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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Xenobrawl [Solo]

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PostSubject: Xenobrawl [Solo]   Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:28 am

Henry awoke from a particularly bad dream, a very vivid dream. It had been awhile since he had a dream where he felt even more tired then before he went to sleep. Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he went over the details of his dream bit by bit. In addition to all the projects he was working on and off again, he had also been delving more into magic. He hadn't done any serious study into the occult apart from working on his own personal craft. But with all of these big plans Lillith had, he felt the need to delve back into the occult to... prepare himself. It was something he was compelled to do really.

At any rate, his dream was loosely related to what he was working on. What he was working on was a series of magical gloves, each endowed with a certain set of powers. They were made to work with his own spellcraft, giving him more options during a fight. How they did that depended on the power set they were endowed with, and THAT was where his dream came in. The only way to endow them with the powers he needed was to take them from people who already had them. In this day and age, that would be in the form of Metahumans and their superpowers.

His dream were a series of encounters with a couple Metahumans he had never seen or heard of. He only picked up where to start looking for one of them, and he actually saw himself fight the other one who turned out to be a pyromancer. A very nasty one at that. The part of the fight he saw was the entire reason behind his being more tired then when he started. This metahuman was no joke if he could literally snap his fingers and shoot fire at him like he saw. But now that he knew of it, he was more prepared for what to expect.

He made a mental note to do some research on the other things he saw in his dream, starting with the prison uniforms and the prison where he was apparently going to fight this Metahuman. As he recalled earlier in it, there was to be a prison break of some kind. But if he could find this metahuman before that, he'd feel alot safer ambushing him then being caught up in all that chaos. For now he went about the rest of his day, getting something to eat and drink at the cafeteria before checking on the progress of the projects Lillith wanted him to complete.

The Cycloud MK IIs were coming along, though he had no doubt in his mind that the added bulk of the armor would make mass production too costly. Plus it wouldn't be practical to have so many huge things at once if they couldn't deal with Hotwire's powers. He did NOT want to see that kid taking apart his work and putting it back together in a haphazard fashion. Plus the ones outfitted with Chaos Drives... that was just asking for trouble. If only he knew more about Hotwire and his powers, he wouldn't have to try so hard coming up with all of these backup plans. The shield droids were also not something that could be mass produced but given their shields and blasters, that shouldn't be too much of a concern. They were the only ones he was confident that Hotwire couldn't tamper with so long as their shields held.

Later that day he somehow got involved with one of the teachers' classes, overhearing something about mythical beings and the like. He wasn't even sure how he got involved in that, it just happened. But it was a pleasant change from the old grind that was his life now. He eventually found what he was looking for regarding his dream and managed to locate the prison. It was in Steel City, a place he had been to once or twice. His other lead had not panned out yet and he was left with no clues how to find the other metahuman referenced in his dream. Henry made plans to go to Steel City under the guise of receiving another shipment of Xenothium, which was true enough. He simply explained his reasoning for personally overseeing this one as him claiming that some of the samples from the last one were... faulty. With his usual assortment of bodyguards, he left for Steel City at once.

So here he was now at one of many places the HIVE used for receiving various illegal shipments. Weapons, personnel, and various components and materials- whatever they needed they got. Henry hung back to let his cohorts sort out the deal, not wanting to get in the way. He technically didn't even want to be here, this was just a premise for why he was really here. After this routine pick up was finished he'd go looking for this metahuman. Unfortunately for Henry, his dream was of only one potential future. A sudden explosion rocked the warehouse, causing security from both parties to go on high alert as several men were engulfed in bright flames. Henry's heart was racing now as his bodyguards started to escort him to safety, the pair of Cycloids with them moving to intercept the intruder who effortlessly blasted them to pieces before launching himself into the midst of the warehouse's security.

There was no question about it now, THAT was the metahuman from his dream. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. Henry swore inwardly as his Bodyguards in their attempt to get him to safety, were lit on fire before his very eyes. And even though he had no kind of relationship to them, it wasn't easy to shrug off watching someone die right before your eyes. He was brought out of his stunned shock as he heard the telltale snap of fingers, prompting him to duck around a storage crate just in time to avoid the brunt of another blast of fire. His coat tail did get caught in it and he quickly stamped it out. But one quick spatial warp and he appeared on one of the catwalks above, looking down as his attacker went to chase him thinking he was still around the corner. He stopped at Henry's coat and looked around, as if he felt something was amiss. "Alright ya old geezer. Come on out. I know you're still here somewhere," the Metahuman called out arrogantly. Like really arrogant.

"You're just making it harder on yourself pops. Cause the longer it takes for me to find you, the worse off you're gonna be. Nothing personal but I just can't you going back to your boss with my face in your mind," The Metahuman called out, still looking around on the ground. Not wanting to take chances, Henry spatial warped to another location. If he didn't know better, he wished he could actually call out that he hadn't seen his face... which was a lie because of his dream but still. "I just burned your entire crew without breaking a sweat. If you think I won't burn this whole place to the ground to find you, you're sadly mistaken pops. So come out and I'll make it quick," Henry knew that to be a lie based on how merciless he had been with Henry's men. But as far as he knew there wasn't any witnesses now. So why did he have to hide? The short version of that was that he didn't, and he knew enough of what he was up against that he should be able to handle it.

Yes. He wouldn't hide this time. The sound of his footsteps caught the Metahuman's attention, greeting Henry with a toothy grin. "Now how'd you get over there so fast?" the meta questioned. He was alot bigger in person now that Henry was actually looking at him. "Whoa, what's that look about? That's looks like the look of someone, who thinks they can take me," the giant of a man remarked in both respect and curiosity. Henry was indeed giving him an intense stare, trying to psyche himself up for what he felt was going to be a very bad time. He didn't use his magic for combat very often, and only once to scare some bullies bothering Daniel. "What's the matter pops? Cat got your tongue?" the metahuman taunted him.

Henry winced slightly at the mention of a cat, reminded of Chessa. Henry raised his hands and slowly signed (even though he was positive this barbarian wouldn't understand a single thing), "I'm not going to be the slightest bit sorry for taking your powers away," he signed before readjusting his glasses. The meta's confusion was all the confirmation he needed as he moved his hands again, this time for his spells. The hand signs finished with henry bringing both of his hands together in an almost hadoken, creating a pair of orange glowing hands. "What... the fu-" The Metahuman began, seeing the hands charging something and cutting off to dive out of the way as the double powered beam crashed into one of the transport trucks and sent it flying backward.

Henry didn't stop there, he couldn't let this monster catch his bearings. With a couple more signs and keeping his target in his sight, Henry called down one of his Force Hands in an attempt to crush the Metahuman beneath it. He managed to get out of the way again, this time using some impromptu jet propulsion using his flames to get out of the way. Henry kept the pressure on, forming hand signs faster as he started getting the muscle memory down. Forming another force hand but enhancing it with the power to cut as he sent it slashing from an angle down at his target. The Metahuman hadn't fully recovered from his landing, managing to avoid getting cut in two but did get cut across one of his arms. A pained grunt told Henry he had hit as he was about to make more hand signs, instead having to create a force hand to counter attack a blast of fire.

The Force Hand proved much stronger then his opponent's fire, as it barreled through the flames trying to crash into him. Missing as it's target side stepped it and started sending more fiery blasts Henry's way. One blast almost knocked him clear off his feet if not for a quick spatial warp. Handy that those flames blocked him from view. "GRRRR that all you got?" the metahuman roared, clearly furious that he was getting bested by an old geezer as he started lancing fiery blasts every which way, no longer caring about why he even came here. That... would not good for either of them. Henry summoned a pair of force hands this time and clapped his hands together, getting the metahuman's attention.

He then noticed the two force hands hurling toward him with the intent to squish him, rolling forward... straight into the palm of a hand blaster that Henry formed after his force hands. The fiery metahuman was knocked clear off his feet, straight through a storage container and out of sight. Henry spatial warped closer to see the results of his attack, unable to see much of anything with all of the flames. The sound of fingers snapping made his heart skip a beat as he was almost set ablaze, instead simply knocked off his feet with severe burns from another fiery explosion. "You thought that was it did ya? Don't you know... it'll take more then that to put me down," the fiery metahuman staggered out from the flames, clearly not feeling too well after five tons of force sent him flying through a storage crate. If nothing else, Henry was impressed by the brute's tenacity.

Henry wasn't going to let this be the end and through the pain, signed for another force hand. Forming it just in time to block an incoming attack as it crashed into the fiery metahuman, slamming him into a wall with a thud. Henry rolled over and got to his knees, looking over to see that his attacker wasn't moving any more. "After all of this you better not be dead you monster," Henry thought with a wince as he managed to get to his feet okay. His whole body still stung like hell but atleast nothing was severely broken to his knowledge. He made his way cautiously over to the downed metahuman, resisting the urge to kill him right then and there. He still needed him alive for what he needed to do. After determining that the pyro was out cold, Henry proceeded with the ritual he needed to do for this to work.

He wasn't entirely sure if this would even work at first, given that most spells were written to be recited verbally. Henry only hoped that sign language would work just as well as he placed a clear colored crystal against the pyromancer's forehead. He continued reciting the spell through sign language, not feeling anything happening for a moment or two apart from the searing pain and suffocating heat. If nothing happened soon he needed to call this a lost cause and get out before the smoke killed choked him to death. But when he thought all was lost, he felt a surge of power jolt through his body. It took him aback for a moment and his first reaction was to let go. It was like touching something really hot for the first time but not being able to stop touching it. His fingers clutching the clear crystal felt like they were on fire, which given who he was using it on Henry wasn't surprised. But he didn't stop the spell, he couldn't after going through all of this.

As the spell finally got under way, he felt flames billowing out around him. Threatening to consume him to protect their master before instead being drawn into the crystal. This went on for a good couple of minutes before Henry was finally able to pry his fingers off the crystal, quickly tearing a piece of his coat off and wrapping it up. He got what he came for. But honestly he didn't feel like it had been worth it. Now how was he going to explain this? It was one thing to escape badly burned. But that didn't explain away how the metahuman came to be knocked out after taking out ALL security. The only viable excuse in his mind was to destroy the xenothium, creating a scenario where it had gone off in the fight and knocked him out cold. He used a hand blaster to break the supply of Xenothium, causing a large explosion from all of it going off in one go.

Then he spatial warped outside, limping to a pay phone to make a call to a HIVE safehouse and report what happened. He figured the flames would eventually get some attention and decided it would be best to not stick around any longer. Henry disappeared into the night, heading to the safehouse. This was going to hurt for weeks...
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Xenobrawl [Solo]
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