She gasped as Addison started to flow her energy into her making jenny’s eyes glow bright blue. “I know... “ Addison said bluntly. “If you focus on me you won’t make it… now go…” Addison’s hair slowly faded from white to grey as her eyes turned back to their normal brown color and Jenny’s hair turned bright blue. “Be a hero…” Addison said tiredly as blood started to leak from her eyes and ears before the life went out in her eyes and her hand dropped down to the ground.

Jenny’s eyes narrowed as she clenched her teeth and addison close as the mob neared her. She clenched her eyes shut as her cheek started to crack. As the mob rose their weapons and guns to hit her she roared out and a bright light came off her like a pulse and sent them all flying back. As the light dimmed Jenny stood but now her entire body was just pure light blue energy and her eyes were totally black as black blood rolled down from her cheeks from her eyes like tears.

The men slowly got up as her pure energy hair broke its hair ties and blew in the wind. Jenny growled and roared out the entire inside of her mouth totally black as her sharp canine teeth grew larger as her mouth extended open for the roar then shrunk as she closed her mouth. She huffed and panted as she stared down the shocked mob and rose her hand up to the sky forming an energy orb in the palm of her hand. The orb then turned into a massive scythe with 2 blades that went in opposite directions and energy armor formed over her clothes to resemble that of a knight without a helmet.

“I’m done watching people I care about die for me…. I’m done…. WITH EVERYTHING!” She spoke with a distorted voice before she zoomed forward flying at instant max speed as she spun her scythe around her. Jenny cut down all of the mob with ease and landed on the ground before letting her weapon shatter. She looked back to Addison as black blood went down the cracks of her mouth, nose and ears. She started to walk over to her as cracks started to form all over her body and black blood rushed out from them.

“You over estemated me… like everyone… I can’t fight alone all the time... “ She started to crack more and was losing blood rapidly. “I’m not strong enough to… you all expect so much and… even I thought I could do it alone but…” She fell to the ground by Addison as she reached out to her. Her hand landing on Addison’s as she laid on her chest on the ground as he looked to addison. “But I guess it doesn’t matter… It never did….”

More blood rolled down from her eyes but this time as tears as her pointed ears lowered sadly. “I was always supposed to die…. Over 50 time I died… and 1 time before now I actually did….” She clenched her teeth before just relaxing her jaw and looking off to the sea. “I’m sorry Toji… I’m sorry miley, zach… hotwire...everyone…. I’m sorry for making you care for me when…. I was always supposed to die… I’m sorry for not realizing it sooner…”

The life from her eyes faded then and her body faded back to normal leaving her with black hair and brown eyes but her blood remained black as it pooled under her.Police cars started to pull up and cops rushed out and looked at the two and saw jenny’s hand gently holding addison’. “Were too late….” One said sadly as another looked down and talked over his walkie. “Energy Warrior, and Nightingale are dead…” There was silence for a moment before a voice spoke back.

“Are you sure…?” The cop stared at them sadly as he responded. “Positive…” They started to tend to the other bodies as the cop stayed staring sadly at jenny. “Come on let’s go take care of-” Another cop started to say before he shook his head. “No…I… I didn’t notice it till now since I haven’t gotten a good look at her face till now but… I think I know her…” The cop blinked confused. “You do…?” He nodded. “Yeah…. So just… give me a moment okay….?” The man nodded and left him as he thought back.


The cop walked up to a crying little 14 year old girl with long ears and pigtails, her hair brown with blue tips. He kneeled down and looked sadly to her “What’s wrong…? Did you lose your parents or something ki-” He froze seeing the hospital band on her wrist and frowned. “You’re that kid who escaped from the hospital aren’t you…?” The girl looked off “I didn’t want to kill them…” he said sadly as the man sighed.

“I know…” She blinked looking to him in a shocked manner. “I’ve been chasing your group for years now… I know exactly who you are… who they were…. You were a bunch of misguided kids… but anyone with two working eyes could tell that you were all pretty close… I know that you would ever want to willingly kill them…. I figure that one kid you came into time with forced your hand since he’s the only one we couldn’t find… am i right?”

She noddd slightly “Yeah…” He sighed and picked her up as she tried to break free. “Calm down… I’m not taking you in…” She blinked and stopped struggling looking to him. “You aren’t…?” He shook his head. “No…. I’m diving you out of the city…. There’s good in you… I can see it in your eyes… You’re gonna grow up and do great things…. You’ll make lots of friends… probably lose a lot more…"

"But you’ll build a new family, one that will be by your side at all times…."You just have to let them help you… never forget that…. If you do… you won’t lose them… but they may just lose you….” The girl looked at him confused and he chuckled. “You’ll probably forget all about this and only remember the sadness but please… just try to remember….”


“Alert the titans…” The cop said bluntly looking from jenny a the other cop blinked confused. “She’s not a Titan… she can’t be she killed so ma-” “She was one… They are all she has left…. I’ve seen that girl go to them and work with them so many times I don’t think she could ever stop being a titan even if she really wanted to be… So please alert them of her death…” He said walking off. Another cop walked over to the one he had been talking to and whispered. “You really gonna call them?” He shook his head.

“No way I may be new to the city but I’ve never really heard of this girl before now and all I heard about her was her killing… there’s no way shes a titan, she’s probably just another glorified small time anti hero.” The other nodded “yeah sounds about right… come on let’s get them bagged and tagged.”

He said as they got to work then as a reporter took some photos from afar. No matter what that reporter thought on who she was, she was in the end still dead, and not coming back and after that big fight he saw from afar… she was certainly news worthy.

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