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 The Birth Of A Sentinel- Part 1: Nighttime Attack (solo)

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PostSubject: The Birth Of A Sentinel- Part 1: Nighttime Attack (solo)   Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:11 pm

The moon shined brightly over the city that never sleeps. Jump City, the place where many super powered beings called home. It is here that Brian resides, currently he was walking down one of the roads. Looking at a slip of paper Brian wondered where exactly was this place. The card was an advertisement to a laundry place. Brian didn’t need to get his clothing laundered though, he needed to go there for another reason. Namely since one of his organs had been taken by a guy whom had contact with this place. While it was likely to lead to a dead end, it was the only lead Brian had. So it was obvious that Brian wasn’t exactly happy to have to take time out of his busy schedule for this. Yet he couldn’t afford to let his organs move around, it was simply to precious. If one were to inspect Brian they wouldn’t even notice that Brian had lost an organ. His regen factor had made sure of that.

Arriving at the location specified by the card, Brian rose an eyebrow in suspicion. It didn't look any laundromat he was used to seeing. For one it was a 6 story high building, as well as being in a decent part of town. Brian shrugged and prepared himself to cause some trouble. If he was going to get any information he was going to have to cause some trouble. Though he had to be careful, he hadn’t been in the city long and he didn’t want to have any trouble with the police. Walking into the lobby of the building he moved towards directory. “hmmm… no.. no… no… ahh there Linus Laundromat suite 610B.” Brian said before walking over towards the elevator. If he knew what was going to happen next he would have never gotten on the elevator. Unfortunately that is the thing about hindsight it is always 20/20

“So that is the guy?” a voice said staring at Brian on a screen.

“Yup, the one with the regenerating organs. I had about 6 guys take organs from him and he is still walking around as though nothing has happened.”

“Interesting. Continue with the operation.”

Reaching the suite Brian kicked open the door breaking it off it’s hinges. Giving his signature scowl, Brian made his grand entrance into the room. “Alright! Who is in charge here.” he said loudly. The people inside would look at him with shock and interest, or at least they would if anyone was here. In fact there was nothing, no desk, no chairs, no coin machines, not even a washer or drier. In fact it was just an empty room with hardwood flooring. Brian’s scowl got darker, and he balled up his fist. This was more than a dead end, this was hitting a brick wall at full force. He didn’t have any other lead. Taking out a cigarette he opened one of the windows and lit his addiction stick. Taking a puff he stared out at the city that is jump. He hadn’t been in the city long, he originally came here to escape his previous life. Though where did that leave him, he left an abusive household into an abusive relationship that nearly got him killed. For what?

Now he was stuck in a empty corporate building trying to track down an organ thief in the slums of jump. Not only that he had no money, no job, and not even friends. Even the team he had attempted to join hadn’t even called him back. He could feel it deep within his stomach, there was nothing for him here. He gained power off the betrayal of those whom he was supposed to love unconditionally, yet he couldn’t be a hero. He tried only to find that he was of no help. Jump didn’t need another no name trying to play hero, it had that in spades. Before Brian could take another drag of his cigarette he noticed something flying towards one of the other windows in the building,


The sound of broken glass could be heard on the floor below Brian. Brian assumed it was a rock, that is what most people threw at buildings like this. Though he didn’t have time to think about it as a human figure flew in through the window kicking Brian in the face. Brian was pushed back, he stared at the figure in a daze. He wasn’t prepared of an attack like that. The figure pounced on Brian with what looked to be a knife and stabbed him in the side. The pain that surged through Brian was enough to wake him up. Taking a deep breath he swung at the assailant. Though he was simply to slow as the assailant was easily able to slide outside of the hero’s range.

The  attacker wasn’t going to give Brian too much space though as it kicked Brian in the face. Brian went tumbling down to the floor. Laying on the floor, Brian felt helpless before the assailant until he remembered something. He had superpowers! His cells began to form his armor around him and push the steel knife out of his body. Due to the knife touching his body his armor would be as hard and shiny as steel. He got to his feet as his wound began to heal. The assailant retreated at the sight of Brian forming his armor. The assailant produced a gun and began to fire at Brian. His armor knocking all of the bullets away; Brian being done with fooling around rushed at the assailant. The assailant may have been nimble before but relied too much on the gun, causing him to be caught by Brian and knocked through the window.

Brian had many different ideas of how he was going to die. Free falling off of a 6 story building wasn’t one of them. In fact that was probably the last way he expected to die. Though looking at his assailant Brian was assured that he was at least wasn’t going to die alone. Then the assailant began to sprout wings and take to the sky. Brian cursed. “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!” He screamed as he plummeted to the ground. So cool thing about what happens when steel collides with concrete. The concrete cracks from the velocity that the steel fell at. Brian didn’t know that when he hit the ground. Getting up, Brian checked himself. He was a bit bruised but overall he felt fine. Though he was kind of choking on the smell of smoke and wished that the screamin he heard would stop, wait… smoke and screaming!?! Looking up he could see the building he was just in on fire. Not only that some guy was inside. Brian wasn’t going to let the attacker stop him from saving lives. Looking up he noticed that his attacker was gone. Brian sighed, it didn’t matter right now what mattered was saving a life.

With a scream he rushed into the burning building. He began to scan around, he needed to hurry. If he took too long he would fry inside of his armor. The building had an auburn glow to it as the fire raged within its frame. Debris began falling from all over. Brian would have been mystified by the glowing hellscape if it wasn’t for the fact that their was a life to be saved. The Metahuman rushed  towards the stairs as debris fell around him. He wasn’t going to let a life be lost because he didn’t do anything. Climbing up the stairs he tried to remember where the person was located. With a kick he broke down the door to find a crocodile man swinging his tail at Brian. The large tail smashed into Brian’s abdomen knocking Brian deeper into the burning building.

Getting up Brian decided enough was enough. He let out a sigh, picked up one of the burning debris and chucked it at the Crocodile creature. The beast lifted its arms to block the burning debris. Brian rushed at the creature he threw a strong body shot capable of denting a wall of steel.The beast screeched as he was knocked back into the wall. The beast snarled, Brian had hit him hard but due to his armor it didn’t affect him much. The Croc had even left a hole in the wall where he once stood. The croc then rushed at Brian his fist clenched ready to return the favor to Brian. Brian wasn’t going to let that happen as he kicked at the Croc’s snout. The beast was redirected away from the metahuman. Not only that a piece of burning debris fell on top of the creature. Brian cursed. He needed to get out of the building, he didn’t have time to brawl with the Croc or to find why they attacked him. Looking over at the hole in the wall, contemplated jumping out of the building. Just then he noticed a silhouette in the night. It was the bird man.

Brian didn’t have time to waste, and getting double teamed was not going to be good for Brian. So he only had now to take out the bird man. Running towards the hole, Brian took a leap of faith. His arms were outstretched, ready to catch the bird man and take him down. However the birdman had other plans. In an instant Brian was plucked out of the sky and the two of them were slugging it out in midair. Brian needed more space for his heavy hits and if he hit the birdman too hard, they both would come tumbling down. It wasn’t until he kicked the birdman in the groin was he released from the sky. Brian tried to hold on but the clothing he held on to ripped as he fell. Smashing through the roof in the building, Brian laid in a pile of debris. Brian attempted to get back up so that he could get away from the creatures that attacked him. Then everything went black.
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The Birth Of A Sentinel- Part 1: Nighttime Attack (solo)
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