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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 With This One Strike (Solo)

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PostSubject: With This One Strike (Solo)   Sat May 07, 2016 2:55 am

Like a frog in a pot of slowly simmering water - governments don't always recognise the signs of revolution. Twelve men. Twelve men on a Sunday afternoon gathered outside a block of semi-detached houses. They had no banners or fancy slogans to chant. Most didn't even want to be there. They were certainly surprised when Envy showed up - a complete stranger to these people. They wondered why he should care about their plight. Why anyone would join them against the demolition crew.

A convoy of heavy vehicles had parked up on the street. They were due to begin raising the nearby buildings. This change of infrastructure had been planned for a long time. Everyone knew about it. The residents had been told in plenty of time and shortly moved on. All except for one stubborn old man.

Albert was sick of moving. He'd moved home eleven times in his life and he was determined to die in this last home. That the block was slated for destruction didn't matter. He paid his mortgage - it was his property. If the council didn't like it they could drag him from the place themselves. And he was not short of friends. In Crash Alley there were all sorts of hard-cases ready to stick it to the Man. A quick word down the tavern one evening and a number of misguided volunteers had stepped forward.

Theirs was a lost battle. Envy knew that. But he showed his face anyway. Well. His mask.

After several gestures of defiance, the irate work-crew called the police. Three cars arrived in response, and they weren't at all sympathetic to old Albert's viewpoint. Threats flew thick and fast but the group shouted back their scorn. In all the ruckus, Envy slipped away.

He scaled Albert's fence into the backyard and was immediately greeted by the barking of a medium-sized terrier. The dog was keen to defend its territory and made several lunging feints. Remaining calm, Envy sat back on his haunches and extended a hand towards the animal. The barking ceased as it sniffed his palm. Deciding the intruder was no threat, the dog licked him. Envy stood back up and reached out for a shovel. He loomed over the dog.

“With this one strike kingdoms may fall.”

With an overarching blow he brought the edge down. A lock fitted to the back gate gave way. The gate swung open and the dog immediately charged down the drive-way. It ran to the officer that its master was currently having an argument with. It resumed its lunging feints at the policeman. The startled man reeled backwards from the barking and drew his gun. Albert moved quicker. He stood between the gun and his pet.

The charged atmosphere got decidedly worse. The confronted policeman decided that Albert was disrespecting his authority. He grabbed the old man's wrist and threw him to the ground, keeping him pinned beneath his weight. His colleagues watched this happen and rushed to their co-worker's aid. With the cuffs on Albert his friends weren't best pleased. More and more crossed the line. Soon the lawn was seeded with men who had a right to remain silent. All the while the terrier just kept on lunging.

A shot rang out. The dog fell silent. It was self-defence.

“Hey! Don't you know it's illegal to record the police! Give us that phone!”

Envy held up his hands in surrender and relinquished the phone, “Whatever you say, Officer.”


-video on YouTube-

“The footage you just saw was real. It happens every week. The police using their grace and airs to dog-pile old men and murder small animals. Then they try to cover it up. That video was uploaded to the Cloud. My phone itself they have not returned. They refuse to unless I tell them my password, that they may tamper with its contents.”

“Who am I? Just a commenter. A realist such as yourselves. I don't want mountains moved. I don't want perfection. I want what you want. These men; nay, these organisations to answer for their failures in a way that we each know and endure. That they may be subject to the same law that they claim to uphold.”

“Do you know what has become of the elderly gent in that video? Albert Haines remains in prison to this day. He was not able to bury his dog. He was not able to remove his possessions from the house that they tore down that same day. He was not able to afford a lawyer and was instead stuck with a civil defender. Because I did not say they were without their tokens of compliance.”

“That civil defender was a pawn and nothing more. The brother-in-law to the chief of police. When Albert asked to change his defence attorney they told him 'no'. They told him that he attacked an officer of the law. They told him that he set his vicious attack dog on them. They told him that he resisted arrest. A seventy year old man.”

“I think it's time we told them 'no'.”

“This coming Friday I will make a demonstration. But I need your hearts and your minds to make it a success. We will face the criminal constabulary on their doorstep. And we will look them in the eye. And we will let them know that we realise what they have done and are ashamed of them. And we will ask them, if there is a grain of common decency left in their hearts, to make Albert a free man once more! To make right their evident immorality!”

“But we will first come here! To the pile of rubble I now stand upon! The remnants of Albert's lost homestead. And we will each take a token from this pile as a symbol that we stand by him. That we recognise his loss and are moved to action by it!”

“Who am I?! I am Aequalitas! And it is time the elite in Jump City saw they only have that much further to fall than the likes of us!”

“Half four. This Friday. Share this video. Help me help you.”


Hugh 'Pix' Exley
Kiara 'Benighted' Tzul
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With This One Strike (Solo)
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