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A RPG (Role Playing Game) based shortly after the original Teen Titans TV series. Choose or create a character and get stuck in the action!
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 Another Attack, Another Talk, And An Offer (Solo)

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PostSubject: Another Attack, Another Talk, And An Offer (Solo)   Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:01 am

Jenny pants as she runs down the street soaked in blood and water as it rained hard making the stars of the knight hidden by the clouds. she was cut up badly and her hair totally black. She Skid to as she tried to stop running forward to go into an alleyway after seeing Flashlights being waved around in the distance. She fell onto her side as she skid but quickly got up to her feet and ran into the alley way and pressed her back to the wall of the alleyway.

She panted and closed her eyes lightly banging the back of her head against the wall as she cursed in her mind as 3 of so armored men and women and men ran by either holding a gun or a sword. She peeked her eyes open to watch them run by before she felt a hand suddenly cover her mouth from above.

Upon reflex she went to punch the source but her fist was caught. She looked up then to see Nightingale hanging from a fire escape by her legs. She silently sighed in relief as she grabbed her forearms as Night offered her helping hands up and Night grabbed her forearms. She then pulled jenny up high enough so jenny could climb up onto the escape. Night then got up and the two they quietly went up to the roof the fire escape led to.

The two then crouched down and watched as the massive amount of people grouped up and started to search elsewhere. “Are they from-” Night whispered and Jenny shook her head cutting her off. “No if they were they wouldn’t be trying to kill me they would be trying to capture me….” Night watched the group leave the area silently for a moment before asking. “Who are they….?”

“Dunno….. but not too long ago a smaller group like them tried killing me…. so I guess who ever wants me dead is really going all out now…” She said as they sat down then now that the coast was mostly clear, they might as well talk since jenny was in no condition to be hopping roofs or flying. “I thought you and that voice in your head decided to just let it happen if you were put in this position again…”

Night pointed out eyeing her as she took off her mask. Jenny looked down and sighed “We did… it’s just… I dunno…. just how I am I guess… I just don’t want to die like this I guess….” Night reached forward gently holding Jen’s hand and looking her in the eyes seriously.

“You and I both know that no matter how you die your not going to want to die that way cause death is never welcoming… Now don’t get me wrong i’m not trying to talk you into killing yourself by going over to that assassin group and shout here I am but if you are going to make excuses… it shouldn’t be ones like that lame one you just gave…” Jenny sighed and nodded. “I know.. and stop that…”

Night blinked “Stop what?” Jenny looked to her seriously then. “So serious and sane...It’s creeping me out…”Night pulled her hand away and narrowed her eyes slightly. “I’ll stop when you stop acting insane… It weirds me out too that I’m becoming the sane one between the two of us and your becoming the larger kill count between the two of us….” night countered making Jenny go silent and look down before Night held out her hands.

“Now, Take my energy and go… and I suggest if you don’t want to really die like this you Leave Jump and Jewel…. You and I both know that they will always find you as long as you stay in one place like this… I know I’m leaving here soon….” Jenny blinked looking to her as she heard the second part. “What…?” Night sighed and looked off. “I don’t really want to die and well sharing your face has never really been easy especially now that you’re making so many enemies… But I don’t blame you since our roles were reversed once…. Now… Take my hands and go…. before they come back…”

Jenny sighed and nodded grabbing her hands as night filled her with energy but not enough to hurt her. Jenny’s hair turned back to normal and pulled her hands away as they both got up and walked to opposite sides of the roof. “Jen…” Night said making Jenny pause before flying off but neither looked to each other. “You disappeared once… you can do it again but this time you don’t have to do it alone… This time you can have a sister and a friend… I’ll be waiting for your answer but not for too long… the longer we stay in either city the harder it will be to leave because more of those people will come….” She said before leaping away as jenny looked down thoughtfully before flying off in the other direction.
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Another Attack, Another Talk, And An Offer (Solo)
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